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04. 47 Emcees (Plus 18 More Remix)

KJ-52 Remixed
by KJ-52


Let me Busta Rhyme and tell a story like Slick Rick
And put a sermon like Eric in ya ear like a Q-Tip
Its Common Sense that Ja Rules
But Im a tell you about my Jesus whos the Leader of the New School
You thinking yous cool you emcees is Lost Boys
Got no Cash Money you Juvenile like some Hotboys
I drop noise when I let the sound blast
And tell Big Boi, Andre about Jesus the Outkast
What I feel its time now just to B Real
My Christ died on Calvary, not on Cyprus Hill
You can be Slim or you can be Shady
Jehovah reigns supreme but his name aint Jay-Z
And its Mos Def the Mobb was Deep
That hung the Son of Man who died just to bring back the lost sheep
On all streets all peeps Naughty By Nature
Whether you Biggie or Small you can know the living Savior

Hey yo, Nate was my Dogg, my Westside connection
He had a Crooked I plus he carried a Mack 10
He was Kurupt in the game since back when
An Alkaholik form the Pharcyde of Compton
But me and him we used to Freestyle and Fellowship
His DJ was Quick with the beats when hes rocking it
And he would MC Eight times a week just dropping it
Till the cops Snooped my Dogg and put a stop to it
I said lifes a battle, we Warren G
And it really aint Easy, so E mail me
And Ill break it down and just tell ya what ya need
Id like to Xzibit Christ as the one you should seek
Youre on E! and the 40's ya drinking down
Is why youre coming up Too Short to make it now
I said youre my Dogg and then I gave him a Pound
I once was lost like you but now Im found...

Let me take you back just to the old school
And tell you about the Fresh Prince of
Peace now he just cold rules
We keep it Nice and Smooth Rakim like Eric B
And Run D emcees to show my biz like its AG
See Im down with 2 Live Crews full of Fat Boys
And even though we Young Emcees
We just cant avoid the one who Everlasts
Reigns as the lamb slain
Just for you and I Jesus went to the House of Pain
You can be the Black Sheep but Christ reigns supreme
Drink ya Ice T with some Vanilla Ice Cream
Dont matter to me, be the Public Enemy
Hell still make your sin disappear like hes Whodini
In this Biz I put his name on the Markie
That how Im calling out these names when I emcee

Check it now, you can bounce with me
No Limit to my God like Master P
What audacity, its quite Ludacris actually
To think you could Trick your Daddy
God the father sees everything naturally
You cant fool Him, Im like whoa Nelly
Hell put the Bone Thugs back in Harmony
It aint hard to see what hes done for me
I knew a guy named Bubba whod Spark the place
He was Little like Wayne and had a Scarface
But now this cat done changed his ways
Talking how hes saved from amazing grace
Understand that Christ had to C Murder
You and I, we can live forever
East, South or the old school flavor
Yall know just how I hit ya

Written by J. Sorrentino KJFiveTwoMusic (SESAC) / BEC Recordings Music (SESAC)




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