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16. The End

Grammatical Revolution
by Grits


The End

Staring at a black sky
Full moon gleaming
Beams being cool on my skin
All of a sudden, out of nowhere
The moon turns redder than blood
Stars disappear, city blacks out
Hearing voices shout in total terror
Bodies fall dead to the ground
Sirens and screams fill up the air
Spirits flying through the atmosphere
Could it be the “thief in the night”?
The second coming
The sky cracks, chariots rollin’
And with the fire rushin’ through the earth and angels and all
Cemeteries, bodies raising up out of their graves
And my amazement, the sound of trumpets blew
Announcing here’s the arrival of demons rantin’ terror through the streets shoutin’
And as I looked on my body fell flat and hit the ground
As my spirit ascended to face my Father at Judgment

People going crazy and out of their minds jumping out of windows
Couldn’t believe it was the end so feel me
Repent because the kingdom’s at hand
This way proper preparations are made

There’s a beginning, (The End)
And there is an end (The End)

My inner veins busting open, blood gushing out
Each drop representing people I tried to get through to
Tried my best to pull the shades of their eyes up
Sick to my stomach cause they won’t wise up
Lord I did my best
What was to say I got it all together
Stormy weather, blew me like a feather from here to forever, huh
Never letting down to find out what I’m about
Victorious expression my joy with a jump and a shout (wooo)
Don’t get me wrong
At times of hard and happiness I say to you
If something is going wrong
Let me know so I can pray for you (huh, here we go)

Silencing the nonbelievers who think we saw
Cause we in to holding high the P-pal uplifting
Separating away from the chafe
With my Jesus sifting gifting and passing out the hours
Trading their anti souls for torment

People going crazy and out of their minds
Jumping out of windows
I stand silent with my doors closed
Feel me, I keep close guard of my realty
This way proper preparations are made

There’s a beginning, (The End)
And there is an end (The End)




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