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March, 2001

*Saturday, March 24th, 2001*

Newsboys PRAYER REQUEST: On February 13th, Jody Davis, (the guitarist for the Newsboys) and his wife Erika had a baby girl, Bethany. She was born about 3 weeks pre-mature. About a week and a half ago, Bethany stopped breathing. She was taken to the hospital, but the doctors can't find the cause, so they are assuming that it is SIDS. Bethany is in the hospital on a respirator, and she has only taken a few breaths on her own. She is basically in a coma, and they aren't sure if she is going to make it. Let's please keep this precious matter in prayer. Also, Jody is releasing his first solo album, which is self-titled, on Tuesday.

Gotee Records artists, Out of Eden, Knowdaverbs, DJ Maj, and youth speaker Josh McDowell will have the first National Town Hall Youth Meeting on Live From the Lamb's. On March 25th at New York City’s historic Lamb’s Theater, this will launch a brand new youth channel at The show will be broadcasted live on over 200 stations across the country. For more information, check out the website above.

Switchfoot's video for "You Already Take Me There" from their album Learning to Breathe, has been added to MTV2's 120 Minutes! MTV2 is the all video channel run by MTV and is the launching pad for many videos by new and developing artists. You can support Switchfoot by requesting "You Already Take Me There" at

Krista Darin of The Darins recently was engaged to Brian Lord in Nashville. The wedding is set for April 7th. Congratulations to Krista and her new family.

Tait The E.R.A.C.E. Foundation will be hosting "The E.R.A.C.E. University Tour" on the campus of Cornerstone University on Wednesday, April 4th at 7 p.m. This is dc Talk's non profit organization, so the headliner will be Tait, the band headed by dc T's own, Michael Tait. Sammy Ward, DJ Form of Grits, and comedian John Gray will perform at the concert also. The evening concert will be in the middle of two special chapel services at the Cornerstone campus Wednesday and Thursday devoted to the theme of racial reconciliation. Students will be able to talk to the artists and speakers while they answer questions about racial issues. More tour dates could be forseen in the future. For more information go to Speaking of Tait, there's more talent to the band than just Mr. Tait himself. Besides Michael, bandmates include Pete Stewart, Chad and Lonnie Chapin (Lonnie is formerly of Petra). The band's debut release, Empty, is slated for late July on Forefront Records.

The South African Music Awards (SAMA) have recently been announced. Tree63 was nominated for Best Rock Album with their debut '63'. M.I.C. is also nominated with 'I Am Yours' for Best Pop/Rock Single. The SAMAs will be announced on pril 5th in Johannesburg. These are purely secular awards.

When dc Talk's dc Talk Solo - Special Edition is released, ForeFront Records will host a live webcast of the band performing together and as individuals. The event will be held in Nashville as part of the annual Gospel Music Association week. The release dates for the solo projects, as of now, are Tait on July 3, Kevin on August 28, and Toby on October 9.

Dove Award winners and Gotee artists The Katinas are preparing for a May 8th release of their sophomore record, Destiny. Los Katinas' Destino, a Spanish language recording of Destiny will be released June 5th, as well. The record was produced by Todd Collins (dc Talk, Out of Eden), Bryan Lenox (Michael W. Smith, Sonicflood), Mooki (Stacie Orrico, Raze), Michael Linney (Newsboys, LaRue), Aurel M., and The Katinas themselves. Linney, Collins, Pete Stewart, Chris Faulk, Amani Phelon, and Michael Anthony Taylor, take some of the songwriting credits for the new record.

Dove Awards Frank Breeden, the president of the Gospel Music Association announced recently that the 32nd Annual Dove Awards will be televised by two national networks. PAX TV will premiere the show on Saturday, April 28th at 9 PM Eastern Time. Superstation WGN-TV will air on May 4th at 8 PM Eastern Time. The award show will be taped live on Thursday, April 26th at the Grand Ole Opry in Nashville, TN. Michael W. Smith will host this event and Yolanda Adams, Avalon, Rachael Lampa, Mary Mary, Donnie McClurkin, Nicole C. Mullen, Stacie Orrico, Point of Grace, Mark Schultz, The Supertones, Third Day and Jaci Velasquez will perform. Feed The Children will be the official charity for this event.

