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January, 2001

*Tuesday, January 23, 2001*

PFR It's official. It's a blessing. Yes, folks, they're back! Those Minnesota boys PfR have decided to answer the cry of the fans and give them what they want... another record. Sunday's Arizona Republic newspaper stated that the band will get back together and record another album but this time with a sprinkle 'Arizona flavor' on top of their PfR signature sound. The band's plate will be full this summer with an unofficial release date for the record and playing most of the major festivals!

Relient K Relient K has been said to be one of the most captivating bands on the music scene today. The band's self titled release was the best selling debut album on Soundscan's Christian Rock chart for 2000. The four member teenage pop punk band played more than 200 shows last year, touring through 47 states. Their hard work and entertaining live show has already begun to create a strong national buzz.

Luna Halo Today, Luna Halo announced their plans for the rest of the year as well as some new band personnel changes, "Currently, we are in the studio writing and recording demo's for that all important sophmore release. We hope to have an album out sometime this fall. We are excited about the new songs, and the direction we are moving in. We will hit the road again in Feburary, for a series of dates on the Phil Joel tour. In March, we will be out for several weeks playing solo shows on the west coast (for schedule go to We are pleased to announce that Jimi Hendricks (bass), and Ben Showalter (drums) are now part of Luna Halo. We are really excited about the future with these guys on board.

*Sunday, January 21, 2001*

Sixpence None The Richer have completed their new album. So it should be in stores now, right? Not exactly. Squint Entertainment, the band's label lost support from investors and has to rebuild financial security before going on with the release. So keep your fingers crossed to see this album out soon.

Relient K They're at it again! Relient K is back in the studio. Straight from a year of touring for their debut album, the boys have joined up once again with Mark Townsend to create more great pop/punk music. The band is trying to stay with "their" sound but also trying to experiment with newer things. Concert favorites like "Maybe It’s Maybeline" will be recorded along with many other songs. Catch the band live this spring opening for the Supertones and Switchfoot.

The heavy angst and throaty screams of Born Blind have come to the end of their road. The band has recently officially called it quits. The guys in the band are pursuing other musical adventures or work. Their latest, and final album on Solid State Records, One for All, is still available.

Solid State's Stretch Arm Strong is entering the studio in a matter of weeks to record their follow up to Rituals of Life. The album will be produced by Jay Matheson and mixed by Ryan Green. Look forward to an early summer release date and to seeing the band on the road in a matter of months!

Contrary to what you may have heard, ZAO is alive and well and are playing shows around the North East. Some of you may have noticed a new singer for the band. Here's what Jesse Smith, ZAO's drummer had to say about that: "As of Dec. 2000 Dan Weyandt has been released from the band. This is for no other reason than life has been, and is, taking him other places. As a band Scott, Rob and myself desired to take ZAO to a different level. After many months of discussion and finally a decision we have decided to let Dan go. Dan has been replaced by a friend of the band, Cory Darst. There is absolutely no hard feelings and this is a spirit of love. We just all needed to do what we did. I am positive that to many of you this may be a surprise and a bummer. I apologize. As a band we felt like this is our show and the show is not yet over. We thank everyone for their support and we will see you this summer." ZAO's brand new record "(Self-Titled)" will be released February 27th.

T-Bone The new year has begun and we have exciting things going on at T-Bone’s new album The Last Street Preacha releases on February 27, 2001. Some may know T-Bone as the host of Real Videos on TBN. The show airs Saturday nights at 10:00 pm Pacific Time. His new music video will be debuting on the show within the next couple weeks (look for it!). You can hear his new radio single and video, "Ride Wit Me," at Flicker's site as a free download at:

After successful tours with both Caedmon's Call and Fernando Ortega, Watershed Records' singer/songwriter Andrew Peterson is ready to embark on his first full-length solo tour since releasing his debut album, Carried Along. The Carried Along Tour will kick off on February 1 and continues through April 22, hitting 30 cities in the Southeast, Midwest, West Coast and Texas.

*Friday, January 19, 2001*

Once again, those ceremonial bells have rung! On December 16th, Jeff Frankenstein of the Newsboys, and Jeni Good were wed in Detroit, MI. The happy couple spent their honey moon in New York. Congrats Jeff!

