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October, 2005

*Wednesday, October 26th, 2005*

J Knapp For the first time ever, live recordings by gold- selling artist Jennifer Knapp will be released to retail this coming January 24th. Jennifer Knapp Live, recorded on the “Back Forty Tour” in Spring 2001 and produced by Mark Lee Townsend (Relient K), will include 13 favorites from the singer-songwriter including “Into You,” “Lay It Down,” “The Way I Am,” “Romans,” “Refine Me,” “Usher Me Down,” “When Nothing Satisfies,” “Martyrs & Thieves,” “Whole Again,” “A Little More,” “Fall Down,” “Hold Me Now,” and “Undo Me.” Knapp, who has sold over 1 million albums to date, burst onto the music scene in 1997 with her debut album Kansas, and then followed up in 2000 with Lay It Down, and The Way I Am in 2001. Hailed by the Los Angeles Times as “a rising star”, and described by People Magazine as “an uncommonly literate songwriter”, Knapp proved herself as a folk-inspired rock artist with catchy poetic lyrics that touch the soul. Her talent merited two Dove Awards, with a total of eight nominations, as well as a 2001 GRAMMY nomination for “Best Rock Gospel Album.” Known for her extensive touring in support of her albums, Knapp was named among one of the Top 50 touring acts of the Winter/Spring 2001 season by Pollstar Magazine, the only Christian act to make the list. She also co-headlined a 40-city tour with Jars Of Clay and shared the stage with Sarah McLachlan and Sheryl Crow at Lilith Fair in 1999. On the radio front there were four #1 singles including “Whole Again,” “Undo Me,” “Lay it Down” and “A Little More.” Knapp’s music has been featured on MTV’s “The Real World” and the WB Network’s “Felicity.” (from LB PR)

Nashville-based Word Label Group announces that it is now providing online Digital Performance Tracks for an all-time industry low of 99 cents. Word Label Group is the first company to offer its digital track lines at this aggressive price point. “As the music industry continues to move more and more into the digital world, Word Label Group is committed to servicing this unique distribution avenue with the same fervor that we serve our physical retail channel,” says Tim Marshall, Senior VP of Artist Relations for Word Label Group. “The bottom line is that we want to meet the needs of our consumers no matter where they choose to purchase their performance tracks.” On Oct. 11, Word began offering its acclaimed Studio Series, The Right Trax and Wedding Music performance track brands to over 100 digital service providers, including iTunes, Rhapsody, Napster, MSN, SonyConnect, Yahoo Music Unlimited and SongTouch. With access to hundreds of titles immediately, new titles are being uploaded to these DSPs weekly. Word plans to have its entire catalog of current tracks as well as previously out-of-print titles available online for 99 cents by the year’s end. (from Word Records)

House Of Heroes Columbus-based rock band House Of Heroes, who unveiled their major label debut on Gotee Records in April, is currently opening up for 11 shows on the Relient K, MxPx 38-city tour. With several shows of the run already under their belt, House of Heroes is gearing up to join industry music legend Stryper on the road immediately following the Relient K, MxPx tour. Lead vocalist Tim Skipper comments, “We’re really excited and honored to be able to tour with our good friends in Relient K as well as play with MxPx, a band that had a big influence on us early on in our band’s career.” House Of Heroes is a three-piece rock band comprised of members A.J Babcock (bass and vocals), Colin Rigsby (drums and vocals), and Tim Skipper (guitar and lead vocals). The band toured earlier this year with Spoken, The Evan Anthem, and Last Tuesday. Prior to signing a record deal with Gotee, the band released their 2003 indie project “What You Want Is Now” to much critical acclaim and a large grassroots following. (from LB PR)

Cindy Morgan One of Christian music’s most respected and creative talents, Cindy Morgan will release her latest music project, Postcards on Feb. 7, 2006 through Reunion Records. Collaborating with GRAMMY Award-winning producer, Wayne Kirkpatrick (Michael W. Smith, Susan Ashton, Amy Grant, Wynonna), Morgan once again delivers an incredibly strong 11-song set penned by Morgan & fellow songwriters Drew Ramsey, Matthew Gerrard and Kirkpatrick, with what Morgan describes as living and breathing with human flesh and blood, with no tuning or programming – a singer/songwriter record very much in the spirit of Mark Cohn or Emmylou Harris. “This record was a landmark experience for me,” says Morgan. “Making sure that the ‘song’ was the most important and the most supported element of all was our focus. Wayne pushed me in his quiet way outside of my comfort level. To me that is what making records (and this record) is all about... growth.” With over 20 No. 1 radio hits as an artist and a songwriter, and six GMA Music Awards to her credit, Morgan has established unprecedented recognition with Christian music fans and industry representatives throughout the country. She has also established herself as an accomplished musician, playing a wide range of instruments from piano and guitar to her newly found talent and love of the dulcimer, which is a constant on Postcards, and sets the tone for the project along with Morgan’s signature piano driven and acoustic guitar offerings. Following a much needed five year break from constant touring, recording and managing a life combining ministry & business, Morgan created the Postcards project, writing from an entirely new life perspective. After a temporary move with her husband and new baby to the Los Angeles area, a new vision for her work within Christian music was birthed, and Morgan comes back with a project which takes the listener on a spiritual and personal journey deep into her heart & soul. There are plans to take Postcards on the road through various touring opportunities throughout 2006, a comprehensive marketing campaign, a new radio single releasing to multiple formats early January and extensive internet marketing campaigns with retailers, and “After having a few years to write songs for others and enjoy family life, it is very exciting to go back out on the road," stated Morgan. "I feel I've had time to ‘live,’ and now want to share glimpses of my own living experiences with others, and hopefully, they can share theirs with me. It's kind of like the first day of school. I'm a little nervous, but I can't wait.” (from Provident Label Group)

Chris Tomlin Chris Tomlin, currently headlining the Indescribable Tour in support of his 2005 Dove Award-winning worship album, Arriving, will release a concert disc, Live From Austin Music Hall, to stores nationwide December 27, 2005. The 12-song recording is scheduled to include onstage versions of the #1 hits “Indescribable” and “How Great Is Our God” plus other favorites such as “Your Grace Is Enough,” “Famous One,” and “Forever.” The Indescribable Tour, also featuring Matt Redman and Passion founder Louie Giglio, continues through November 22. For complete and developing information on the tour, Arriving, and Live From Austin Music Hall, visit (from Sparrow Records)

