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05. C2K

Grammatical Revolution
by Grits


You got me running in circles
360 to be precise
Taking caution while turning in this cataclysmic device
We need to get to the initial
This musicís superficial
If my vocal chords were crushed and lost the strength to hold a pencil
Would I give up, give in?
Creep closer to doom?
Staying anxious while receiving these orders from throne rooms
Itís the same question that I pose to you
To those who donít know but throwing stones at the crew
ĎCause if you donít know the music hire someone who does
Instead of writing reviews, dragging our names through the mud
Took excerpts from the songs, gave it a racist touch
While the DJ in the backís the kind you said we hate so much
But youíre forgiven
Cause we have no time for holding grudges
Humble emcees donít need contemporary budgets
Get back to the Father, the Great I Am, who distributes the blessings
Why worship the soundscan?

Everyoneís invited to the circle
Come on in, and do bring a friend Ďcause when the kidís on a natural high we boogie Ďtil we die
Erupting the spot like the fourth of July.
Everyoneís invited to the circle
Come on in, and do bring a friend Ďcause when the kidís on a natural high we boogie Ďtil we die
Erupting the spot like the fourth of July

Infrared beams seem to polarize the scene as my team gleams
Representing number seven
Meaning completion, as in 360 degrees in growth in the Spirit
Trying to reach it, but some
They doubt it and donít believe weíve been allotted a place in perfection
The selection rocked your noggin
Acceptance is at a limit Ďcause of physical appearance
According to the word Iím given eternal clearance
As the gavel falls I appeal the courtís decision
Making judgment calls not adhering inner vision
In order to speak to men you have to know the manís language
Total anguish came alive from confusion of my tactics in this ministry
Reaching lost souls through rhyme aerobics
Total purpose for the factors of the seven
My whole clickís protected by spiritual immunity, with allies circled about beyond the sky

Do dot
I got exactly what he got
The spirit that we got reflect the Son - He hot
An onslaught never amounts to too much what I am taught
Negativity encompass what Iíve accomplished
Pin-pointed, passing it off to whoever want it
Feelings demonstrated, bruised, battered and scattered
My lifeís patterned off the oneís scaling fine line
Reality struck
It stuck now until a past time-line
The circumstances
Taking our chances
Ruins to rubble
Day to day life, no picnic, we all struggle
To which degree do I turn?
Iím in a whirlwind spiral in a funnel, twisting me and my girlfriend
Broken dreams persistent
Insistent of spiritual assistance
Futile, while the whole mass laugh but few smile
Volcanic, erupt a sporadic circle tornado
An addict breathing static, passiní it off
Now who got it?




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