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07. Jesus (Reggaeton Remix)

KJ-52 Remixed
by KJ-52


Jesus (and all I got is just,
All I drops just, all I rocks just)
Jesus (El es el rey the mi vida con
El tengo la salida)
Jesus (and all I got is just,
All I drops just, all I rocks just)
Jesus (Con el tenga la Victoria
No tengo na que temer)

Oye mira Funky turn the beat on
Nombre de Jesus is what we speak on
And sine the one day he came into mi corazon,
Itís only one name on any track Iím flowing on
So ben aqui man if you canít see this
Heís the reason I speak this, no matter what the beat is
Reggaeton or hip hop, itís still about Jesus
But you know I had to get my man Funky on the remix
So, please believe this, we gotta bring that fuego
This goes out to all mis hermanos
From Mexico all the way to Puerto Rico
All my Latinos mi gente en el mundo
And if ya didnít know, it donít mean a thing
No matter where you go, one thing itíll never change
That anyway you say it man, itís still the same
So my man Funky, címon wonít you say his name


Skip the Cris Iíd rather sip the living agua
Cuz ever since I tasted it there was no need to bother
So the Father sent his Son to the slaughter
And heís the Lion King but his name ainít Mufassa itís
The great physician, heís my doctor
The commission is reason why
I gots ta keep slinging it out like Peter Parker
And keep holding the mic up to my mouth like Bob Barker
I donít even try to hide it
See why fight it see heís the reason Iím excited
But why is the body of Christ chopped and divided
Man if you like beef go peep the Atkins diet
Every person is invited
All the way from the best to the worst one itís provided
That God will turn a messed up life around like mine did
Open your eyelids itís time that you recognized that itís


Tenemos lo que estas buscando tu
Somos los seguidores de Jesus
Si buscas el camino de la luz
Esta en el sacrificio de la cruz
Lo que yo traigo es mucho mas que reggaetona
Yo te motivo paí que ganes tu corona
Entro en la zona y el diablito se enfogona
Y es porque Cristo lo destrona
Sigue subiendo hasta que reviente el radio
Que ahora vuelvo con la musica de barrio
Si no me entiendes pues buscate el diccionario
Paí que compredas un poco el vocabulario
Bien easy, you know I get busy
Puede ser que te de vueltas y te pngas dissy
So take it easy, que esto es un junte paí la historia
Funky junto a KJ FiveTweezy


Featuring Funky Written by J. Sorrentino ©KJFiveTwoMusic (SESAC) / BEC Recordings Music (SESAC)




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