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Audrey Assad Launches Kickstarter Campaign To Fund New Indie Record

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March 18, 2013

On Saturday (March 16th), Audrey Assad announced that her next studio project, an album she intends to make for the Church, would be self-released, but she needs YOUR help to do it! The artist is doing her new record without the aid of Sparrow Records this time, and she's got 30 days to raise the needed $40,000 to get it made the way she hopes to. In just two days, Audrey is already 3/4 of the way to her goal and you can still help her reach that goal! Check out for details on how to pitch in!

Check out her announcement on her Kickstarter page...

"You've always supported me, and now more than ever, I need you! I am making an indie record for the Church. Let's do this together. :)

“Beauty is the seal of truth.” - Benedict XVI

Friends, I am hoping to record a new project of songs for the Church. I am newly independent after a stint at a record label, and it's so important to me to stay connected with the people (you) who have supported me and rooted for me through the years. And so I want to make a record of songs we can sing together--and I want to make it with you! If you believe in this idea, I invite you to support me financially, with prayer, and with sharing. There are a lot of great rewards you can check out--even if you can only give a dollar, there is a reward coming your way! Every dollar really does count. Now, more than ever, I can't do this without you.

I've spent several years artistically waffling between writing corporate worship music and Christian pop music. Recently I have come to realize that my gifting lies in leading worship more than it does in playing church concerts: and what's interesting is, as I look back even over any commercial success I've had, the most well-loved songs I've released are the ones that offer the opportunity for others to pray them along with me (Restless, You Revive Me, even Winter Snow.)

So with that in view, I am laboring both in prayer and in my art to make music that serves the Church in its various needs and purposes. Some of those needs may include personal devotion (like praying in your car), or Sunday worship, or corporate prayer (like a Friday night worship gathering). I grew up underneath the great banner of the Christian hymnal tradition, and so I have been writing some songs that draw from that heritage—but I am also influenced greatly by the charismatic renewal in the Church, and so some of the record may reflect that as well. Mostly I want to write something fragrant, and give it as an offering to God and to you. I want you to sing it with me. With your help, I can make this project happen.

This record will feature the piano and my vocals very heavily, with some added atmosphere. I want it to be simple and yet lush, in order to create a space where you and I both can pray without distraction. Liturgy is part of my background, and I am hopeful that some of these songs will be helpful in that setting.

I have long believed that true Beauty can change a world where truth and goodness are no longer important to most people. Beauty is still idolized in our society, and so it still has influence, however warped its role may have become. But the remarkable thing about true Beauty is that, when it is real and when it is pure, it carries in itself Truth and Goodness. The three are inseparable. And the best thing I can do as an artist who wants to serve the Church is to love all three, and to pursue them with prayer and humility, hoping to offer them to the Church and the world using the gifts I've been given. I believe God will bless that work. I am not worthy of it, but I undertake it willingly.

More beautiful than any gift of music one person can give is the coming together of believers to sing the praises of God. I hope this project will afford me the opportunity to experience that with you. Please consider supporting me: I have lots of fun rewards—I think you'll love them! And I hope you'll love the record. I am really excited to make music with you. :) Thanks for everything.

Risks and challenges Learn about accountability on Kickstarter
After making music for my whole life, I am fully prepared to make this record. There is a lot that goes into creating a music project. But I've put a crack squad together and they are oh so ready for it.

The biggest risk you face backing this project is not getting your rewards as early as you'd like. Many of the rewards require a lot of time and love from me, so please be patient while I put them together! Everything we're doing here is with lots of love, so, while I will be responsible with my time, it may take a little longer than I'd like.

Other than that, there's always the crazy outside possibility as an artist that my ability to perform is compromised by vocal injury, etc. If that happens, things will be delayed but we'll find a way to provide you with music to pray along with.

If you choose the packages that require travel from me or you, the inherent risk is the same as there ever is with travel. But if weather or something else prohibits travel on the dates we agree to, we promise to work with you to reschedule."

For more info on Audrey Assad visit the JFH Artists Database.


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