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Get the new FREE JFH MP3 compilation -- Vol. 11!

Artist Discography

[1995 - Present]

Style: Hip Hop
Formerly Known As: Playdough
Hometown: Dallas, Texas
For Fans Of: De La Soul, Heath McNease, Manchild

Real Name:
Douglas William Krum, Jr.

Spotify Artist Discography

  1. Lonely Superstar: 20th Anniversary Remixes, 2022 (independent) [as Playdough]
  2. DART, 2021 (independent)
  3. Black Lung, 2021 (independent)
  4. Muddy Squirrel Tape EP w/ Theory Hazit, 2019 (independent)
  5. Here's Mud In Your Eye w/ Theory Hazit, 2019 [Five Se7en Collective]
  6. SPAT w/ Theory Hazit, 2019 (independent)
  7. Harry In Your Pocket, 2019 (independent)
  8. Broken Vessels (DJ Sean P Remix) digital single, 2018 (independent)
  9. Good Night and Good Luck digital single w/ Heath McNease and JGivens, 2017 (independent)
  10. Take Yours digital single, 2017 (independent)
  11. Blue-Eyed Devil, 2017 (independent)
  12. Bare Knuckle Gospel w/ Rob Viktum, 2016 (independent)
  13. We Buy Gold w/ Sean P, 2015 (independent) [as Playdough]
  14. 1985 Party Time Excellent w/ Sean P, 2015 (independent) [as Playdough]
  15. Saint Dangle digital single w/ !llmind, 2015 (independent) [as Playdough]
  16. Dirty Harry beat tape, 2014 (independent) [as Playdough]
  17. Gold Tips w/ Sean Patrick, 2014 [Man Bites Dog] (as Playdough)
  18. Teen Wolf of Wall St. digital single w/ Sean Patrick, 2014 [Man Bites Dog] (as Playdough)
  19. Ode To A Cadillac digital single, 2013 (independent) [as Playdough]
  20. Turn It Out (Maxi Single) w/ DJ Sean P, 2014 [Man Bites Dog] (as Playdough)
  21. Christopher Collabo, 2013 (independent) [as Playdough]
  22. Writer Dye: Deux or Dye, 2012 (independent) [as Playdough]
  23. Wed, White, and Wu w/ Heath McNease, 2011 (independent) [as Playdough]
  24. Hotdoggin': With The Works Digital Release (includes 2 new songs + instrumentals), 2011 (independent) [as Playdough]
  25. Hotdoggin', 2011 (independent) [as Playdough]
  26. Writer Dye, 2010 (independent) [as Playdough]
  27. Bible Bus Mixtape, 2010 (independent) [as Playdough]
  28. Who's Harry Krum? beat tape, 2009 (independent) [as Playdough]
  29. Goodonya EP, 2008 [Deepspace5] (as Playdough)
  30. Don't Drink The Water, 2006 [7 Spin Music] (as Playdough)
  31. Lonely Superstar, 2002 [Uprok] (as Playdough)

Other Projects

  1. Deepspace 5
  2. ill harmonics
  3. Phonetic Composition

Compilation Contributions

  1. Songs We've Been Trying To Tell You About (And Others We Haven't), Vol. 11, 2022 .... "Velveteen Rabbit" (w/ Sonny Sandoval) [JFH Music]
  2. Who Are They Anyway?, 2017 .... "Warning Sign" (w/ Heath McNease) [JFH Music]
  3. Songs We've Been Trying To Tell You About (And Others We Haven't), Vol. 5, 2015 .... "Saint Dangle" [JFH Music] (as Playdough)
  4. Songs We've Been Trying To Tell You About (And Others We Haven't), Volume Four, 2014 .... "Burn Rubber" [JFH Music] (as Playdough)
  5. Pass The Mic: The Rise of Christian Hip Hop, 2014 .... "You Will Listen" [Capitol/BEC] (as Playdough)
  6. Songs We've Been Trying To Tell You About (And Others We Haven't), Volume Three, 2013 .... "Cash Rules Everything" [JFH Music] (as Playdough)
  7. Songs We've Been Trying To Tell You About (And Others We Haven't), Volume One, 2012 .... "The Business" [JFH Music] (as Playdough)
  8. Fashion Expo Round, Vol. 1: Tru Hip Hop, 2003 .... "Dues For Cashews" [Acts 26] (as Playdough)
  9. UpRok Mixtape Volume 2, 2003 .... "Palm Sunday" [Uprok] (as Playdough)
  10. UpRok Mixtape Volume 1, 2002 .... "Seeds of Abraham" [Uprok] (as Playdough)

Artist Interviews

  1. Playdough and DJ Sean P, 2/11/15
  2. Playdough, 11/18/11
  3. Playdough for Deepspace 5, 10/2010
  4. Playdough, 11/7/02

Collector's Items

  1. DART vinyl, 2021 (independent)
  2. Here's Mud In Your Eye USB cassette with bonus content, 2019 [Five Se7en Collective]
  3. SPAT cassette, 2019 (independent)
  4. Blue-Eyed Devil USB cassette with two bonus songs, 2017 (independent)
  5. We Buy Gold vinyl, 2015 (independent)
  6. 1985 Party Time Excellent cassette, 2015 (independent)
  7. Turn It Out maxi-single cassette, 2013 [Man Bites Dog Records]


  1. The Dirty Angels Ride Tonight

Artist Links

  1. Official Site
  2. Krum Bandcamp
  3. Playdough Bandcamp
  4. Twitter
  5. Facebook




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