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July, 2007

*Monday, July 30th, 2007*

Bethany Dillon CCM sweetheart Bethany Dillon announced last week in her online journal that she and Shane Barnard of Shane & Shane are engaged! Dillon writes, "I’m ENGAGED! I can’t wait to share with y’all about it… the shows I’ve been doing the past month have been pretty funny… people noticing SOMETHING on my finger… a ring, maybe? :) ...for about ten months now, Shane Barnard and I have been seeing each other… as most of you know, I’ve been friends with that whole Shane & Shane crew for about four years… and he has always, always been a kindred spirit. So last fall, after lots of seeking His heart, we started dating… which looked very different, since he was touring and I was writing and recording. But, by the mighty grace of God, it GREW… and a living analogy of His pursuit of the Church, His bride, began! (Are y’all thinking about those mysterious love songs on the new record? Now you know!)... I’m getting hitched to the Godliest, humblest, sweetest man on the planet! What a blessing to get to share my life with the best friend I’ve ever had! He and I both have just shook our heads at it… we are SO undeserving of something as good as this! Well, I know I am, at least. I’ve never dated anyone besides Shane, and I totally believe that to be the provision of God in my life… YET… I know lots of people who have dated a bunch before finding their spouse, and it’s just as ordained by Him! We have leaned in as close as we possibly could to hear what He would say… where He would lead. And this is it! Shane and I are so excited to be walking in obedience… walking in the direction of what He has prepared for us. What an adventure the Christward life really is! :) ...And to answer the last question y’all may have for now… we’re both touring through next spring, and still looking at dates and considering when would be the best time to get married and have TIME to be married before we head back out on the road. If you think about it, we would covet your prayers in making a decision! We want only what He wants for us." Congrats Bethany and Shane! To read her whole journal entry, visit (from Bethany Dillon;

Switchfoot Switchfoot fans will be thrilled to know the band is tracking for their follow-up release to Oh! Gravity. this week, according to a blog from Jon Foreman. In reference to an acoustic show the guys played at Lestat's Coffee Shop, Foreman writes, "Thanks to everyone who came. Yes, it was there that I let the cat out of the bag- we're tracking a few tunes for the next projecto this week. Can't wait. ridiculous." Our interest is definitely teased. We'll keep you posted... (from Switchfoot;

Red GRAMMY-nominated and Dove-Award winning Red will soon be taping a live concert for its upcoming release, End of Silence Deluxe Edition, set for release in November. Red is playing multiple Christian music festivals throughout the rest of the summer, before heading back on the road with Three Days Grace and Breaking Benjamin, in October and early November of this year. For tour dates, see their MySpace page: More to come! (from Provident Label Group)

Pillar Pillar has been hard at work on their new record, which is to be titled For The Love Of The Game. Frontman Rob Beckley writes, "Besides the kids growing up and our families enjoying all of our time at home, we have been working on a new record. That's right y'all. A BRAND NEW RECORD. We know in the past that we have waited a long time between records, but this time we wanted to get a head start on the process. Not to mention that we felt like a few of you kind of missed the "old" Pillar. Well the stuff that has been tracked so far will not disappoint you I'm sure. The name of the new record will be For the Love of the Game!! This is the point in our career where we come face to face with the question of why do we do what we do?? For fame?? For money?? For lack of better things to do?? No way!! We do it for THE LOVE!! Therefore you guys get the biggest sounding record that we have put together. There are going to be a lot of anthems and a lot of riffs that will keep you wanting more. I haven't been this excited about a record ever in our career. When we wrote "Fireproof," we thought it was good and that it might do well. When we wrote "Bring Me Down," and "Frontline" we knew that those songs would connect with people, but we hurried to throw together the rest of the album. FTLOTG is the next level of anthems that people expect to hear out of Pillar. Songs like "Light It Up," "Reckless Youth," "Get Back," and "For the Love of the Game" are all standing out as the next anthem to take the youth groups by force and encourage people in their walks with Christ. I look forward to the day that this album hits the shelf which will be sometime in FEB/MAR. I'm sure we will throw a couple of these songs into our set on Shout Fest. So come check em out and find out more about what is going on. UG ARMY get ready. We will be doing meet n greets and Bible studies on this tour so be sure to bring your cards and your hearts and get ready to get pumped." (from Pillar;; thanks to Sean)