On January 14, 2005 in Winston-Salem, North Carolina, Beloved played their last show. This momentous show was taped for all to witness. Now, you can pre-order your copy of the Kiss It Goodbye DVD at When you do, you'll also get a Beloved's EP The Running for free! This DVD doesn't hit stores until November 8th, but but click here to score this sweet deal from today! (from Solid State Records; gathered by JfH)

The new album from Demon Hunter, The Triptych, is in stores everywhere now. AOL Music is giving you the exclusive chance to stream the entire record online through this Sunday, October 30th! Check it out here and then make your plans to pick up your own copy. (from Solid State Records; gathered by JfH)

Jump5 In addition to their chart-topping original songs, the members of premiere teenage pop group Jump5 have highlighted many studio albums and television and film projects with fun and inspiring cover tunes. All of those special recordings are now collected on one disc, Shining Star, available November 22. Shining Star features "We Are Family," "Celebration," "Walking On Sunshine," "God Bless The U.S.A.," "Beauty And The Beast," "Friends," "Hawaiian Roller Coaster Ride," the title track, and three more high-energy Jump5 performances. Sure to be a bright spot in any young music fan's collection and the perfect stocking stuffer, look for em>Shining Star from Jump5 in stores everywhere November 22. (from Sparrow Records; gathered by JfH)

*Friday, October 21st, 2005*

Jonah33 Ardent Records/SRE Recordings has announced the sophomore release from alternative rock band Jonah33, titled The Strangest Day, which hits stores December 26. Jonah33 will give audiences an advance preview of music from the album on the The Strangest Day Tour, currently hitting markets across the country featuring Essential Records’ artist Olivia the Band, Apostrophe Records’ artist Grand Prize, BEC Records’ rapper Manafest along with evangelical speaker K.P. Westmoreland. The Strangest Day project showcases the band’s passion to deliver ministry-minded lyrics and an unrelenting hope that front-man Vince Lichlyter has experienced in his own life. “Our mission is to challenge listeners to step outside of the box and understand why Jesus died,” Lichlyter speaks of the primary focus of the new project. “No matter what you’ve gone through, no matter how bad it’s been, or how little hope you think you have, we’re here to tell you there’s someone who can save you from that life. The theme of this record is about getting past the fear of leaving what you’ve always known and embracing wide open what Christianity’s supposed to be.” The sophomore release from Jonah33 has already delivered a Top 15 hit on R&R Rock charts with “Tell Me,” which discusses the gap between believers and those who despise faith for no reason. The second radio single, “This Is It (You Instead of Me),” is a compelling anthem inspiring listeners to die to self and live for Christ. Other tracks that are bold in their message are “Desensitized,” addressing the sexual state of society and the need for purity, as well as “Father Song,” a personal expression from Lichlyter to his son about striving to be a role model. Stemming from his own life experiences of extreme despair and addiction, Lichlyter has a story to tell, and he is using his platform to share his heart in a brutally honest manner. At the young age of 13, he ran away from home and began living a life on the streets in Seattle becoming heavily involved with drugs and residing with his crack dealer. Lichlyter soon found himself in a situation where his life was on the line hanging between committing suicide or seeking redemption from his parents. “I actually called my parents, and I decided that if they would help me out, I’d go home,” he said. “If they didn’t, I’d pull the trigger, and kill myself.” Two days later, he found himself traveling to his parents’ hometown in Arkansas where he was met with open arms and compassion. Through a series of many events that led him to Christ, Lichlyter discovered his passion and calling to use music to share his story. “The more time I spend in the Bible, the more I learn that faith is more than air-conditioned churches, padded pews, youth groups and numbers,” Lichlyter states. “It’s about being so passionate and on fire that you can change your circumstances and those around you, just like the twelve disciples and those who were martyred for their faith.” Jonah33 is composed of Lichlyter (vocals/guitar), Jason Rooney (lead guitar), Cory Riley (bass) and Joshua Dougan (drums). For more information visit (from The M Collective)

Yellow Second has decided to part ways. The band announced late August the following news on their website, "Yellow Second has officially decided to call it quits. This was not an easy decision to come to but we feel it is for the best. There are obviously many reasons for this decision and I know as a fan of music I always wonder if there is some fantastic story that the band isn't telling. Sorry to say, there is no major drama to report. Nobody went to rehab, nobody stole a bunch of money from us, and yes we all still love each other very much. Our individual futures are unknown at this time. We have had a blast getting to know many of you over the last couple of years and we cannot thank you enough for your support. We will finish this current tour and then play a farewell show in Denver at some point. We will certainly keep you posted as the details unfold. If you'd like to get any YS merch before we close up shop, our online store will still be up for a few months. I guess that's the news for now. Please keep us in your thoughts as we all figure out where to go from here. We love you all. - Josh" For more info on the band, visit (from; thanks to M. Gormley)

Dead Poetic Dead Poetic has announced some more details this week about their upcoming 2006 release, "We will be in the studio all of next week, doing more demos for our 3rd release. In a change of plans, Austin Thomason will now be producing the demos. We are greatly indebted to Austin for his dedication on such short notice. We will be sure to post quite frequently in the Studio Section to keep you updated on the progress in the studio. We will possibly be posting some of these songs online, to give you a taste of what's to come with Dead Poetic. For those of you who asked, we do plan on recording "The Victim" and may post it online. "The Victim" was the one new song we played on the Dead Summer City Tour 2005. Keep checking back to watch things develop." (from

Starflyer 59 The Starflyer 59 guys have been hard at work as usual. The band made some exciting new announcements yesterday, "We are also very excited to announce the completion a Starflyer 59 songbook / fakebook tentatively titled "When I Learn To Sing." The book will include all the lyrics and chord changes to every album, ep, vinyl, etc. that has ever been released by the band. After many months of going through all the material, it is in the final stages of being layed out, and will go off to print in the next couple of weeks. This should be available by the end of November in time for the Holiday season, we hope you enjoy... more info on this coming soon. In other news, we are currently working on new material for a project called The Bros. Martin. This is a collaboration of songs between Jason Martin and his brother Ronnie Martin of JOY ELECTRIC. The record should be done by the end of the year, and will be released in the spring on Tooth and Nail records." (from

