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11. Gutter Boy

Dichotomy A
by Grits


Yeah, what yaíll look for?
Money, power, fear, power?
Let me talk to ya

Gutter Boy
You know, you know, you know you need to calm down
(Gutter boy, you know you have to calm down)
(Gutter boy, you know there is a massive outgrown)
Gutter Boy
You know, you know, you know this has to have outgrown
(Gutter boy, you know you have to calm down)
(Gutter boy, you know there is a massive outgrown)

Gutter boy
You know youíre expensive and tough
Gutter boy
You mix up with your own stuff
Watch oh no
Money and the power and the fear, man the stress
Hand them down, a shot in your chest
Shoot up in the town like itís the wild, wild west
But the Bible is my bulletproof vest, yes!
Itís another man, just the same upon your quest
Bring the reggae music, feelin filthiness
In this life you feel like you failed the test
Pick up your shield of righteousness, yes!

Predestined, manifestiní learned through lifeís lessons,
And pressin despite my many discretions
I still be blessed by His essence
I wonít be hear til itís over
Stuck in this place, cause I fear
Iíve seen the past so long and buckin this place
I got the truth, spit the flame
And itís aiming for you
Itís all the same while we came, we got the fame and the boo
A different playing, was the same, but our brain is the proof
Whatís to be gained through the things show them langy and loo
I thought them castles from the church said ďhuhĒ?
We ainít ashamed, our faith is who we are, subpar, but it was worth gettin
Vision has yet to be fulfilled and facilitated
Wishiní yaíll was open to the real and these things all related
Time will reveal, all the blood that will be spilled
While I tally up the totals of all the death that I feel
Expectin movin up the block
Suspect that even though I rock, you still got protected from the shot (uhh)

My life story, yo
I was an only child, trapped between the separation
My parentís altercation grew into incarceration
My fatherís good intentions soon began a mental breaking
But I was too young to understand the complication
And through the pain my mother pushed for higher education
To numb the situation fuelin her determination
And at the time, need to take the chance to give an explanation
So I drew my own conclusion for the circumstance
I didnít understand the manís ways apart from God
Was the curse of bad decisions made apart from God
And the punishment was livin with the repercussions
Of a path left only meant for my destruction
I was a church boy, tryin to be a gutter boy
Runnin around with ghetto boys
Playin with them metal toys
Out to get a repertoire
Tryin to get that butter, boy
The life I wouldíve settled for
But God had something better boy
Waitin for this callin boy
And you tooÖ




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