Da T.R.U.T.H. Stellar Award winner and Cross Movement Records artist Da' T.R.U.T.H. has been taking the gospel scene by storm following the release of his new album, Open Book, on July 10, 2006. The 2008 Holy Hip Hop Award honoree set a new record by securing the highest Soundscan/Billboard Chart debut for a gospel hip-hop artist when Open Book captured the #2 position on the Billboard Top Gospel Chart. The album also debuted at #1 on Soundscan's Christian Hip-Hop Chart and at #3 on the iTunes Christian & Gospel Chart. In addition, Da T.R.U.T.H.'s record setting release garnered broad scale appeal across a variety of genres according to Billboard's charts, debuting at #5 on the Contemporary Christian Chart, #6 on the Top Christian/Gospel Chart and #18 on the Rap Chart. The album's current single, "Who Am I?" featuring Tye Tribbett, debuted at #9 on's Top 10 Hip-Hop Songs as the only gospel song on the chart, sandwiched between Kanye West's "Can't Tell Me Nothin'" and 50 Cent's "Amusement Park." In a package of scintillating lyrics and electrifying tracks, Open Book depicts the concept of living a visible faith through intentional transparency. Da' T.R.U.T.H. threads the notion of "living for One before many" throughout each track, encouraging believers to put God before others and to honor Him in everyday choices in front of a witnessing world. Da' T.R.U.T.H.'s lyrics emphasize personal responsibility at a time when many are protesting the mainstream hip hop industry's glamorization of misogyny and recklessness, highlighted recently by the fallout over radio talk-show host Don Imus' blaming rap songs for his verbal slur against the young women of the Rutgers University women's basketball team. Da' T.R.U.T.H.'s Open Book is available on Cross Movement Records and distributed in the CBA market by Provident-Integrity Distribution and by Sony RED in the general market. For more information on Da' T.R.U.T.H. and his new album Open Book, visit, or (from McCain & Co.)

Todd Agnew Ardent/INO Records’ five-time Dove Award nominee Todd Agnew enters Billboard’s Contemporary Christian Retail Soundscan Overall Chart at No. 1 with his latest project Better Questions as he announces plans to partner with World Vision for his headline tour this fall. Newcomers Rush Of Fools and Ardent Records’ singer/songwriter Joy Whitlock will join Agnew on the 30+city tour starting September and running through November. “We are going to be out digging into some of the concepts of the Better Questions record, sharing some of the new songs,” says Agnew regarding the fall tour. “We will also be digging into this idea of questioning God and bring our deepest and hardest questions to the Lord so that we don’t ignore them.” Agnew’s partnership with World Vision kicked off with a recent trip to Zimbabwe. A limited edition dvd featuring behind-the-scenes of the trip and more, is available with the purchase of Better Questions exclusively at Christian retail stores and select online retailers. Agnew’s fourth studio project Better Questions released on July 17. The project’s first single, “Our Great God,” is connecting with listeners and gaining momentum. AC stations on the song include Milwaukee’s WFZH/the Fish; Greensboro, NC’s WBFJ; WCSG in Grand Rapids, MI; Fayetteville, NC’s WCLN; Brunswick, GA’s WAYR; WJIE in Louisville, KY and WDJC in Birmingham, AL. Williamsport, PA’s WGRC reports the song No.1 on their weekly top ten list during Better Questions release week. WGRC’s program director Larry Weidman says, regarding Agnew’s single, "A song that is needed to communicate the profound truth that the God of Christianity is not the same as the god or gods of other religions. And it doesn't hurt that Todd Agnew has been blessed with a voice that resonates with our female audience. A must play." On the Inspo charts reaching Top 20, “Our Great God” continues to climb with stations such as; WMBI (Moody Broadcasting) in Chicago, IL; WGNV in Wausau-Stevens Point, WI; KCFB in St. Cloud, MN and American Family Network. Along with radio stations playing “Our Great God,” Agnew and James’ MySpace blogs have received unprecedented response from fans worldwide. (from The M Collective)

