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15. Sunny Days

The Art of Translation
by Grits


These sunny days
Colorful arrays
Trees blow with hues and grays
It pays to be one who submits and prays
Into the heart of God i gaze
These sunny days

I thought id take a minute I hope I didnít catch you by surprise
I got a lesson learner fact or fiction swoop through your demise
Open eyes and givin clear vision the windows broken from
The pain of livin here wishin
You could survive, if you arrive with those who gave lives
Avoid the cracks and moats of new age turncoats
And modern day cut throats
What makes it shroom blossom and boom
A murmur in a gossipin room
My Jesus comin back possibly soon
Anticipate his showin up desire for growin up
The author and finisher of faith
Offerin a diminishing gas face
Rememberin who in last place
No sell out through global fall out go all out
Make a hundred your percentage forget buyin the mall out
Or palm greases thirty pieces sent to those offended
But like Judas you wont ever get to spend it

Well lemme get a little lotta bitta some of that too
And I hope it ainít too non ghetto to seep through
And keep you twisted and locked like dreads do
Who said you wasnít gonna feel the heat of the rays
But anyways man its funny
How the sight of such a beautiful day
Can deliver you joy and bring pain in the same way
Like blessing with the same mouth
While cursing in the same breathe
Or living life dying death
So deceived to the eye
How red blood is blue
And rainbows are see through
Its all to teach you that you cant depend on me
Like drivin a Benz 20 inch rims
Drop top six with the tank on E
So down that you fly
So true that you gotta lie
I really pray you come to realize
You in the shade with the sun in your eye
Sun in your eye on sunny days




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