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02. Ima Showem

Grammatical Revolution
by Grits


Show ‘em you the illest
Ima show ‘em, ima show ‘em
How they gonna feel it?
Ima show ‘em, ima show ‘em
Ima flowin’ with my poem,
Ima show ‘em, ima show ‘em
Show ‘em you the realest
Ima show ‘em, ima show ‘em

My equilibrium is slightly off
I’m a little bit tilted off the loudmouths in hip-hop who claim they built it
Hip-hop is a God inspired art form
Correction’s my delivery, giving proper credit with no edit to the chivalry
Straight laced, straight faced
You can buck it if you want to
Undermining cleverly your twisted schemes
The factors on to bigger and better things
Future shining, amazing as a ray of light to somebody trapped in a cave since they freed the slaves
I’m bursting at the seams for a chance to gleam
Ima show ‘e, ima show ‘em
I mean it’s like this wit; it’s simply put
My plagiarism wisdom used in decision-making process
Helps me make the kind of choices I can live with, swallow and digest
I rise up like emotions and feelings
Dust in the cracks of ceilings
Healing in the name of Jesus all the achy parts
Landscaping mentally shaking, unusual fellow,
The album’s three times dope, don’t hope it’s going to be mellow
I’m coming with the force of a county sheriff
Serving subpoenas to a ballooned buffoon, barbaric with his platoon
Goon squadron, and soon this gone be released
And like Jesus we bring swords not peace, to say the least
Ima show’ ‘em, ima show ‘em
Ya’ll can watch the way I throw ‘em
Take what I instilled up in my poem
Ima gonna go in like a surgeon, urgin’ ya’ll to cease with all the splurgin’
Hit me on my pager
This is major,
This is major.
From the middle of the dirty rhyme, excursion cause diversion
Splurging nouns and verbs converted
Phrases, phrases from my pages
Ballers call us verbal players
Crumbs to bricks, we flip the layers
Stack the cake and serve in prayer
Hopes and dreams we must believe
Dope emcees from birth are these
No need for paper-chasing cheese
Blessed with riches heavenly
Daily hate is breedin’ jealousy
Using my lifestyle as an album concept
But soon enough the truth reveals the lies you claim in your rep
Cause we the realest, not in the sense of claiming hardest on wax
What you see is what you get
We only hard on them facts
Best believe we the illest ‘cause you bouncing to beats
Created and illustrated by some Christian emcee,
My style is universal, school of rhyme university
Instituting my profession with lessons through diversity,
Could never be pinpointed by beats
Cause beats could never define one who’s anointed in speech
And likewise spiritually, through intervention, words capture me and rapture me
Minds of blinded individuals, close minded
Residuals don’t make you and emcee,
Just because your budgets big and your video looks Hollywood, don’t make you better than me
Time is ticking, people changing,
Taste the real from fake appeal,
I’m from the ‘ville,
I thought you knew we was titans,
Don’t clash with Nash.
Not on a mission to prove but was commissioned to move
Not for flashy style or image but because God said it was finished.




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