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01. FiveTweezy (Disco Mania Remix)

KJ-52 Remixed
by KJ-52


Itís FiveTweezy, KJ FiveTweezy
Itís FiveTweezy yíall
Thatís what my friends just call me
Itís FiveTweezy, KJ FiveTweezy
Itís FiveTweezy yíall
Thatís what my friends just call me

Iíve been gone but Iím back I guess
VH1 dissed me and Iím just a mess
And ever since then I got no friends left
So Iím a throw a fit like Kanye West
On top of that man I want to cry
The other day my mini van just up and died
I was on the highway and the engine fried
Yo MTV, why donít you pimp my ride
Really man why do I try?
I get dissed all the time like Vanilla Ice
Itís alright cause you know that I
Git rí done like Larry the Cable Guy
Anyway we came to get ya bouncing
Like Tom Cruise on Oprahís couch and
Itís 52 stop mispronouncing
So everybody címon and say it loud and


Sometimes I can be so nerdy
And I talk too much Iím just too wordy
And the car that I drive is always dirty
And I feel so old man, I just turned 30
I know my brain is missing
I get on stage and start forgetting
All my songs that I wrote I keep on stressing
I should lip sync like Ashlee Simpson
Iíll probably never sell a million
But I donít need attention like Paris Hilton
Iím the Italian Stallion like ill Sicilian
Yelling out ďKJ is for the children.Ē
Ok, now hereís ya workout
Fitness made simple like John Basedow
Just turn it up till itís all bassed out
And sing it out loud in the place now


I got my system blasting
People couldnít miss it when I tried to pass them
In a Honda Civic with the muffler dragging
Shoes off, hairy feet like Bilbo Baggins
Back when I was living wrong
I need to get tipsy like J-Kwon
But nowadays all I need is God
And a mic and a DJ and my iPod
Alright, put your dance shoes on
Everybody lets get your groove on
Cuz I rock the party till the break of dawn
I came to get your grand mama to sing along
But donít take this lightly
God runs things, not Bruce Almighty
Heís Jesus, the only one I need
FiveTweezy but yíall know what I mean

Written by J. Sorrentino, T. Collins, M. Ripol © KJFiveTwoMusic (SESAC) / BEC Music Recordings (SESAC) / Jones Fercury Music (ASCAP) / Funk In Ya Jazz Publishing (ASCAP)




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