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04. Misery, My Friend

by Critical Mass


You put the sour in lemonade
you cover the sun just to make it gray
Reminding me that Iím underpaid
My lifeís a bore each day
You always bring the doom and gloom
Counting the cost when thereís only gold
Steal my chair so that thereís no room
You make me feel so old
Canít even see the light ahead
Canít even get out of my bed
No sugar coating here
Could I be going nuclear?
Your darkness, it draws life
From me, each day
Your shadow, walks with me,
Wonít go away
You haunt me, torment me
Chip away
All my self respect
My self esteem is wrecked
My friend

You thunder loud when lifeís a beach
Pushing the prize so it's out of reach
Wishing that I could say farewell
My lifeís a living hell
Sometimes I find the strength to climb
Pushing myself through mud and slime
Bracing myself against the pain
Trying to fight through pouring rain
Iím so proud, I persevere
But when I think Iím in the clear
A wall of water sweeps me down
I see you as I drown

Behind the Song:
After my divorce, I decided to pursue counselling to work on my mental health. I realized that you cannot erase depression and anxiety, but you can work through it and improve your situation with the help of others. In this song, I personified depression as a friend named Misery -- the one who brings you down, but never leaves you alone. The upbeat tempo of the song is intentional. If you take care of yourself by seeking help, you can go through life with a bounce in your step, despite having to live with Misery as a constant companion.
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