John Reuben John Reuben has just started the "Pass the Mic" Tour in Hollywood, California. The tour includes Pax 217 and Spoken and ends April 21 in Fayetteville, Georgia. Look for dates at Also, be sure to check out the recent JfH Ski Fest 2001 concert review featuring Reuben and Audio Adrenaline. Surf on over to our Concerts section for the review and live photos!

Dan Michaels, band member of Dove award winning The Choir, has recently announced the formation of Galaxy21 Music. This will be for well known artists that are interested in maintaining ownership of their music help in the marketing of their product, tour to support the record, and enjoy the creative and business freedoms in pursuit of music and ministry. The label will release Adam Again: A Tribute to Gene Eugene Live at Cornerstone 2000 in late February, a live concert taped at last year's Cornerstone festival. Most of the artists on the roster appear on the cd as well as others. The current roster includes 77's, The Choir, Daniel Amos and Buck Enterprises.

LaRue's first video from their new album, Transparent has been released and is now featured on Zoog Disney's official website! Surf on over to and support the duo by voting for their new video, "Jaded."

Bettie Rocket Records has been very busy as of late. The sophomore project from Watashi Wa, What's In the Way, will be released on May 1st. More hooks and harmonies will be on this record by this power pop band. The band graduates from high school this year and will hit the road with about 85 dates this Summer and up to 90 in the Fall. Like David is in the studio now with a release on July 3, 2001 for their sophomore, It Started With Twelve. Like David has all the elements of Hardcore, Pop, Metal, & Emo. The band is preparing for a summer tour this year.

*Monday, March 19th, 2001*

delirious Hold the phone! According Delirious' Official site, the band will be doing five UK dates in June 2001 with none other than... Bon Jovi?! Bon Jovi has become known for over their 80s for their popular rock tunes and Jon Bon Jovi has been taking some acting jobs lately in such films as last year's U-571. Congrats to the band for this great opportunity!

Word has it that Michael Tait was on March 14's Tonight Show with Jay Leno. While in LA to put the finishing touches on his upcoming solo project, Empty, Michael was stopped on the street during the "Jaywalking" segment, where Jay goes out on the street and asks unsuspecting people US History questions.

Congratulations to Amy Grant and Vince Gill who welcomed their first child together last week. On March 12 they welcomed a daughter who weighed 7 lbs. 9 1/4 oz. The baby has yet to be named!

Superchick Inpop has recently signed Chicago based Superchick. The band has had their songs featured on ESPN's Winter X Games. Watch for their debut, Karaoke Superstars, on May 22nd. They were also one of 7Ball magazine's 'Please Sign This Band!' artists of 2000. The band will also be featured in the movie The Glass House released through Columbia Pictures this April. The film stars Leelee Sobieski (Deep Impact, Eyes Wide Shut, Jungle 2 Jungle, Never Been Kissed).

Orrico Stacie Orrico just celebrated her 15th birthday recently! Happy belated birthday to Stacie! Stacie, the quadruple Dove nominee is quite busy right now. She's currently rehearsing for her upcoming tour with Destiny's Child that kicks off March 18th in St. Louis, MO, filming a new video and being home schooled. After the Destiny's Child tour, she'll head straight into rehearsals for the Plus One tour with Rachael Lampa.

Smalltown Poets Michael Johnston of Smalltown Poets who was nominated for a Grammy this year said this about his Grammy awards experience. "I saw The Blue Man Group coming out of the restroom at the Grammy Show. That was a bit surreal,". Michael may still be feeling a little surreal these days, the front man for Smalltown recently proposed to his longtime girlfriend on a horse and carriage ride in New York City! Congrats to Michael and his bride to be!

*Monday, March 12th, 2001*

JaMarc Forefront artists RAZE has decided to stop its 30 city tour, The Amazing Pop Invasion, because of the charges against group member Ja'Marc Davis. The remaining three members plan to take a few months off the road to regroup with their families and churches and to seek God's will. Davis pleaded innocent during his initial court appearanceas the judge ordered him back in court in April 6th for a preliminary hearing. He remains in jail on a $550,000 bond. Music from Raze has been dropped from playlists as this seems like the end of the group. Our prayers are with everyoine involved.

