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Listen to the Album Are You Weary by Kenny & Claire!

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17. Made for This

by Psalm


Man itís been so long and Iíve been so wrong God knows Iíve felt so lost
But throughout this storm all the love thatís formed has made it worth the cost
And when I feel those lonely thoughts, when I feel lifeís burdens on me
Look to my left and you take my breath so Iíll be Clyde and you be Bonnie
And Iíd take on any army and Iíd walk a thousand miles
Just to feel your loving on me taste your lips and see your smile
And whenever I see my child I can feel true loveís embrace
Iíll never betray and Iím never forsaking my fam it doesnít matter what the case
And I know Iíve stumbled face first cause I didnít know a husbandís place
Hurt you when I lacked in love and grace, whatís worse all my passion was misplaced
Thought I fought for sunny days but in truth there really must have been a hundred ways
That I held us down under ground but Iím out now found out I really was just afraid cause

You and I know were made for this
I was made to taste your kiss
(Repeat 4x)
All that I am is all that you are
Iíll take your hand and you take my heart

But I know Iím ready now, the heavenly father done blessed me now
Opened my eyes, he opened my eyes, he opened my eyes to the lessons now
So no more stressing now weíll go through the struggles together now
And the storm keeps coming but instead of me running Iím a lead my family to the better weather now
And ainít no way no way anybody ever gonna tear apart
Iís made for the lady and the baby done saved me and maybe Iím sounding crazy but I have my heart
Make my mark on the mind of my little man
Be a father so he doesnít need a middle man
Still Iím a middle man every single little plan
That my God is putting in my heart to be giving him
So give me discipline no I never had none
Never stopped to tell the good decisions from the bad ones
Look what I had done, story was a sad one
Had the pipe half my life chasing after dragons
I was the bad son, now thatís in the past, done
And life is better than I ever could imagine
Never be returning to the way you pulled me back from
Slave to the trade til you paid that ransom
Dad won

God I thank you every night, for this woman in my life
God I pray you give me strength to stand and fight the daily fight
I wanna be the one that heals all of this hurt she feels
But I know that thatís your deal and so I appeal
Up to the loving and the merciful father I know you are
See cause everything around us is seeming to fall apart
And I can see her breaking heart and I want to take that hurting so bad
But thereís nothing I can do God, itís you, and I know that
So bestow that love that I can feel inside my soul for her
Put me up against Goliath God and Iíd go toe-to-toe for her
So let me take this load for her, no limit to how far I would go for her
Lay down my pride and Iíd lay down my rights and Iíd lay down my life and itís all for her


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