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04. Strugglin’

Grammatical Revolution
by Grits


Wrestling – realize it’s not against the flesh
It is war against spiritual darkness and principalities
Struggling, attaining these scars from inner battling
Warring with the enemy, abstaining from his wickedness

Yo, it’s a hassle with I wrestle with anxiety
Knowing that certain things I can’t change about society
So I put this in my diary, which I keep hid inside of me
I’m silently empty handed, ‘cause the life is not the way that I planned it
Lost Mom, and Dad vanished, left me stranded, so I panicked
Felt abandoned even though my grands was handed all the hurting
Felt like I was just a burden
“Close the curtain,” I was thinking
Started smoking and drinking, trying to maintain the strain
I used to think that Mary Jane would ease the pain,
Relieve my the brain from wondering about the rain that was thundering
‘Til I was fumbling, stumbling with the beast rumbling
Stumbling with the beast rumbling
I was stumbling with the beast rumbling

Yeah, I saw you in adolescence, feeling depressed
Reflecting the evidence of stress, rejection and disrespect by your facial expression
De-concerning be erected for your mental state of being in the situation so pressing
Distress was strongly spoken in the voice of your eyes
A wounded soldier was the vision incision within my mind
Even if I was blind, I felt your spirit like engravings
Impression upon my soul for the ministry of salvation
The circumstance you face is not designed to be complacent in
God works in mysterious ways in times of more serious days
Give your life to him and trust in his Spirit who’ll be your guidance
As his angels, surround you in battle in holly alliance

Fight within to win the battle,
Fight within to win the battle.

Super-scientifical creature from darkest caverns
Spurning tables, turn dart to close Moe’s Tavern
With a slew of archaic relics and penetrating pellets to stop
Stop the bombshells from feature film releases
My thesis is pieces of puzzles
Formulate bigger picture with description underneath
Informing who did the artwork
J-E-S, you know the rest
Dopest foremost, you can attest
Blowing up your mindset, frame of thoughts cannot withstand yet

And what I’ve seen, some is obscene, some halfway shines, some it gleams
No longer hostage, loose the shackles
In life’s scrimmage, deliver tackles
Shoot my flows, feel the blows
Absorb the shock on p’s and toes
I abound, don’t hit the ground, and that’s profound
See y’all around
I like to…like to…like to offer just a bit of advice
If you spot Superman on the block, don’t pick a fight
And if you run to cross Zorro, never challenge him to fencing
If you wrestle with God, then bring a crutch for your hips
Make a request – not mine, but thy will be done
Attach a conscious to examples that was left by the Son
And I pray against the day when strictly fame is what I’m drinking
And cornerstones that I built in, I no longer put my faith in
That’s my greatest fear: if I took that route
To feed the flesh until it’s diesel, while the spirit fizzles out
I ran from God’s elections, when I thought I could handle
With five nights to think in the guts of sea mammals




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