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10. Shawty

Dichotomy A
by Grits


Tell me what's happenin' with ya
Shawty what's happenin'?
What's happenin' with ya?
Shawty what's happenin?
What's happenin' with ya?

What's happenin'?
What's happenin' with ya shawty?

What's happenin' shawty?
I ain't seen you 'round in a minute
You done growed up and swolled and lookin' tented
I saw ya moms around the way
You know she put me up on it
How you been runnin' 'round with Dre and takin' trips up the road
What Lakeisha doin'?
Oh ya'll ain't together no mo'?
Fo' real man?
I can't believe she over there stayin' with joe
Cause didn't his door just get kicked in?
I thought he just get out the pin and goin' back again
I heard he ain't gone do no less than ten
That's a shame man
The game done put another one down
And truth tell you 'bout three feet and half way in the ground
Dawg you better than this
Don't let that money make you no fool
By now you could of graduated and been finished with school
But anyway, I just wanted to try to say ma 'til piece
Don't be deceived boy
You ain't gone find ma love in these streets
And that heat you hold ain't nothin but false power and control
And that drove gone keep you blind from that potential in yo' mind
Look man I ain't yo' daddy
And ain't tryin' to be neither
But I love you like you mine
And I want you to see
You wanna be a man, then face the one that's given you life
And live to do his will cause shawty that's what's happenin' for real
(For real)

Iell me what's happenin'
Iíll be on ma way
(I'll be on ma way)
(Shawty what's happenin'?)
I won't make you wait too late
(Shawty what's happenin'?)
I'll be right on time
(What's happenin'?)
(Shawty what's happenin'?)
I won't make you wait too late
(I'll be on ma way)
I'm comin' (what's happenin'?)

What's the hasp? The haps
You spent from all them laps and caps and piece
Have to speak ma mind
Carrying these thoughts for weeks
How do I get through to a nation whose loss ain't got no indication?
Intimidations when I'm facin'
Pacin' strategically man your relation
So many gutter minded, big behinded
Exposed to evils they themselves are givin' life to
Mirrored image look just like you
Boy you just a pawn
Scripted part like Goldie Hawn
Playin' a role with no control
Cashin' checks yo' name ain't on
Got that real, that raw
Dopest catch you ever saw
Congruent with that shine of fluent
Country boy from Arkansas
Grateful to be here
Pre-destined manifestin' blessin's
Learn life lessons
Know yo' place and role
Quite second guessin'

I'll be on ma way
Won't make you wait
I'll be on ma way
Won't be too late
Won't make you wait
I'll be on ma way
Won't make you wait




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