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The Ember Days To Release "The Ember Days Live EP" April 29

The Ember Days, The Ember Days Live EP
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NEWS SOURCE: The Ember Days /
February 27, 2014

Indie worship band The Ember Days have announced the upcoming release of their first live project, The Ember Days: Live. The EP will be self-released by the band on Tuesday, April 29th.

The Story of the Record. (By Jason Belcher)
The Ember Days had always wanted to do a live record. We were on the More Than You Think Tour, and were in Southern California at the time. It was September. About a week before we got to Bethel, the idea popped up in the RV to see if we could record audio and video during our worship time at BSSM. The main idea was that we wanted people to be able to experience worshiping with us live from wherever they are. Up until then the only live videos were done of cell phones over the years, and often the audio was very distorted and never really represented or captured what we did in an accurate way.

We got in touch with the team there (who are amazing) and they said it was doable. This brewed so much excitement in us. One because it is such a blessing for us to be able to have access to such an incredible team to help capture a moment of worship and two because we hadn't planned it, it was going to be a new experience for us.

So a week later we rolled into Redding and unloaded like normal. Everything went smoothly. The video staff asked us what we would like? I said "We haven't done this before, you do this for a job - do what you think is best". That was received with grins and smiles, at that point I knew we were in good hands. We did a brief sound check, and then It began.

There was something special in that time of worship, there was a real venerability that morning and a real connection with the students & staff and most importantly with the Lord. From the first Chord I remember thinking "Lord, you are here". There are not many times that I have experienced the Lord's manifest presence in that way but it was incredible. Something special happened towards the end of the set, that took us buy surprise. I had mentioned that we were continuing to trust the Lord for Janell to be healed of Lupus. At the end of the set, literally about a hundred people surrounded here and prayed for here while we played. There were not many dry eyes in the band. We just jammed out and worshiped while they prayed. It was a beautiful display of a loving community, the body of Christ loving on Janell. It was such a touching moment.

The set ended, we went around and thanked everyone for being a part of it. Then Jed our bass player asked me - "Do you want to go back to the studio and hear the tracks". I said "Yes!". So we gathered up the crew and went back there. When Luke, the recording engineer pulled up the session and pressed play, our jaw's dropped. It was really special because we had recorded live at the Smoakstak for More Than You Think with Paul Moak. This had the same live feel, but with a body worshiping. It was the songs, functioning as they had be designed to do. To bring people into a state of adoration and honor of Jesus. It was a band playing some songs, and hearing thousands of people having a moment with their Savior. That is such an honor, such a privilege.

Paul taught us an amazing lesson when we recorded More Than You Think. He was always cautious of touching stuff up (over dubs). He was always trying to maintain the feel of an authentic moment. For us that was a challenge because we wanted it to be 'perfect'. But Paul helped us realize that a moment, even in its rawness that is captured that makes you feel the heart of the song, should be left alone unless absolutely necessary. So we applied that to this project. We decided to leave it exactly as it was, mistakes, imperfections - no overdubs. It is literally the band, playing what we play and our standard backing tracks from the studio (strings etc). So what you will experience on this record and in these videos, is an honest representation of an honest moment. To me there is just something special about that.

We left bethel a few days later to continue on the Tour, which was amazing. All the while we were so excited to see what would be arriving in our email inbox.

All of us had agreed in advance, that all we were aiming for was a good video. None of us thought that the recording would have turned out the way that it did. I still remember the phone call.

Jed - "Bro you need to come over"
Me - "How come?"
Jed - "I got the mixes.... We have to release this as a record"
Me - "Wow"
Jed - "Yeah, me and Logan are in tears over here"
Me - "On my way"

So I hurried and got some stuff together. Janell, Judah and Myself piled into the car and headed over. Then one of the weirdest/awesomest things happened. Our band was sitting in front of the speakers, in silence, remembering the moments. Tears flowed. We were being ministered to buy the Lord. It was special, because we seldom listen to our own music unless we are trying to remember a guitar line, or something. It was just funny, the Lord using our songs to minister to us. There just was something so special about it. It made us so grateful, to the Lord for allowing us to do this. It was awesome hearing the bethel community in the crowd mic's connecting with the Lord in it. I can't wait for the world to connect with this record.

Track listing - Songwriters
1. Awake -The Ember Days & Ed Cash
2. Run To You - The Ember Days
3. Face In The Dark - Jason Belcher & Zach Farro
4. Prodigal - Luke Oram & Nic Manders
5. More Than You Think - The Ember Days

Here is the first of five videos the band is releasing:
"Awake (Live)" -

The Ember Days Website/Social Media
Twitter: @TheEmberDays
Instagram: TheEmberDays

For more info on The Ember Days visit the JFH Artists Database.


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