Nearly 50 National and Regional bands and speakers appear on four stages at Collide 2007, located at Trumbull County Fairgrounds, in Cortland, Ohio on August 24th and 25th. KNET180 Concerts and its internet partner,, present the biggest and most ambitious Family focused event ever in the Tri-County area. One ticket covers all the performers including Grammy and Dove award winners Michael W. Smith, Jars of Clay and Point of Grace. These bands alone have sold over 29 million records over the past few years. Also featuring: Caedman's Call, Sonic Flood, Tree63, KJ-52, Showbread, Norma Jean, Krystal Meyers, Storyside B, Run Kid Run, Spoken, Project 86, Slingshot 57, Jonah 33, Wavorly, Jake Smith, Flatfoot 56, Manafest, Detour 180, Cool Hand Luke, Generation Unleashed and local favorites Shudder, Andy Kirk, The Switch, Roads To Rome, The Dig Project, Divine Soldiers, Catalyst, Torn From Red, Heath McNeese, Fairweather Fan, Seventh Time Down, The Contact, Red Umbrella, The Highway Beautiful, Red Letter Anthem, Eleventh Hour, Escape From Folly, Commonroy, Willet and Drowning In Amnesty. Incredible speakers including: Ron Luce, Ryan Dobson and Bob Lenz. There is comedy from Bob Smiley and a Children's stage sponsored by Big Idea featuring Bob and Larry of the Veggietales. Big Idea over the past decade has sold nearly 50 Million copies of over 50 titles of positive and incredibly popular videos for children and adults alike. Hugo and Michele from Texas will also be there to help entertain and teach the kids of Collide 2007. Tickets are available at or There are discounted tickets available if purchased before August 14th. Children five and under are free. The stage performers begin at 11a.m. on Friday, August 24th and 9a.m. on Saturday, August 25th. The After Hours Cafe closes at 1 a.m. Free primitive camping site with the purchase of a Collide ticket. (from KNET180 Concerts)

*Friday, July 27th, 2007*

BarlowGirl One of Christian music’s bestselling bands, BarlowGirl, is once again taking the lead with mobile technology by offering customizable ringtones to fans through UrTone. Launched in combination with BarlowGirl’s anticipated July 24 release, How Can We Be Silent (Fervent Records), the UrTone platform provides fans the unique opportunity to customize their own ringtones from all songs listed in the BarlowGirl catalog. The songs will be delivered to fans’ mobile phones via the UrTone player, developed by ID Interactive Inc., and the world’s largest mobile transaction network operated by mBlox. The acclaimed three-sister band is the first Christian act to offer UrTone technology and one of the first artists to offer a personalized ringtone solution. Fans can access the UrTone platform to customize ringtones now at and on Aug. 1 at the newly launched “Word Label Group is excited to partner with ID Interactive to launch the UrTone platform and provide fans with a distinctive user experience,” says Jeremy Holley, Director of Consumer & Interactive Marketing, Word Label Group. “BarlowGirl’s interaction with fans is very significant and the band is always looking for avant-garde means to enhance music listeners’ experiences.” Early campaigns for How Can We Be Silent offered mobile blogs and cell phone interaction in addition to BarlowGirl’s ongoing SPEAK OUT initiative to encourage fans to take a stand in what they believe and become more active in their faith. In 2006, BarlowGirl teamed with FUGE Live during their “Don’t Conform” tour to allow more than 20,000 fans to text via cell phone messages that appeared onscreen during the group’s local performances. (from Bozeman Media)

Falling Up After releasing two studio projects, a remix album and touring relentlessly, BEC Recordings’ expressively rock band, Falling Up, prepares to unleash their third LP, Captiva. This album follows their debut album Crashings, which garnered sales exceeding 100,000 and numerous chart-topping Rock and CHR singles (including R&R Rock song of the year), and the follow-up Dawn Escapes that was equally received by radio and press. The upcoming October 2 release possesses the creativity that shapes the band’s sound in addition to melodic heavy rock with emotion. Captiva is a three-dimensional, dynamic exercise that captures the strengths of their first two records while introducing a deeper, more profound element to the music. Ribordy explains the expansion of their sound: “I really wanted to bring back some of prominent synth sounds of the 80’s,” states Ribordy. “On the other records I was into modern electronica, but on this one we took it back. Also, we wanted to tap into the diversity and dynamic on this record. Our past records were pretty straightforward rock with a couple softer songs. I wanted to bring dynamics into individual songs so the album as a whole would be more interesting from front to back.” Running the gamut from the metaphorical to the candid, the lyrical content of Captiva is multi-faceted and dynamic, paralleling the sonic qualities of the record. Ribordy is heartfelt and reflective, with an intelligence that cannot be denied. On the opening line of “How they Made Cameras,” Jessy lays a clever and heartfelt foundation for what is to come: feeling the glass to tell how cold it is outside the car. It is as if he is testing the waters in preparation for a courageous dive into new sonic destinations, asking the listener if they are prepared for the ride. The airwaves have played a major role in shaping the impact of Falling Up and promises to play an even larger role in the influence of Captiva. “Hotel Aquarium” will undoubtedly serve as one the year’s most influential singles at rock and CHR with the heavy driving guitars. “Maps,” a worshipful tune, will propel the band into the uncharted waters of AC radio. With a formidable touring history under their belt, including past jaunts with Pillar, TFK, Kutless, and Hawk Nelson, Falling Up has a more-than-solid base to build from as this record expands into new markets. They promise to continue to bring an enigmatic manifestation of new songs, which will both captivate and stimulate. Worship will be the response, without a doubt. (from The M Collective)

