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13. Return of the Antagonist

Grammatical Revolution
by Grits


The antagonist has got me locked in the room, the door shuts behind me
It’ll be morning before they find me
I hear a fiendish laugh ‘cause I’m still giving half
The antagonist has got me locked in the room, the door shuts behind me
It’ll be morning before they find me
I hear a fiendish laugh ‘cause I’m still giving half

When I fist moved to Nashville didn’t know about the legend of the serial spiritual murderer
He thrive on those whose calling was music ministry
Spotted several times during GMA week
His approach was lunch meeting and sessions at studios
Sometimes he was seen at the shows
Creeping in silence like a prowler at hunt
Peeping through windows, vanishing as the wind blows
Black cape, white mask by night,
Best friend or acquaintance by day,
Someone you would least expect this plight to be carried out through or displayed
Waited for the point of vulnerability
Suddenly, when I was alone, no one around
Voices telling me to give up, staring at the ceiling, praying they’ll shut up
“Choose,” they say, “darkness or light, good and bad don’t mix, either black or white”
And for a moment the room turns grey
A foggy haze and I hear a voice say,
“Follow me completely and the world is yours, you’ll never get ahead trying to worship some lord”
And at that same moment I hear lightning strike
And through the foggy haze I saw an image of light
“Get behind Me,” said the voice to the other, “Bow once again ye father of sins, and for you; make a choice now, lay your life down of be spat from my mouth
Hypocrisy is one of the sins I most hate
Don’t become a victim of the antagonist.”

It was a dark and stormy night, just like this one
Tripped when I was gripped by fear
It overcame me
Oh, beady sinister eyes
Oh, looking in my window
Antagonist, antagonist
Do I scream? Uh-uh, you can forget that,
I’m casin’
Shadow chasin’
Face to face with Jason
Swinging wildly in the dark
Embark to boltin’ down the hallway
Emphasis on menacing nemesis from Genesis, da one dem call, “Antagonist”
It’s just you and me boy
His three main objectives – steal, kill and destroy
Not of this world,
The principality, I wrestled
Conditioned apparition who jaunted my whole position
What to do?
It ain’t over, ain’t no way this is through
Was I…was I up to unmask the task without crew?
Round two:
Slanging prayer like a crack dealer
To release a feeler
Hands shaking like a faith healer
Take that! Uh huh, uh huh, uh huh
You big and bad to infiltrate my pad
Let’s finish this once and for all
Antagonize me in the kitchen, you versus me and Adonai
Exciting finish, grueling fight to the death
From my right side he vanish, reappear on my left
He thinks somehow his trickery will gain him the victory
Deceived, fooled into believing his own imagery
Antagonist, antagonist squeezing on my game plan
Abuse, no use, fight the titan build up
Just when I get lose, the door shut




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