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11. Pump That

The Yearbook
by KJ-52


Turn ya speakers up pump that pump that
Stick ya fingers up pump that pump that
Kick ya sneakers up pump that pump that
Cuz all I need is one all I need is ya to ..
Pump that
Pump that
Pump that turn ya speakers up and
Pump that
Pump that
Pump that cuz all I need is ..

One Mic one cord to proclaim one rhyme
Of One God one Christ one Lord in one line
Cuz Heís more than I need now heís more than I write
Heís the air that I breathe heís the peace in my mind
Heís the relief I seek when everything isnít right
Heís what I hope I can be heís what I hope I can shine
Heís the hope when Iím weak heís what opened my eyes
Heíll call me home then I see him then Iíll go to the skies
Now I know every need he can meet every time
So I know that for me heís what I need cuz Iím blind
I canít see unless he just guides me thru the night
Now weíre helpless weíre weak now we all fall behind
Unless you help us so be my strength when I climb
Cause this mountain I face is so hard and so high
But I know that you be what I seek and I find
Thereís nothing I need except you so I cry that

One mic one cord to proclaim one track
One God one Christ one Lord and just that
I need my wife by my side and my friends at my back
Since God goes before aint a thing that I lack
Iím covered by Him what more could I ask
Everything can be a lie all I need is one fact
That Jesus is Lord Iím convinced that I canít
Make it w/out your word as my guide and my map
I need you to you to provide the strength so Iíll stand
When my world falls apart and I think that I canít
Get that far and itís hard but thats when your hands
Take my heart when itís scarred and helps me understand
So all that I need is to do your commands
Everything that I see falls in line with your plans
So help me just to be all youíve called and youíve planned
And if you know what I mean let me see all your hands and

(J. Sorrentino) Produced by: kj52 bass: Rich Gilliland cuts: DJ Morphiziz KJFIVETWOMUSIC (seasac)/ BEC MUSIC RECORDINGS (seasac)




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