Audio A The Hands & Feet Project (which was started by members of Audio Adrenaline) is now the home of 18-day-old Christela Belle, an unwanted newborn baby girl thrown down a 28-foot outhouse hole by her 15-year-old mother and left for dead shortly after she was born on Sunday, July 8, 2007. Rescued by a teenage boy, Toussaint, who attempted to retrieve her before calling police, Christela has now been placed in the protection of the Hands & Feet Project, a children’s village in Cyvadier (Jacmel), Haiti. Rescuer Toussaint knew the mother had always denied being pregnant so when he noticed her leaving the school in Jacmel with a smaller stomach and blood on her legs, he followed the trail of blood to the outhouses behind the school. After hearing the baby, he notified police and attempted to lasso a rope around the baby below to pull her out. The police and American UN soldier Darry “DJ” Williams arrived on the scene at a set of newly constructed outhouses, where Williams observed Toussaint desperately chipping away at the concrete toilet. “Toussaint told me that the mother had dropped the newborn in the pit because she didn’t want it. I could see that the baby was moving and knew that time was of the essence,” said Williams. Williams notified the Sri Lankan Army, serving on behalf of the United Nations (UN) in Haiti, who arrived and quickly worked, breaking up the concrete two stalls down and lowering a soldier into the pit. The soldier wrapped the baby in a towel and secured it to a rope, which was then pulled out of the hole. The umbilical cord and placenta were intact and a Sri Lankan medic raced the baby to an ambulance. The first hospital was poorly staffed, so Williams contacted an American friend, Drex Stuart of the Hands & Feet Project. “I told the medics to follow me to a private hospital near my house, and I called Drex who operates the Hands & Feet Project. I know that he recently had a set of twins in the private hospital and I asked him to call and notify them of our situation.” Stuart and co-worker, Michelle Meece, arrived at the hospital with Dr. Jolicouer, offering to take the baby in at the Hands & Feet Project, as well as to cover all medical expenses. The doctor advised that the baby looked fine on the outside without any bruises or marks, and no broken bones. “I knew this child would be fine,” said Williams. “After being dropped 30-feet into a pit and left for dead, and there were no bruises, no signs of trauma, and she was resting? I knew I had witnessed a miracle. Everyone involved knew it.” The Justice of the Peace gave the Hands & Feet Project full rights to the baby. “She is now ours,” says Stuart. “A policeman from the station, no doubt a believer, gave us the baby’s first name. He said that Christ must have been there for her, so the three words for ‘Christ was there’ [in Creole] would be Christela. Her last name is in honor of Audio Adrenaline’s song ‘Beautiful.’ This word translates to Belle.” “Christela is definitely a miracle child and was God’s chosen vessel to bridge the gap between the UN, police and the community. I am honored to have been a witness to this miracle. I am also humbled to have been asked by Drex to be her godfather,” said Williams. “I am so amazed by the story of these rescuers,” says Mark Stuart, Drex Stuart’s son and frontman for the GRAMMY award winning rock band, Audio Adrenaline. “In Haiti, children are often abandoned and orphaned, and to see the teamwork between the police and the UN soldiers on behalf of this one baby, it is a would-be tragedy turned to joy.” “Without programs like the Hands and Feet Project, many children like Christela would have little hope at all,” Mark says. “Not only was this project on hand to help Christela in the early moments of her life, but it will be there for her and other orphaned children in the days and years ahead. We are hoping to help raise a generation in Haiti that will change their country so we can be out of a job and orphanages can be empty.” “Keep praying that we will be here and ready to take children that no one wants or can take care of! Don’t forget to pray for the mother, too,” says Drex. Christela’s birth mother is a juvenile from Marbial, a small village in the countryside, about 45 minutes from Jacmel. She was put out of her parents’ home when she became pregnant and she moved to Jacmel. A judge did sentence her to jail. Medically she is doing well. For more information about this story, including photos, video of the rescue and more, go to (from Hoganson Media)