Aaron Shust “Matchless,” the first radio single from Atlanta-based worship leader Aaron Shust’s highly anticipated debut project, Anything Worth Saying, has entered the Top 10 on R&R’s AC (Adult Contemporary) Indicator radio chart. Additionally, the song has been added at WFSH/Atlanta (The Fish) and WLFJ/Greenville (HIS Radio Network) and will make its debut on the R&R AC Monitor chart within the next two weeks. Shust will join Dove Award-winner Nichole Nordeman as the special guest on the fall leg of her “Brave Tour” which begins tonight in Dallas, Texas. The release of “Matchless” was met with an enthusiastic response from radio programmers and listeners alike. Wally Decker of WBFJ-FM in Winston-Salem/Greensboro said, “…the songs on this album certainly speak to the hearts of our audience and ‘Matchless’ is only the start of great things to come.” For the last five years, Aaron Shust has served as a full-time staff member and worship leader at Perimeter Church, a progressive, 27-year-old congregation in Atlanta. Beyond that community, Aaron leads worship throughout the United States at new churches, adult retreats and youth camps, placing his songwriting fingers firmly on the pulse of the church’s devotion. He recently announced an exclusive management agreement with Blanton Harrell Cooke and Corzine, and joins the company’s roster of best-selling, award-winning artists and authors such as Amy Grant, Michael W. Smith, Frank Peretti, Joy Williams, Bebo Norman and Point of Grace. (from The WMG)

Christian music veteran Geoff Moore has joined the Joy to the World Christmas Celebration tour. Moore will act as the concert host and will be a featured vocalist in the Joy to the World Singers. The Joy to the World Christmas Celebration will include Moore and all the artists performing his song "Every Single One." Moore has received four Dove Awards, numerous Grammy nominations and has scored nine No. 1 songs on Christian radio. The Joy to the World Christmas Celebration showcases some of Gospel music's finest voices, including the Kurt Carr Singers, Bryan Duncan, Rachael Lampa and Martha Munizzi performing together with special guests Heather Powers, Jontez and the Joy to the World Band and Singers. This multicultural event will feature all the artists performing in a thematic presentation, rather than in typical individual artist sets. (from Big Machine Media)

*Wednesday, October 19th, 2005*

RSJ Gospel music's highest honor, the Dove Award, will be handed out on Wednesday, April 5, 2006 in Nashville when two of gospel music's brightest personalities, Kirk Franklin and Rebecca St. James, host the 37th Annual GMA Music Awards, announced John W. Styll, president of the Gospel Music Association (GMA) and executive producer of the awards show. Styll also announced that tickets to the GMA Music Awards show are now on sale online at The awards show will be held at Nashville's Grand Ole Opry House at 8:00 p.m. CT and will provide the only live opportunity to see Dove Awards presented before the GMA Music Awards is televised in national syndication in April and May. "Few in gospel music have both the gifts of music and speaking that Kirk and Rebecca possess, making them a perfect pair for hosting the GMA Music Awards next April. Their musical styles and journeys are different, but they share a common charisma that has gained them admiration and respect worldwide. They will be joined by a line-up of artist performers and award presenters that will showcase the best in gospel music, making it not only a night of honors, but an exceedingly entertaining and diverse evening." The broadcast taping of the GMA Music Awards will begin at 8 p.m. and feature artist performances and the presentation of a number of key Dove Awards. The opening ceremony begins at 5:30 p.m. and will include the announcement of most of the 44 categories of Dove Awards. Tickets to the show include seating at both events. The GMA Music Awards will be televised in national syndication starting on Easter weekend April 15 through May 21. Central City Productions of Chicago, Ill., is handling first run syndication through network affiliates and independent stations nationwide, with an expected audience reach of at least 75 percent of U.S. television households. Steve Gilreath Television will produce the awards show. (from Spinhouse)

Hawk Nelson Hawk Nelson have just wrapped up their stint on Thousand Foot Krutch's The Art Of Breaking Tour in St. Davids, PA on Sunday and are heading home to finish writing their follow-up to their 2004 debut Letters To The President. The band enters the studio next month to begin recording, aiming for an April, 2006 release. The album is titled Smile, It's The End Of The World. You can see the band next on November 23rd in the new film Yours, Mine, And Ours, starring Rene Russo and Dennis Quaid, where they will perform their new song "Bring 'Em Out" at a party. The song will also appear on their new album. (from

Kutless BEC/Tooth & Nail rock band Kutless, and special guests KJ-52 (BEC), Disciple (SRE/EPIC), and Krystal Meyers (ESSENTIAL) take the road on October 20th to kick off the Strong Tower Tour. Kutless will headline the show while continuing to promote Strong Tower, their fastest selling album to date, Strong Tower. In a short 3 1/2 year period, Kutless has become one of the strongest touring brands in the Christian music business playing over 600 shows to 1.5 million people. Kutless has opened for Mercy Me, The Newsboys, Audio Adrenaline, and Toby Mac, as well as headlining two successful tours. Says Kutless lead singer Jon Micah Sumrall, “We are ready to get back out on the road. We’ve been in the studio for 2 ½ months recording our next record, so we feel like we’ve got some energy to burn. We are really excited about the line-up on this tour because it provides a great mix for the kids, and great ministry partnership for our youth pastor friends. KJ’s been a friend for a several years. He shares our goals of talking to kids and interacting with youth pastors. Disciple is a long standing ministry-oriented band, and they are so good, and Krystal Meyers is an artist that can speak to female concert goers in a way that the rest of us on the tour can’t.” Kutless will play a mix of rock songs and power ballads from their first two records, as well as several worship songs from the Strong Tower release. Kutless’ next record releases in early April of 2006. Early indications from the studio suggest that this next record sends the band back to the rock roots of their first self-titled release. (from Big Machine Media)

Casting Crowns This week, as RIAA Platinum Casting Crowns headlines its multiple sellout “Lifesong Tour,” the band announces the Baton Rouge, La., tour stop on Thursday, Oct. 20, will now be a benefit concert for hurricane Katrina and Rita victims. For the benefit, Casting Crowns will donate 100 percent of its profits from ticket sales to hurricane relief efforts through the Southern Baptist Convention. The show will be free of charge to area evacuees, and further donations will be accepted at the venue. The Baton Rouge benefit show will be held at the Bethany World Prayer Center in Baker, La. Showtime is 7:30 p.m. Concert information for this event and all “Lifesong” tour dates is available at or Casting Crowns’ 38-city “Lifesong Tour” features labelmate Josh Bates, Building 429 and speaker Tony Nolan, a lineup that is proving to be one of the hottest tickets this year with venue sellouts in multiple cities already, in the tour’s first two weeks on the road. (from Provident Label Group)