Provident Music Distribution, one of the largest distributors of Christian music, announced this week a new distribution arrangement with Lighthouse Music Group. Formed by Zomba and the Billboard-named No. 1 provider of Gospel music, Verity Records, Lighthouse Music Group is a new gospel concept-driven label group. Lighthouse is expected to release as many as 10 projects this year alone through Provident. "Gospel music has become a significant portion of our business," says Don Noes, sr. vice president Provident Music Distribution. "Lighthouse compliments our release schedule in providing great concept releases with strong potential in the CBA marketplace." The first project to come under the new arrangement will be Quiet Times Vol. 1, releasing Feb. 20 on Lighthouse Records. Following Quiet Times Vol. 1 will be With This Ring, a collection of wedding and love songs intended to enhance the marriage experience and lifestyle, which is scheduled to release April 3.

On Friday, January 19th, Jaci Velasquez will perform with Destiny's Child and 98 Degrees at a concert in Washington DC to celebrate America's youth. She will sing "America, The Beautiful" acapella, as well as songs from her latest record, Crystal Clear, which released last year.

*Tuesday, January 16, 2001*

Audio A Audio Adrenaline's Mark, Will, and Bob just returned from Cancun, Mexico where they took scuba diving lessons for several days. Being avid snowboarders, the guys thought they'd add a water sport to their list of hobbies! The guys are gearing up for their first greatest hits project entitled Hit Parade which is set to release March 13th. The album will feature some of their biggest songs from the last decade, plus two brand new songs entitled "One Like You" and "Will Not Fade." Before the new album reaches shelves, the guys are heading to the land down under this month, where they'll tour all over Australia performing at several youth events.

Wedding bells are ringing once again in the CCM world! Dave Tosti of PAX217 tied the knot this past weekend! The lucky lead singer wed long time girlfriend, Allison, in a private ceremony outside LA. Congratulations to the happy couple!

ASU All Star United's new EP is here. "Let’s Get Crazy" is finally out. This is a 5 song EP of b sides, rarities, and previously unreleased material. This project will only be sold on the internet with only 1,000 copies made. Get it fast before it's gone! The guys are very busy these days. They have just finished work on eight songs for the upcoming record coming out in late spring, maybe. Some song titles are "My Famous Last Words," "Goal," "Sensational," "Death By Vegas," "Sweet Jesus," and "Rock ‘n Roll." "Let’s Get Crazy" was completely re-written in the studio and will appear on their new album by the name "Death By Vegas." Get it online now at!

Legendardy hard rockers Tourniquet has recently acquired the full lifetime ownership and exclusive worldwide rights of the first seven Tourniquet albums. These seven include Stop the Bleeding, Psycho Surgery, Pathogenic Ocular Dissonance, Live EP, Vanishing Lessons, Carry the Wounded, and The Collected Works. Some of these CD's are becoming very rare in their original format. The band noticed this dilemma and have come up with the idea of re-releasing the albums in CD format. The plan is to preserve the original release covers but will be re-released with the following additional features: added live tracks, never before seen band photos, and new liner notes (original lyric sheets, etc). The first three albums should be ready by March 1st. You can surf on over now to and order your copy for only $15 each.

true vibe True Vibe is busy making a name for themselves. The new Essential Records pop group formed by Jonathan Lippmann, the founding member of 98 Degrees, performed the national anthem on ABC. Monday Night Football. The game was the Indianapolis verses Buffalo held at the RCA Dome in Indianapolis. 60,000 people heard them perform while a television audience watched the performance from their homes. True Vibe has appeared on Late Night with David Letterman and performed the national anthem for the Tennessee Titans, Washington Redskins, Cincinnati Reds, as well as at the Arena Football "Superbowl" in Orlando, which broadcasted the True Vibe performance to over 150 countries as well as for over 750,000 people. Their new album is sceduled for May 15.

*Thursday, January 11, 2001*

Sparrow Records' artists The Waiting are nearing completion on their follow-up to their 1998 album Unfazed. The project features the special guest vocal talents of Michael Johnston from Smalltown Poets and Third Day's frontman, Mac Powell. Sounds like a disc worth the waiting (note from editor: sorry for the bad pun, we couldn't help it)!

So do you miss PfR as much as we do? Well, a little drizzle's falling again because their back... well... kind of. Former lead singer and songwriter, Joel Hanson has put out his first solo album! You can get the album, entitled Captured online now at

New arist, Waterdeep needs your prayers. The band is having financial problems because they lost so much money from their 2000 tour. Founder of Waterdeep, Don Chaffer, is working on making the band a missionary outfit financially sponsored by ministry partners. Watch for Waterdeep to be back and better than ever in this year.

