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05. Letters

by Critical Mass


To my ex,
As I now look back
It was wrong from the start
You werenít free to choose
To give me your heart
I didnít realize
Just how you would attack
Nothing left to save
No turning back
Was it worth it to you
To portray me this way?
All the lies and deceit
To keep my kids away?

Dear Friends,
I canít thank you enough, my friend
For your comfort and your prayers
For hearing me out
Through the laughter and the tears
Your treasured advice
It gave me new life
Dreams of new futures
Or drinks to forget
You remind me of who I was
Before life fell apart
Help me find me again
With a brand new start
Your treasured advice
It gave me new life again

Dear music,
You're always here
With a song, my friend
And Iím counting on you
To sing till the end
When melody mourns
It soothes my heart
Perform it fast
And sadness departs
Notes filled with soul
Help me to cope
Shout it out loud
To wake me to hope

Dear God,
Thereís so much left to say but Iíve run out of words

Behind the Song:
Writing is my therapy. I believe itís a helpful tool for anyone feeling anxious or out-of-control. When we are in this frenzied state, our brains are in a flight-fright-freeze mode. Our ancestors used this same survival technique to ensure they could face the threat of predators but, through the process of writing, we use our calm and rational brain. We begin to feel greater peace in our lives.

In this song, I imagine writing four letters. The first is written to my ex-wife (note: if you do write such a letter, send it only after youíve asked for feedback from a close friend or a counsellor!). The second letter is a tribute to the friends who were always there for me. The third is written to Music (personified), as music has played a huge role in my healing (hobbies are a great way to help heal your soul!). The last unfinished letter is to GodÖ which is completed in the next song on the album.
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