Reuben Morgan After spending the bulk of October in the U.S. and Canada, new Rocketown Records signing and Hillsong Australia Music Pastor Reuben Morgan travels next month to Europe for a series of worship events with his band. In addition, Morgan is topping charts around the world with songs from his debut solo CD, World Through Your Eyes, which released in the U.S. Sept. 13. Morgan hit No. 1 with the song “Waterfall” in Australia this summer and recently scored the No. 1 spot in South Africa with the album’s title track. (from Rocketown Records)

Sheldon Reynolds, formerly of the Commodores and Earth Wind & Fire, has joined the Joy to the World Christmas Celebration tour. Reynolds will act as musical director for the tour and lead the Joy to the World Band and Singers. During the early stages of his professional career, Reynolds toured with blues performer Millie Jackson and later played and produced music for Capitol Recording artists, Sun. He went on to join the Commodores in 1983 and remained with the group for four years. Reynolds is most widely known as former lead guitarist and vocalist with the legendary Earth, Wind & Fire. During that era, Reynolds also recorded with the group Chicago. His tenure with Earth, Wind & Fire lasted 14 years, up until Reynolds joined Experience Hendrix, the family company of Jimi Hendrix, realizing yet another lifelong dream of being involved in the musical legacy of one of the greatest guitarists of all time. The Joy to the World Christmas Celebration showcases some of Gospel music's finest voices, including the Kurt Carr Singers, Bryan Duncan, Rachael Lampa and Martha Munizzi performing together with special guests Heather Powers, Jontez and the Joy to the World Band and Singers. This multicultural event will feature all the artists performing in a thematic presentation, rather than in typical individual artist sets. (from Big Machine Media)

Newsboys Christian rockers Newsboys will headline at AGMF 06 in Toowoomba next Easter (14-16 April). With more than 15 years of heavy touring behind them, Newsboys present an amazing entertainment experience that changes lives. The band that started playing music in a Queensland garage in the late 80s, has developed to become one of the biggest bands in Christian music. The five-piece band has earned six gold records in the US, plus four Grammy® nominations. Speaking from Nashville, Australian born lead singer Peter Furler says he is looking forward to playing at AGMF next year. “We’re so excited and honored to be playing at Australia’s premier festival. We have big expectations,” Furler says. AGMF event director Isaac Moody says securing Newsboys was a “huge coup”. “We’ve been working to bring Newsboys to our festival for several years now and after months of negotiation we are honored to announce that Newsboys will be the headline artist at AGMF 06.” The group joins Nashville based Superchic[k] and Grammy® award winning Australian singer-songwriter Rebecca St James to perform at AGMF 06, the country’s number one event for youth, kids, and families. Tickets for AGMF 06 are now on sale. Prices are available online at (from Woodlands Media)

*Sunday, October 16th, 2005*

Bethany Dillon Set your Tivo, VCR or alarm clock... whatever it takes for you to check out Bethany Dillon on CNN Sunday Morning TODAY, October 16th at approximately 7:15 CST! Bethany will be featured in the segment Faces of Faith and will be discussing her young career as well as her participation with Dreamer: Inspired by a True Story and Music Inspired By The Chronicles of Narnia: The Lion, The Witch and The Wardrobe. Also, the newest issue of TIME magazine features Bethany in the People section! For the article, check this link out. For the real thing, and to see the picture, you'll have to pick it up on a newstand near you! (from EMI CMG; gathered by JfH)

Relient K Mmhmm, the current RIAA gold-certified hit album from Gotee/Capitol recording artist Relient K, chalked up yet another accolade as the band’s digital single, “Be My Escape,” has been certified gold and platinum. The announcement coincides with news that the Canton, Ohio-based band recently embarked on a Fall American tour with co-headliners MXPX beginning in early October. The tour follows the band’s appearance as a main stage act on this year’s just completed installment of the celebrated Vans Warped Tour. Released last November, the Top 15 Mmhmm has proven to be Relient K’s most successful outing to date, reaping unanimous critical commendations and the fastest sales of the band’s career. Fuelled by non-stop road work – including last spring’s arena/amphitheater tour alongside Good Charlotte and Simple Plan – the band’s fourth album recently made a return to the top half of the Billboard 200. In other news, the band performed in late August on Jimmy Kimmel Live -- the outside stage. This performance came on the heels of a recent appearance on NBC-TV’s The Tonight Show with Jay Leno. Additionally, Relient K appeared July 22nd on the MTV program “Hits” during Summer on the Strip from Las Vegas and also did an acoustic performance on MTV’s TRL. Late fall, Relient K will be included in MTV’s Hard Rock Live series. While, the video for “Be My Escape,” remains in rotation on MTV this week. (from LB PR)

BarlowGirl Christian music’s breakout rock group, BarlowGirl, is teaming with the likes of fellow rock group U2 and other renowned artists in a humanitarian effort hosted by to help the victims of Hurricane Katrina. Music website is featuring a variety of items from select artists to auction with proceeds going to the American Red Cross. Following last week’s U2 auction, BarlowGirl this week has provided a Fender Squier Mini Guitar autographed by the three sisters (Rebecca, Alyssa, and Lauren Barlow), along with a Zen Micro MP3 player and a digital copy of the band’s newly released CD, Another Journal Entry. Other artists participating the worthwhile effort are My Chemical Romance, American Idol Celebrity George Huff, The Used, Switchfoot, Kenny Chesney and Terri Clark. “We felt so honored to be asked to participate with helping the victims of Hurricane Katrina,” says BarlowGirl. “Watching all of the devastation on TV every American has felt so helpless seeing such despair so we immediately accepted when the offer came and hope that the items we are providing will provide necessary assistance to the victims of the Gulf region.” In addition to the spotlight at, BarlowGirl is also the first artist in the Christian music industry to utilize a mobile marketing campaign through ipsh!net, Inc. to broaden their fanbase while promoting an album. Through banners placed on at, and, fans can text message their friends’ mobile phones and invite them to preview the album by entering a phone number provided. Individuals can further vote on their favorite songs, choose to receive ongoing updates from BarlowGirl and even enter to win one of five signed guitars, all from their phone. (from Bozeman Media)

Third Day Third Day's friends and partners at Chevrolet are helping them launch their brand new record Wherever You Are by bringing the Third Day All Access tour to eight cities in the southeast in early November. Third Day will perform songs from the new record and a few fan favorites, as well as share behind-the-scenes stories and answer questions from their fans! Space will be limited, making it one of the most special nights ever for the guys, and you can register for your chance to win tickets to this event in your state at! (from Third Day; gathered by JfH)

