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12. It Takes Love

Grammatical Revolution
by Grits


Still waters run deep
Muddy waters wonít keep

Love, love, it takes love
More than love is God above
Heaven knows itís not enough
Cause this thing can be so rough
Tried and true when I keep my eyes on you
Cause still waters will run deep
If, in you, my faith I keep,
This thing called love.

I used to occasionally try my hand relationally
Obsessive with the outside appearance and what I saw facially
What I had to have, have just didnít add up
Amount to much of what was revealed
Seeing past they looks and such
The baggage piled up, revealing shine through
Feathers riled up
Emotions rev like a engine, engine, then they drive up
Soon she jet I shoot for the exit myself
A quick outro and Iím lost for words, like Gwyneth Paltrow, (whoíll be my soul mate?)
Muster up change for the toll gate
The life I was chasing when real
I used to roll fate with this out take
The right thing, I always did last
And, like an outbreak, everything caught up with me too fast
They canít stop me
Come out pure as gold and do my fold
Dismiss the latter, then I embrace the promise told
I receive it and, with Christ like faith, I believe it
Predestined, manifested
I water the seed and test it

Love, love, it takes love, (still waters run deep)
More than love is God above
Heaven knows itís not enough (muddy waters wonít keep)
Cause this thing can be so rough
Tried and true when I keep my eyes on you, (making sure my thing is right)
Cause still waters will run deep if, in you, my faith I keep (weíll start a secret comes
to life)
This thing called love

As the sun rises daily, Iím awakened
How do I begin, dealing with the past guilty of sin?
Though I know Iím not enslaved by his power
Deep inside, my soul is free, but my mind reflects time and time again
Frustration got me burning from degrees of separation,
Cause my deeds put a distance in between the close relation with my children
In physical sense, contact is limited to often as possible
Visits and phone conversations
Face the fact: I know Iím only part of half of the blame
But, in full, I feel the same
And at present itís not the same
As when I was there to give them names
And my presence was felt to save the claim that I was daddy
So often I feel sadness of the outcome of the madness with me and mama
Now we all face the drama through faith in God for healing
Yes, this price I must pay
Not a day goes by I donít envision your faces
Please forgive me




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