Congratulations are in order for Derek Webb (guitars, vocals, banjo) of Caedmon's Call. He said "I do" to Sarah McCracken on January 6th.

*Wednesday, January 10, 2001*

To many fans' shock, it's official that The W's have parted ways, on good terms, but due to "artistic differences." As for what the band members are up to now: Andrew, Courtney and Todd are still playing music in various bands. Val is working on his own music, The Safeties 522. Bret is "being a bum" and James is on his honey moon. The report was posted on the The W's official site (, by Todd himself. You can find Todd playing bass now for the band Bendixon. We hate to see it end, guys, but good luck in your new ventures.

My Friend Stephanie has also decided to throw in the towel. With six years of touring and four records MFS will call it quits on February 13th, with a farewell concert. MFS will surely be missed.

Benson records is shutting its doors. Provident Music Group has decided to close Benson Records because of their recent success. They plan to realign for higher growth in 2001. Their plans deal with forming a group of labels managed by George King and Dean Diehl. These labels include Diadem, Reunion, and Brentwood. Some Benson artists are 40 Days, Newsong, 4Him, and Whisper Loud.

Christian comedian Bob Smiley has announced that he will host an upcoming pay per view television special featuring Audio Adrenaline and the Newsboys. The event will be filmed in Nashville on February 23. Check out over the next few weeks for details on the special.

dctalk dc Talk is doin' a 'nu thang' again. Kevin, Michael, and Toby will each put out a solo cd in 2001 on Forefront Records. One in July, the next in August, and the final one in Spetember. The next dc Talk record will be a seven song compilation of each member's work, two by each person as there will also be a song put together by the group. This record will tentatively be called dc Talk Solo. As for touring, the guys will be hitting a few festivals this summer and will all tour with their own bands to promote their new records, with plans to get back together for a new group album following.

Stavesacre is in search of a new label. After completing their three record obligation to Tooth and Nail, they are searching for another label. Several options are available. Tooth and Nail is working on a type of best-of project which will have covers, rarities, and acoustic versions of Stavesacre hits. Next up for Stavesacre will be a split EP with Denison Marrs. This will be released on the Velvet Blue Music imprint. Recording is planned for January with a summer release.

*Saturday, January 6, 2001*

The 43rd Annual Grammy Award nominations have been released and here are the Christian categories: Best Rock Album for a group is Lay It Down by Jennifer Knapp, Double Take by Petra, Third Verse by Smalltown Poets, Learning To Breathe by Switchfoot, and Offerings by Third Day. Best Contemporary Album for a group are Joy by Avalon, If I Left The Zoo by Jars of Clay, Fearless by Crystal Lewis, This Is Your Time by Michael W. Smith, and Crystal Clear by Jaci Velasquez. Congratulations to all the nominees!

Congratulations to SONICFLOOd whose self-titled debut kicked off 2001 surpassing 500,000 units sold for RIAA Gold certification! After much delay, you can soon look for a LIVE Sonicflood experience, SONICPRAISE, to hit store shelves this spring.

Bleach Here's the latest news on the newest Bleach record, which is coming soon. The guys have just started recording. The first song is a Keith Green cover, "Asleep in the Light." After this, they are recording some brand new songs such as "Good as Gold," "We Are Tomorrow" (a song that almost made the last record), "It's Good to be Alive" (a pop melody that is Dave's brain child), "Must Be Divine" (Matt's brain child), and "You Treat Me Like I'm 19" (Milam's baby). All of the guys have put alot of creative input on these songs. There are a few more that they are working on, also. This record sounds like it will be one that shouldn't be missed. On another note, one of the original Bleach members, drummer Matt Gingerich will stop touring with the band this year. Despite this change, Matt plans on helping with the writing and production on the next album, as well as future albums. His on-the-road replacement will be guitarist Milam Byers' brother, Jared.

Ardent Records artists, Clear, is no more. After finishing their fall tour, the band met in December to talk of their future and decided to end the group because the band was growing weary of the road. Clear was made up of Alison Ogren, Pete Sanders, Nate Larson, Matt Berry, and David Caton. The band released two albums with Ardent, a self titled debut and Follow The Narrow.

Congratulations to dc Talk! “Say the Words,” is currently at the top of the CHR chart, making it the 15th career #1 for the trio.

Congratulations also to the O.C. Supertones who's new song "Escape From Reason" is the 1st #1 Rock single of 2001 on the CCM Update Rock Charts!

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