Skillet's new album, entitled Alien Youth has been finished and will be released on August 28. Skillet also recently acquired a new guitarist. The band posted an announcement on their website looking for a new guitarist, and from many demo tapes, they found Ben Kasica from St. Louis, MO. Congratulations Ben!

Third Day Third Day is at it again. Offerings - A Worship Album has again climbed to the top of the SoundScan Rock sales chart. This is eight months after its July 11 release. This record also has 2000's title for the longest running Number 1 project from any artist on the Top Christian Albums chart. The band sold close to 7,000 units last week, as they are expected to sell even more because of their most successful tour ever. The band has been selling out larger venues than they've ever been in before. Congrats guys!

delirious Delirious? are embarking on a 17 date tour of North America in April. This is going to be one of the most densely packed, inspirational experiences the British five-piece have ever been involved in. If previous experience is anything to go by the band have a lot to look forward to. Not only has Glo sold impressively since its US release last October, but it has spent serious time at the top of the CCM charts in most territories world-wide, including 22 weeks in the UK and 7 weeks in Australia.

Kendall Payne 20 year-old critically acclaimed Kendall Payne is having a great time doing the math on tour with Third Day. The two acts played to over 45,000 fans last fall and have already sold out their first nine shows this spring. Next month, Kendall will see what adds up with her Modern Rock/Alternative Album of the Year Dove Award nomination for Jordan's Sister, featuring the hit songs "Closer To Myself" and "Supermodels." "Closer to Myself" will also be featured in the new Ashley Judd/Greg Kinnear film - Someone Like You.

Here's an exerpt taken from All Star United's official newsletter: "IT IS FINISHED! The boys have finally completed work on the upcoming record. The remaining tunes, recorded last week are being mixed even as we speak. Packaging, artwork, and all the other good stuff that goes into making the finished product are now underway. I think it’s safe to say the guys are both relieved and incredibly excited."

Special congrats go out to Arthur Green, bass player of Living Sacrifice, on the birth of his son James Cade Green! Cade is Arthur's first and we wish him all the best!

*Wednesday, March 7th, 2001*

JaMarc Forefront Records has released further comments today concerning the March 1st arresting of Ja'Marc Davis, founder of the hip-hop/dance group RAZE. “In times like these, it is more important than ever to support a brother in need. We stand behind our artist, and we are in prayer for Ja’Marc and RAZE,” said Greg Ham, President, ForeFront Records. “As this matter is now before the courts, it would be inappropriate for us to make any further comments. As more information becomes available we will issue additional statements.”

*Tuesday, March 6th, 2001*

Wondering what happened to some of your favorite artists who have disappeared from the spotlight? After Pioneer Music Group (PMG) went under, Mancy A'lan Kane took a break from everything and eventually enrolled in college. She's currently finishing her second year and is absolutely loving it. She doesn't figure she'll ever be involved with music professionally again. This is disappointing news for all her fans, but it's great to hear that she's happy with the decision she made. Grover Levy has gone back to teaching and coaching. The last our scooper heard from him, he said would like to put out another album someday. However, he'd like to wait a little while before getting back into the Christian music scene. Tony Vincent has been very involved in Broadway lately, which was always a dream of his. After touring for a while with the traveling production of "RENT," he was cast in the Broadway production of "RENT." When his run with "RENT" ended, he went to London to film a British movie version of "Jesus Christ Superstar." Then he came back to New York and started performing on Broadway in "Jesus Christ Superstar" playing Judas (not confirmed). JCS ended in September and, shortly after, Tony announced to his mailing list that he had signed with "one of the big five labels." I don't think he was talking about Christian labels. He's been focusing on writing and recording for this new album and hopes to have it released this fall with a single out about four weeks before the album.

