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JFH Song Lyrics

Artist List   /   Jerusalem

Below are the currently existing Titles and their Tracks for "Jerusalem".
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    R.A.D. (1998)
          01. Hey to You
          02. Tell Me the Story
          03. Close
          04. Did You Ever
          05. Take a Little Moment
          06. R.A.D.
          07. Glorylevel
          08. Power and Glory
          09. Vänd Om" (Swedish)
          10. Look in Your Bible
          11. Surrender
          12. Only With You

    Those Were The Days (Volume 3) (1996)
          01. Those Were The Days
          02. Must Come First
          03. You're a Liar
          04. Travelling Through the Ages
          05. Who's Got the Guts
          06. Smile, Smile, Smile
          07. Wherever You Are
          08. The Truth Has To Come
          09. Superstar
          10. Our Love Was Dead
          11. I'm Still Alive

    Prophet (1994)
          01. City On Fire
          02. Risen
          03. The Waiting Zone
          04. Umbrella
          05. Be There With You
          06. On The Road
          07. Likes Them
          08. Truth
          09. Face In The Crowd
          10. Tomorrow
          11. Berlin 38 (Next Year In Jerusalem)
          12. Soldier

    Dancing On The Head Of The Serpent (1988)
          01. Dancing On The Head Of The Serpent
          02. Plunder Hell And Populate Heaven
          03. Rebels Of Jesus Christ
          04. Listen To Me
          05. Woe, Woe...The Great Fall
          06. We're Gonna Take Europe
          07. Come Higher
          08. Catch The Devil, Catch The Thief
          09. The Night When Revelation Came Into My Life
          10. Still

    In His Majesty's Service (1985)
          01. In His Majesty's Service
          02. From the Bottom of Our Heart
          03. I'm Waiting For You
          04. Read Between the Lines
          05. The Tide
          06. Ashes in Our Hands
          07. Can't Stop Us Now
          08. Time
          09. Man of the World

    Can't Stop Us Now (1983)
          01. Can't Stop Us Now
          02. Loves You More
          03. The Wind is Blowing
          04. Tomorrow's World
          05. The Waiting
          06. Let's Go (Dancin')
          07. Mourner's Parade
          08. Read Between the Lines
          09. The Missing Piece
          10. Heartbeat

    Krigsman (1981)
          01. Constantly Changing
          02. Warrior
          03. Pilgrim
          04. It's Mad
          05. Man Of The World
          06. Sodom
          07. Ashes In Our Hands
          08. Farewell

    Volume 2 (1980)
          01. Wake Up
          02. Rock-n-Roll
          03. Love Song
          04. Gethsemane
          05. I Depend On You, Jesus
          06. Introduction
          07. Dialogue (Between One Person)
          08. Bye Bye World
          09. A Flower

    Volume 1 (1978)
          01. Noah
          02. Jesus Is The Most Fantastic
          03. Maybe
          04. Daddy Who Has Made
          05. Mr. Ego
          06. Come To Me
          07. If You Only Care To Listen
          08. Neutral
          09. Days Passing By
          10. High Tide
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