Petra To celebrate 33 years of music and ministry from the pioneering Christian rock band, Petra, Inpop Records will release Petra Farewell on November 22nd. Petra Farewell, recorded on October 4th in front of an audience of family, friends and fans at W274 in Franklin, Tennessee, features Petra classics, emerging worship favorites, and special guest appearances by former band members, including vocalist Greg X. Volz and keyboard player John Lawry. “It was great to see Greg and John on the same stage together,” says Petra lead vocalist since 1986, John Schlitt. “Everyone had fun and I’m sure the fans enjoyed the show. We’ve had a wonderful 33 years, and God has done amazing things through this band. We are thankful for all He has given us,” Schlitt says. Just hours after the announcement went out about the exclusive taping, fans snapped up all 250 invitations and traveled from as far as Northern Europe and South America to be part of the historic Petra Farewell show. “Petra’s fans have been incredibly supportive over the past three decades,” says Inpop Records President Wes Campbell. “Not only will the Petra Farewell CD commemorate one of Christian music’s greatest rock bands, it’s also a tribute to the fans that have been with them all along,” he says. Plans for a Petra Farewell DVD are also in the works, and the project is currently set for a 2006 release. The comprehensive DVD will include concert footage from the show, in-depth interviews with band members, fan snapshots, and other special features. At present, the band is in the midst of its international “Petra Farewell” tour, concluding in December. Featuring openers Sarah Brendel, Farewell June and Bread of Stone, the tour will impact over 50 markets including Brazil, Germany and Norway. In August, Petra formally announced its plans to disband at the year’s end. The decision to retire the band was mutual by all members. "I think Petra's greatest accomplishment has been maintaining its good reputation for the last 33 years," concludes Hartman. (from Inpop Records)

Josh Bates, Beach Street/Reunion Records recording artist, this week rose into the Top 20 on R&R’s AC Monitored radio chart and Billboard’s Hot Christian Adult Contemporary radio chart with his song “Perfect Day.” Currently at No. 20 and No. 19 respectively, he is joined on the Christian radio charts by platinum-selling label mate Casting Crowns at No. 1 with “Lifesong” on seven charts and Beach Street president and founder Mark Miller’s band Sawyer Brown debuting at No. 18 on R&R’s INSPO chart with “They Don’t Understand.” Bates was Miller’s original inspiration to found Beach Street Records which strives to give people music to believe in. After touring this past summer with Sawyer Brown, Bates hit the road Sept. 29 with Casting Crowns and Building 429. The tour is scheduled to stop in 38 cities and runs through December. “It really has been amazing being on this tour,” Bates said. “People come to see a concert but there have been so many salvations happen. I’ve seen so many people come to know Jesus on this tour and it’s been a blessing to be a part of it.” (from Provident Label Group)

Kirk Franklin Just as Kirk Franklin's new release, HERO, tops multiple sales charts and the first single, "Looking For You," burns up the airwaves, Kirk is now unleashing the next phase of his multi-facted music ministry... the "Looking For You" music video! Shot in mid-September on location in the legendary Bed-Stuy neighborhood of Brooklyn, NY, the clip is a stunning visual companion to the electrifying song that it accompanies. Bursting at the seams with the unmistakable elements of everyday urban culture, the video was co-directed by Franklin and acclaimed director Darren Grant, who also worked with Franklin on the acclaimed "Stomp" music video. The "Looking For You" video will premiere this Sunday, October 16, as host Gerard Henry welcomes Kirk Franklin to BET's Lift Every Voice to talk about his new release, HERO. Lift Every Voice airs on BET Sundays at 11:00 am EDT/10:00 am CDT. Check local listings. (from Fo Yo Soul Entertainment)

*Thursday, October 13th, 2005*

Bethany Dillon Sparrow Records singer/songwriter Bethany Dillon is garnering national media attention for her single, “Dreamer,” which is the end credit song of the October 21 DreamWorks motion picture, Dreamer: Inspired By A True Story. Dillon attended Sunday’s Hollywood premiere of the movie, where she walked the red carpet, spoke with media covering the event, and met the film’s stars, Kurt Russell, Dakota Fanning, and Kris Kristofferson, among others. In conjunction with the film’s release, Dillon is scheduled to appear live on the October 16 broadcast of “CNN Sunday Morning.” During a segment that is also slated to include an interview with Fanning, Dillon will discuss her inspiration for the song “Dreamer,” which she co-wrote following a screening of the film earlier this year. For a photo with Bethany with actress Dakota Fanning, click here! (from Turning Point PR)

Blindside Blindside bassist Tomas Noslund is recovering from a serious skateboarding injury recently. The band posted the following in a recent newsletter, "This tour has been one of the more interesting of our career. Six shows into the tour, Tomas fell off a skateboard and fractured his skull. This was a very serious injury and Tomas has been in and out of hospital several times in the last few weeks. We are glad to report that it now seems very likely he will make a full recovery and, while he has not picked up a bass yet, we expect to have him back on stage very soon. It was the first time in our history an injury has made it necessary for us to use another player. Will from Aphasia has done a great job filling in and the Trapt fans have made us feel very welcome." Please keep Tomas in your prayers! (from Blindside; gathered by JfH)

Switchfoot Switchfoot’s debut single from Nothing Is Sound, “Stars,” lands at No. 1 this week on the R&R Christian CHR chart and is No. 2 and climbing on the Rock chart. The song also gains momentum with 10 adds last week alone at Top 40 Adult mainstream radio. “Stars” moves to No. 19 and continues to climb R&R’s Hot AC chart. Switchfoot’s breakthrough album, The Beautiful Letdown, yielded five No. 1 songs on Christian radio and two Top 5 singles on mainstream radio. Recently returning from Japan, Switchfoot member Tim Foreman reflects on the experience, “As they say in Japan... ‘Japan psycho!’ We had an amazing time in Australia and Japan, and we're now headed back to good ol' California to start the US tour. It was our first time ever to visit the fine country of Japan, and we're hooked. The people were so friendly -- singing along to both old and new songs, the land was beautiful, and the food was amazing. So a huge thanks to everyone who came out to see us overseas. We had a wonderful time, and we are already planning our next trip back. To the US: ‘here we come.’” Launching Oct. 17, Switchfoot’s US tour has already logged ten sold out dates. For the full tour schedule, go to (from Hoganson Media)

Anberlin Happy Christmas Volume 4 hits stores on October 25th and we all know you should get your Christmas shopping done early. So avoid the traffic jams, the mall Santa, and the frigid weather by pre-ordering this album from the Tooth & Nail Online Store for only 10 bucks! While supplies last, the label will also throw in a Tooth & Nail "Happy Christmas" ornament on the house for your tree! Click here to pre-order the album and check out the awesome tracklisting! Also, in the meantime, you can visit Purevolume for a glimpse at a few of the tracks including Anberlin's awesome rendition of "Baby Please Come Home." (from; gathered by JfH)