JaMarc News has been flying around the internet concerning the arrest of Ja'Marc Davis, founder of the hip-hop/dance group RAZE. We reported Friday of his arrest, leaving out the unnecessary details of his accusations. An update in Tulsa World newspaper on Saturday read: "A statement from Teresa Davis, president of the band's management company, Paradigm Management, was released Friday. Teresa Davis is Ja'Marc Davis' sister-in-law. 'These allegations stem from events which happened two years ago. Ja'Marc came forward two years ago and made us aware of a need for restoration. His pastor and I have walked with him during the past two years and have been actively involved in the restoration process,' the statement reads. '...Raze will go on and the tour will go on,' the statement continued. 'We ask that you join us and pray for Ja'Marc... and the other members of Raze. We are certain that these allegations will be sorted out,' Teresa Davis continued in the statement. 'There are no plans to cancel any concert date and additional statements will be released likely on Monday from the record label and tour.'" We will keep you posted on any new developments. We agree that prayer is in order for Ja'Marc and all who are involved with this matter.

Newsboys The Newsboys will have a one hour TV special entitled "Music Choice OnStage with Newsboys," in April. This show will air in over 30 million homes nationwide. Bands such as Collective Soul, Barenaked Ladies and Wyclef Jean have been the subject of these types of shows as it will include interviews and excerpts from the concert at Nashville’s Gaylord Entertainment Center as well as footage of the show with Toby Mac of dc Talk.

*Monday, March 5th, 2001*

dctalk reports on dcTalk's next record which will be called dcTalk Solo - Special Edition. The song list is as follows: "Alibi" and "Carried Away" by Michael Tait, "Be" and "Return Of The Singer" by Kevin Max, and "Extreme Days" and "There In The Air" by Toby Mac with a U2 cover "40" (Live) by the whole group. The release date will be April 24. As of now, Tait's release will be July 3, Kevin's on August 28, and Toby's on October 9.

On January 23, author Tim LaHaye filed suit in the U.S. District Court for the Central District of California in Los Angeles against Namesake Entertainment, the company partnered with Cloud Ten Pictures to produce the Left Behind movie. LaHaye's claims state that executives at Namesake promised to produce a movie that would have a $40 million budget, be released in theaters in all major markets by January 1, 2000, to take advantage of the interest in the millennium, and that LaHaye would have "meaningful participation" in the selection of a director, drafting a script, and other creative decisions. The suit also alleges that Namesake executives took advantage of LaHaye by claiming that they would be the only production company that would be faithful to the religious message woven throughout Left Behind. LaHaye claims that the agreement was broken when Namesake hired Cloud Ten Productions to make the movie without his permission and the movie's budget was only $17.4 million.

*Saturday, March 3rd, 2001*

JaMarc of Raze NEWSFLASH! ForeFront Records is currently looking into the allegations surrounding the recent arrest of Ja'Marc Davis, founder of the hip-hop/dance group RAZE. "We are all in prayer for Ja'Marc and RAZE, and as soon as more information becomes available, we will issue an additional statement," said Greg Ham, President, ForeFront Records. J'Marc was arrested immediately following the first performance of their Amazing Pop Invasion Tour last night in their hometown of Tulsa, OK. There's no word yet on what will happen to RAZE's tour.

Earthsuit's “Do You Enjoy The Distortion” Tour will start up on March 28th in Michigan. The lineup will include Ill Harmonics and The Benjamin Gate and last through most of the Spring.

Knapp and Thomas at Grammys 2001 New Red Hill Records artist Katy Hudson will be the first artist signed to Alabaster Arts. This is the new corporation co owned by Jennifer Knapp as well as her business partner, Steven Thomas. Watch out for 16-year-old Hudson's self-titled debut on March 6. Although Jennifer Knapp didn't win her Grammy (this year), we do have this photo of Jen with her manager/business partner Thomas. Look for her recent article in the Winter issue of Grammy Magazine. She will also be one of two featured artists at the Grammy Block Party in Nashville on May 15th.

