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08. Plain White Rapper (Kalimba Remix)

KJ-52 Remixed
by KJ-52


Who else is your favorite white guy?
The silly man with light skin and the light eyes
Really man, who else can could drive by
In a mini van but can still keep it quite fly
Cause what you see is what you get
And I flow like H2O so call me aqua fresh
With or without Iím still blessed
I was the college dropout, call me KJ West
Yes I ainít trying to act hard
I could care less about the fat rims on a fat car
I got Christ, I donít need nothing more
I just want enough money to put Starbucks in my backyard
See I ainít trying just to blow up
Iím trying to get my wife a coffee at Dunkiní Donuts
Still play Atari and Iíll never grow up
And this is who I am man and you know what? Iím...

Just a plain white rapper
Nothing more, nothing else,
Cuz it really donít matter
Just a plain white rapper
Nothing more, nothing else,
I donít try to be an actor
Just a plain white rapper
Nothing more,
Canít you tell that it ainít Marshall Mathers
Just a plain white rapper
Nothing more, even still,
You can quit the chit chatter

Just an average dude as a matter of fact
Grew up in Ybor City with roaches and rats
Iím just jeans a t-shirt and maybe a hat
Man, Iíd rather hit clearance racks at TJ Maxx
Iím happy if my socks just match
I used to dig in the couch to get money for gas
Life ainít about all the things that you have
So Iím cool whether I fly coach or first class
This is who I am man, and thatís that
A white kid from Florida who happens to rap
I got a wife, a house, two cars and a cat
Iím like the Christian hip hop version of Steve Nash
It was back in the past I sued to wish I was black
Cuz Iíd get laughed at every time I would rap
But God made me this and Iíll be happy with that
Cuz the last will be first and first will be last


See itís Jesus is all I talk on
He added me as a friend like MySpace dot com
Every day gives me strength now to walk on
And still loves me in spite of things that I got wrong
Ainít nothing special about me
See I ainít the best looking, ainít the best emcee
And Iím not a hoodlum, flashy or icy
At the dentist the only time I get flossy
See all I really got is just Christ in me
Who precisely breathed life in me
And just guides me daily and nightly
And never fails me cuz I know he holds tightly
And I know itís just uh a sight to see
It donít seem right donít even seem right to me
But all that it means is God gets the glory
In the end thatís all Iím living for
End of story

Written by J. Sorrentino ©KJFiveTwoMusic (SESAC) / BEC Recordings Music (SESAC)




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