It was announced today that GFK Records has signed to be distributed by Word Entertainment Distribution. GFK Records is the label that the well known group Go Fish started to release their first project specifically for kids titled Splash. The Word Distributed albums Splash and Superstar will be releasing nationwide on November 8th. Mark Funderburg, President of Word Distribution, states, "We have watched the success of this label on a regional basis and consider it an honor to partner with Go Fish and help break them nationally. The music from this label is fun, fresh, and has a unique way of relating to kids of all ages. The support they are seeing with packed out concerts confirms that the music appeals to a wide audience. We are excited for them to be part of the Word Distribution family and look forward to a successful relationship." Jamie Statema, member of Go Fish, adds, “Our new relationship with Word Distribution could not have come together at a more perfect time. Our first two releases, Splash and Superstar, have done extremely well regionally, but now with Word's incredible team behind them we feel that the rest of the country will finally have a chance to embrace these projects as well. Mark Funderburg and his whole staff immediately caught the vision for what we're trying to do in the area of kid's entertainment and it has been a joy to partner with them. It's a breath of fresh air to work with people who share our passion for telling kids and their parents about the gospel of Jesus Christ.” The goal of Go Fish is to make great music for kids that won’t drive their parents bonkers. At the same time, all of their music is written with the desire to reinforce conservative Christian values in children everywhere. These goals make what they are doing at GFK Records truly unique and they are seeing a tremendous hunger for this type of children's entertainment. (from Big Machine Media)

*Tuesday, October 11th, 2005*

Project 86 Project 86's new album ...And The Rest Will Follow debuted #3 on the Billboard Heatseekers chart, #2 on New Alternative Artists Chart, and #131 on the Billboard top 200! This is the highest debut in the history of the band! The record sold over 8,000 copies first week. You can pick up the new album at your local music store today, and come see the band on the ...And The Rest Will Follow/Album Release Tour, crushing cities near you right now. Visit the brand new for tour dates and much more! (from Project 86; gathered by JfH)

toby Forefront recording artist tobyMac is set to launch his WinterWonderSlam tour this December, sponsored by Total Axxess as well as special tour sponsor, Toys For Tots. Marines from local military bases will be at each show to collect the toys for their community. In addition, in Nashville, toys are being designated to go to kids that have been relocated there from Hurricanes Katrina and Rita. Since 1991, Marine Toys for Tots Foundation has assisted the U.S. Marine Corps in providing a tangible sign of hope to economically disadvantaged children at Christmas. The primary goal of the foundation is to deliver, through a shiny new toy at Christmas, a message of hope that will motivate them to grow into responsible, productive, patriotic citizens and community leaders. With their greatest need each Christmas being pre-teen/teenage kids, TobyMac jumped at the chance to provide hope for what is his core demographic. For more information about Toys for Tots, go to: Hitting a fast and furious 8 tour markets, the WinterWonderSlam tour also features DJ Maj, Grits, John Reuben, Matthew West, and BarlowGirl. Finally, tobyMac is ready to permeate rock radio once again, as his single "New World," from the new Music Inspired By: The Chronicles of Narnia, The Lion The Witch and The Wardrobe soundtrack CD, was one of the most added singles at Christian rock radio this week! (from The M Collective)

Bethany Dillon Bethany Dillon filmed her first ever music video a few weeks ago for the song "Dreamer," from her second album, Imagination. You can hear the song in the new movie Dreamer: Inspired By A True Story, in theaters October 21, and you can watch the video right now by launching this ecard. Check out the contest inside the ecard too... you can enter to win an iPod Nano and just by entering you get a free download of Bethany's song "Hallelujah." Bethany will head out to Spokane, Washington on October 20th, for the second half of Jeremy Camp’s Restored Tour. She plays an awesome set as the opening act that is mixed with some songs off both of her records! (from Sparrow Records; gathered by JfH)

Rock N Roll Worship Circus This fall, the Rock 'n' Roll Worship Circus will step into a new chapter. As we reported recently, the band will be releasing their newest record on November 15th, - the last from the Rock 'n' Roll Worship Circus, and the first as a new venture called The Listening. The record, entitled The Rock 'n' Roll Worship Circus becomes 'the Listening'", will be released via the band's website as a 2-disc set, featuring their hits "Isaiah" and "The Undiscovered." The CD will also hit stores early next year on January 17th. Preordering begins this Saturday, October 15! (from Rock N Roll Worship Circus; gathered by JfH)

delirious With more than a decade behind them as one of the UK’s most inspiring underground rock acts, Delirious? are set to prove once again the strength of their appeal. Announcing a short west coast tour this side of Christmas, along with the launch of their 8th studio album, The Mission Bell, the band’s fans are already up for sampling the band’s usual quality blend of double dose guitars and feel-good choruses. The band’s history reads like a manual for global rock success. What started out with home-grown tapes sold from the back of school halls quickly became top 20 chart hits, million plus sales and international touring. But the stats and soundbites don’t do the band justice. What counts for Delirious – where they score their real points – is in their live shows. There is where the band delivers the mile high tunes, the classic energy and essential sweat. For more info on Delirious? visit (from Sparrow Records; gathered by JfH)

With a name that is synonymous with the contemporary worship movement, Darlene Zschech prepares for the release of her second solo project, Change Your World, with INO Records on November 8. Produced by Zschech and David Holmes, Change Your World is composed of songs of worship, songs of encouragement along with a call to action for the body of Christ. As an issues-oriented, empowered woman who is on a mission to change her own world, Zschech takes her multiple roles in life as a worship leader, songwriter, wife and mother of three daughters very seriously. “I don’t take a minute of it for granted,” Zschech states. “I’m a very ordinary person, saved by grace and trying to serve God to the best of my ability, and I am very overwhelmed that I would be here today.” Change Your World features 12 tracks that capture an array of uplifting topics with the title song encouraging others to impact a world filled with hurt, poverty and brokenness. Another hopeful song is “Never Give Up” that speaks to society’s “get it quick” mentality when life tells us that great things take time and hard work. Once again showcasing her modern day hymn-like songwriting skills are the songs “Call Upon His Name” and “You Are Here.” The project closes out with Zschech’s new arrangement of Michael W. Smith’s “Agnus Dei.” “When it comes to expressing my heart for God through music and song, I understand more about listening to what my heart wants to say and also to what the church is longing to say,” Zschech comments. “Offering what needs to be said and what people want to say is a great responsibility, an amazing journey, and one that I completely treasure.” (from The M Collective)