Bleach Bleach's Sam Barnhart experienced a freaky miracle recently and shared it with the band's official newsletter. After lunch one day in Cali, Sam had an unexpected run-in. "We were cutting through the parking lot of a Taco Bell when this car came barreling down the parking lot. I stepped out of the way thinking that it was car full of teenagers having fun. As they passed, I noticed a car full of guys. I didn’t think much of... Turns out that the four guys in the car were gang members, and one of them had run up behind me and kicked my legs out from underneath me. After I realized what had happened, I stood up and asked him what the problem was. He was busy yelling things I don’t want to repeat, LOUDLY. As I am still trying to figure out what I did to make this cat so mad, he reached down into his pants (I am pretty sure he wasn’t tucking his shirt in). I knew what he was doing (reaching for a possible gun) so I took off at a dead sprint. I heard one of the other guys yelling at him not to do it. I got about 15 yards away and realized that if he did decide to shoot, I wasn’t going to outrun a bullet... For some reason they got back in the car and took off. Later that week we were talking to some authorities about the incident and they were AMAZED. They told us that in a situation like I was in, if a gang member ever goes so far as to pull his gun, one of two things will happen, he will kill you, or beat you down. He had never seen someone get off like I did. Praise God for protection. Please keep us in your thoughts as we continue to finish writing for our new release. With the exception of a show here and there, we are taking most of the month to write..."

Kevin Max's solo debut title has been up in the air as of late but the word on the street this time is that it will be called KMAX - stereotype BE. The meaning for this will be revealed soon.

Be on the look out for Rachael Lampa's new book. This will be a collection of photos from listeners. The book will be called Rachael Lampa - Backstage Exclusive due sometime in July.

Third Day Congrats to Third Day who is garnering the benefits of giving the fans the tour that they have asked for. Nine cities into its winter/spring 2001 "Offerings" tour, which began at two sold out concerts in the Seattle market, Third Day has already logged nine sellouts, including March 2nd's performance before 6,450 paid attendees in Dallas. The band's hometown concert, scheduled for March 31, has already sold nearly 6,300 tickets. Brought to Atlanta by House of Blues Concerts, Inc., with radio partner, the new WFSH-FM (104.7 The Fish), the Atlanta event marks the first in the newly renovated 19,000-seat HiFi Buys Amphitheatre. Third Day's performance also marks the first time the venue has hosted a Christian concert. The band also recently garnered its 14th No. 1 song with the live version of "Your Love Oh Lord" from Offerings - A Worship Album. The studio version of the song is from Time, which was named Rock Album of the Year during last year's annual Dove Award ceremony. Pictured is the band in the studio after being on a recent episode of Good Morning Arizona prior to their Phoenix show.

*Thursday, March 1st, 2001*

NEWSFLASH! And as if the list of bands now defunct wasn't enough, johnny Q. public has decided to officially add themselves to this list. After only releasing their first album in 5 years last September, The band has decided to pack it in and go home. Reasons for the breakup are unknown, but we'll keep you posted on any new developments.

Sixpence NTR ***Update*** Following rounds of mounting anticipation and then record company delays, Sixpence None The Richer is almost ready to release its fourth full-length studio album through Squint Entertainment. The original date proposed earlier this month was for April 17, however, now it's being moved around again. The still untitled project's track listing includes 14 songs including "I Don't See Why You Should," "Loser," "Us," "Still Burning," "Melody of You," "Paralyzed," "Dizzy," "Eyes Wide Open," "Tension Is A Passing Note," "Breathe Your Name" and many others. Though a single has not been officially announced, Squint is already planning to service a video to MTV and VH1. When we get more information about the release, we'll be sure to post it.

delirious A documentary is in the works for Delirious. A film crew has been recording footage backstage in London, Holland and Germany and also the studio. The only problem with this rockementary is that it will probably be shown on Channel 4 or BBC 2 in the United Kingdom in May. Sparrow Records does confirm that a full length Delirious video will be released to the US Family Christian Bookstore chains on April 24th.

More news on the Keith Green tribute album is out. Start Right Here will be released in stores on May 8 by BEC Recordings. Songs like "Run to the End of the Highway" by Bleach, "Lord, I´m Gonna Love You" by Starflyer 59 and "You" by Element 101 will be on the record. A Gene Eugene tribute is also in the works. This will be a two CD set with interviews, photographs and concert footage.

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