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03. AlieNation

by Critical Mass


My flesh and blood betrays, I’m in a daze
There’s whispers behind the doors, chills me to the core
No guilt in their rejection, false accusations
Systematic shunning, an evil cunning
Pre chorus
Falsify the memory to justify the treachery
Surrounded by an AlieNation
There’s no love within their eyes
And they’re screaming misinformation
There’s no love within their eyes (X2)

Deny me as a person, authority reversing
Sharing all my secrets, you’re exploiting all my weakness
You use a role reversal, don’t know how it could get worse, no
Attacking my relations, it’s all assimilation
I point at you and stare
I state my accusation
I look into a mirror
And see my own reflection
Am I really real
Or am I the aberration?


Brainwash their thoughts, they have no choice
They speak now in a common voice
Falsify the memory to justify the treachery
There’s no love within their eyes (X4)

Behind the Song:
In separation and divorce, parental alienation can have a detrimental impact on children. This occurs when one parent conducts a campaign of denigration to erase the other parent from the children’s lives. They cultivate the belief that the other parent is unavailable and unloving, or perhaps even dangerous. A 2020 documentary called “Erasing Families” depicts this brilliantly; I was deeply impacted after watching it, and shocked to learn from this film that as many as 13% of American adults report having been alienated from their own children . The film also shows the devastating psychological harm on both the children and the targeted parent. Any parent is capable of alienating behavior, particularly if the divorce has created hostility between the ex-spouses. Self-awareness is critical to avoid becoming an alienator.

The song AlieNation has two meanings. First, is the reference to parental alienation. The second is a reference to ‘Invasion of the Body Snatchers,’ where an evil entity takes over the body and people ultimately lose control. In the same way, parental alienation results in children becoming enmeshed psychologically with the alienating parent, resulting in the children rejecting, plotting against and even spying on the targeted parent. They will often repeat phrases and stories that echo the alienating parent. It is no coincidence that these lyrics apply perfectly to both situations.
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