Mark Schultz Just one week following the Sept. 27 release of Mark Schultz' Live – A Night Of Stories & Songs, Word Records’ renowned song storyteller debuted at No. 1 on SoundScan’s Top Christian Music Video Chart. His fourth national release, the CD/DVD set, which includes live performance footage along with a Schultz-hosted documentary, additionally claimed Top 10 positions on Billboard’s video chart and in SoundScan’s category for Christian/Gospel albums. Featuring Schultz’ six No. 1 hits and other favorite songs along with a personal look at his rise to the spotlight from Colby, KS to Nashville, Mark Schultz Live – A Night Of Stories & Songs was filmed live before a sold-out crowd at the Marion Civic Center (Marion, IL) earlier this Spring. The project further spotlights other timeless classics and two brand new songs, including the single, “I Am,” which continues to climb at radio and this week garners the No. 2 INSP spot and a Top 10 AC position. Mark Schultz made his national debut in 2000 with the critically acclaimed release of his self-titled album. In addition to six No. 1 singles, he has garnered multiple Dove Award nominations, two American Songwriter Awards and a BMI Christian “Song of the Year” Award for “Back In His Arms Again.” As an independent artist, Schultz was one of the few artists to sell out a solo concert at Nashville’s famed Ryman Auditorium. (from Word Records)

Former Normals vocalist and current Caedmon's Call member Andrew Osenga is preparing to release his next solo project. Andrew recently had this to say on his official site, "I am offering a "pre-pre-pre-sale" of my next record, with the idea that your paying for it now helps me pay for the costs of making it. Pretty much, you just order it like any other cd, it will just take a while to get there! There will be some extra perks for helping me out by doing this. Your cd will be mailed to you a week before the release date, and you will have access to a special website specifically about the new record. We'll have a new "goodie" up each month, whether a download of a song in progress, some video of the recording process, some early art ideas... This site will be password-protected, and will be up very soon. Thanks for helping me make this record, and I hope you really enjoy it." For more info on Andrew, visit (from; gathered by JfH; thanks to Drew)

Focusing on worship offerings, recently re-launched Myrrh Records announces its first label signing, Texas-based Pocket Full of Rocks. The worship band’s debut album will release in March 2006. Pocket Full of Rocks has been leading worship in venues around the country since 1995. The band’s songs have been featured on numerous worship projects over the last several years, including “Let It Rain” on Michael W. Smith’s Worship album and “Let the Worshippers Arise” as the title track for the latest Phillips, Craig and Dean release. “We are so excited to have Pocket Full of Rocks as our first Myrrh worship offering. This band truly embodies what it means to live, breathe and sing a life of worship,” says Jessica Wolstenholm, Senior Director of Marketing. “I believe that every song on their debut album is going to impact the Church and our industry. We are honored to come alongside this band and support their ministry and music. Pocket Full of Rocks is just the type of artist Myrrh desires to partner with – and this is only the beginning!” Pocket Full of Rocks is Michael Farren (lead vocals/guitar), Alisa Farren (vocals), David Rollins (drums), Jody Crump (bass), Ryan Riggins (electric guitar) and Kyle Lee (guitar). “Our desire is to create new expressions of worship that lead people to the heart of the Father. We want to be leaders in offering to the Lord whatever we have, to genuinely give our whole life as an act of worship. Watching what He'll do with it is the most amazing part of it all,” explains Michael Farren. The band will be supported by some of the industry’s top teams including Creative Artists Agency (booking) and True Artists Agency (management). For more information on Pocket Full of Rocks, visit For more information and previews of the upcoming album, as well as introductions for new artists and resources later this year, visit (from Word Records)

Fusebox’s first EP, The Modern Worship EP, has just been re-released. The 2001 project features early mixes of “Every Move I Make,” “Whisper,” “You Are My King,” “I’d Trade It All," and an unreleased track, “Strength Of My Life.” It is only available to purchase at (from Fusebox; gathered by JfH)

In addition to promoting his new CD "Sanctuary," John Cox has been busy writing songs for other artists and projects. John's song, "Perfect Day," is currently climbing the AC Chart for Josh Bates and will be included on the next WOW CD collection. "Perfect Day" can also be found on John's project, "Sanctuary." John also wrote the first single for David Phelps, "With His Love," which is a 'New & Active' single this week on the Inspo Chart. Look for John's song "Something To Dream About" which will be included in next year's Lindsay Lohan movie Just My Luck. (from KO-Records; gathered by JfH)

*Thursday, October 6th, 2005*

POD P.O.D. is currently putting the finishing touches on Testify, their fourth Atlantic release and first new music since 2003's Payable On Death. The album, scheduled for a January 2006 release, was produced by the band in collaboration with Glen Ballard (Dave Matthews Band, Aerosmith, Van Halen), looks to be the Southern California-based band's most powerful work to date as P.O.D. unquestionably returns to their spiritual roots. With a 13-year career under their belts, P.O.D. has logged a remarkable array of achievements, including worldwide sales exceeding 7 million, sold-out international concert tours, a series of top-charting rock radio hits, and three #1 videos on MTV's "Total Request Live." Supported by their passionate fanbase, known as "the Warriors," the band has created what they describe as "a catalog of music that we want to respect and honor with each step into the future." For these fans, P.O.D. will additionally advance Testify with the November 15 release of The Warriors EP Vol. 2, a special collection of demos, live tracks, b-sides and remixes documenting the band's recent musical journeys. P.O.D. will debut music from its forthcoming project while on tour with Staind this fall. The national "Fall Brawl" tour, also featuring Taproot, will kick off November 11 in San Jose and run through mid December. For complete tour information and regular updates, visit: (from Word Records)

David Crowder Band David Crowder*Band’s third national release, A Collision, debuts at No. 39 on the Billboard Top 200, and doubles first week sales of its critically acclaimed sophomore recording, Illuminate, which has sold well over 200,000 copies. The A Collision tour started Sept. 26 in the band’s hometown of Waco, TX and has already logged seven sold out dates. The tour is averaging over 4,100 people per night! You can catch the members of David Crowder*Band playing brand new music off their latest release in a city near you during the major market A Collision Tour 05 hitting New York, Chicago, Houston, Seattle, Portland, Denver, San Antonio, Dallas, Albuquerque, Orlando, Minneapolis/St. Paul, Washington, DC and more. For the full tour itinerary, go to Also, the A Collision songs, to date, have peaked at No. 2 on the iTunes Top Albums chart, #4 on the overall Top Internet Albums chart. The band muses on its website, “So something happened. We never saw it coming. It walloped us upside the head. A Collision reached the #2 spot on iTunes... Did you hear me correctly? Number 2! Out of all of the albums being sold!! We're floored. And you know what... so was our website! We've been getting so many hits, we don't know what to do with them. Like I said, we never saw it coming... but we're trying to get the site up and running smoothly again soon, so bear with us... and while you're at it, laugh out loud, roll on the floor, and smile.. .cause we're number 1 (almost).” (from Hoganson Media)

SCC Two months prior to the release of its highly-anticipated namesake film, the multi-artist soundtrack, Music Inspired By The Chronicles Of Narnia: The Lion, The Witch, and The Wardrobe, debuted at #57 on the Top 100 sales chart at for the week ending October 1. The dynamic project features eleven original new recordings by today’s favorite Christian artists, including Steven Curtis Chapman, Jars of Clay, David Crowder*Band, Nichole Nordeman, Jeremy Camp, Bethany Dillon, Chris Tomlin, Kutless, tobyMac, delirious?, and Rebecca St. James. In addition to its #57 ranking on the all-genre Top 100, the NARNIA inspirational project also debuted all the way up at #7 on the iTunes soundtrack sales chart. The album will be steadily promoted leading up to release of the film. Chapman’s contribution, “Remembering You,” will be the first radio single and video. The long-awaited, live-action adaptation of C. S. Lewis’s The Lion, the Witch and the Wardrobe hits theaters nationwide on December 9, 2005. (from

Passion Passion Conferences is returning to Nashville, TN to host Passion 06, a four-day indoor gathering for college students from around the nation and world, January 2 – 5, 2006. Leading the gathering will be renowned speakers Louie Giglio, John Piper and Beth Moore, among others, as well as such acclaimed artist-worshipers as Charlie Hall, David Crowder*Band, Chris Tomlin, Matt Redman, Shane and Shane, Nathan and Christy Nockels, and more. Passion 06 will be held at the Gaylord Entertainment Center (GEC) in the heart of Downtown Nashville. Not only will students worship together in an arena packed with thousands of faces representing campuses from every corner of the nation, but they will also have the chance to sit and process what God is doing in their lives with a small group of students they connect with through the smaller community groups that make up the fabric of the conference. Similar to last January’s Passion 05 in Music City, Passion 06 will provide smaller sessions through Community Groups, Family Groups and Late Nights in various venues throughout the downtown area within walking distance from the GEC. The Community and Family groups will allow students to unpack what they learn throughout the week in small group environments and the Late Nights give students a chance to “hang out” after the evening session ends each night. “Not only are we thrilled and humbled by the growing number of students making their way to join us in Nashville, we are excited about the possible impact of these four days on the collegiate culture as a whole,” notes Louie Giglio, Passion Conferences founder/director. “Millions of students are searching for a meaningful encounter with their Creator and we are praying Passion 06 becomes fuel for a generation that will amplify the name of Jesus to the world.” With students registering many times faster than last year’s Passion 05, which brought together more than 11,000 college-age students representing every state, 1,100 campuses and eight foreign countries, thousands have already registered for Passion 06. Students are encouraged to register early, as space is limited. Early registration closes Dec. 1. Detailed schedule and registration information can be found at Registration fee includes conference materials and lunch on Jan. 3 and 4. In order to make Passion 06 happen, over 1000 volunteers are also needed to serve throughout the conference in various jobs. For people over the age of 25, Passion Conferences requests they attend as a volunteer or as a leader of a group. Those interested in volunteering at Passion 06 are asked to submit a volunteer application at before the Dec. 1 deadline. (from Hoganson Media)

Floodgate Records is pleased to announce the creation of Found Records. Found will be a division of Floodgate that focuses exclusively on the Worship genre. Rita Springer's album I Have to Believe is the debut release on the label, which hit shelves September 13. Found Records has distribution through Word Distribution/WEA. Found Records founder Tim Taber explains the vision behind the label: "I have always loved worship music as well as rock, but as Floodgate grows, it seems to makes more sense to separate the two styles into different labels. I'm hoping that Found Records will be a place for authentic worship. For me it's not about fitting into radio or working in a church setting, it's about the heart behind the music. I want our artists to be true worshippers, in spirit and in truth. The worship albums we have put out in the past have moved me personally to want to worship Jesus, I hope this will always be the case with Found Records." Kate Miner and Todd Proctor will also be included in the label's roster, along with new artists yet to be announced. Found Records has launched a new website that will eventually supply online tools such as chord charts for worship leaders. It will also feature articles written by Found artists, free MP3 downloads and more. (from Biscuit PR)

The newest installment in the Happy Christmas series, Happy Christmas volume 4 hits stores everywhere on October 25th on Tooth & Nail Records and features new and unreleased holiday songs from Aaron Gillespie from Underoath and Kenny Vasoli from The Starting Line, Emery, Mae, Anberlin, Starflyer 59, Hawk Nelson, Spoken, The Fold, Number One Gun, John Davis, plus songs from Relient K, Switchfoot, Copeland, and Eisley! Read on for more information and to check out the song “Yule Be Sorry” by Aaron Gillespie from Underoath and Kenny Vasoli from The Starting Line!

Forever Changed has been in the studio, writing and doing preproduction for their next CD! Jeremy Griffith from Moments in Grace (Atlantic) has been enlisted to help shape the songs and get everything ready to record. But that will be put on hold very soon as Forever Changed hits the road as well. The guys are currently on tour with Staple and Sides of the North, then October 8-November 19, the band will be criss-crossing the country with Showbread and Yesterday's Rising. (from Floodgate Records)

The Myriad's song "Perfect Obligation" has been featured on the Wal Mart New Music Sampler that is available in the October issues of Seventeen Magazine and Teen People! And because it's fall, the guys are out on the road for the next month, playing throughout the east coast and midwest - including some shows with Mute Math and the Afters. Last week, they played a set at CMJ's WEA showcase, playing alongside Cold and Shinedown. (from Floodgate Records)

Apparently Josh from Yellow Second got to be a statistic in a large Honda theft ring in his hometown of Denver, CO. The car was found in "someone's yard" and was marked "undriveable." As if that's not a pain enough, but the real drag is, the band's credit card machine and Josh's beloved iPod were stolen from the car! Please keep Josh and the band in your prayers! (from Floodgate Records)

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