Third Day GRAMMY-winning and multi-Platinum rock band Third Day is gearing up for the Aug. 7 release of Chronology, Volume Two (2001-2006). Much like the companion Volume One (1996-2000), the two-disc CD/DVD set presents many of the Atlanta-based band’s most beloved compositions, this time from 2001-2006. The 18-track audio disc features some of the band’s biggest hits, as well as a number of previously unreleased live tracks from the “Wherever You Are” tour. The second disc is a DVD offering high-energy video footage, including the video to the hit song “Tunnel” and an hour-long, in-depth documentary titled Inside Third Day: The First 10 Years. Previews of the new content, including the entire “Tunnel” video, are available to view at the Essential Records homepage: Third Day will celebrate the launch of Chronology, Volume Two by hosting a viewing of its documentary, Inside Third Day: The First 10 Years in Kennesaw, Ga. The event is sponsored by local radio station 104.7 The Fish, who will be giving away tickets to the closed event. Winners will have the opportunity to hang out with Third Day while watching their documentary on the big screen at a local theater. (from Provident Label Group)

Grey Holiday San Antonio, Tex.-based, pop/rock band, Grey Holiday’s initial single, “Let Go,” from its debut album, The Glorious Revolution, is the most added this week at CHR. This accomplishment comes during the single’s first week at radio. Early stations on the single are: WONU, Chicago; WNAZ, Nashville; WJLZ, Norfolk, Va.; and KJTH, Ponca City, Okla. The Glorious Revolution releases September 25, 2007, was recorded in Nashville and produced by Jason Ingram (Bebo Norman, Rush of Fools). Mallory DeWees, Music Director at WONU in Chicago shares her excitement for Grey Holiday’s “Let Go,” “I love the first single from Grey Holiday. ‘Let Go’ gives us a fun, non-worship element our play list needed. It’s a song that will help us counter Maroon 5 on our mainstream competitors.” Expounding his thoughts on Grey Holiday’s debut disc, Andy Argyrakis, Chicago based freelance writer (Chicago Tribune and many more) and CCM Magazine contributing editor, comments, “The track listing may only include six songs, but like the rock and roll luminaries of yesteryear (think Pink Floyd or Yes), Grey Holiday is also capable of conveying grand concepts and fleshed out feelings of a full-length project no matter what the numeric increment. Though the group may not mirror the same sonic swath as the aforementioned, given its alternative/indie rock dichotomy, members do channel a series of modern day British influences, resulting in an arsenal of artistically adventurous and instantly infectious landscapes.” The Glorious Revolution will deliver six audio tracks, an extended band interview, and will be loaded with extra content, including three music videos created by the band, a songwriting journal, early song demos, video shorts, and much more, that will introduce the band and bring the “Grey Holiday Experience” to new fans. The Glorious Revolution tracks are as follows: “Glorious,” “Let Go,” “You Belong To Me,” “Revolution,” “Where You Want Me,” and “Low.” In keeping with Grey Holiday's constant creative state and realizing today’s world of fast-paced music consumption, Grey Holiday will be the first Essential / Provident artist to deliver, “New Music, More Often.” Recent research indicates that music-buyers want new music on a more regular basis. Fans will have the opportunity to experience Grey Holiday's up-to-the-moment creativity with a second project, also loaded with extra audio and video content, within ten months following the release of The Glorious Revolution. Both projects will showcase the audio and video ingenuity this band offers, delivered “hot off the press.” Through the band’s kinetic style, Grey Holiday drives home its message with a keen sense of urgency. The band members’ passion for life, creativity (both musically and through video) and their firm priority to relationship and community, set them apart. (from Provident Label Group)

Family Force 5 Hip Hope 2008, the only industry-wide compilation of hip-hop music, releases on Gotee this August 28th and will spotlight the top artists on the scene and include three exclusive tracks as well. This fourth installment of the Hip Hope compilation series will include 16 tracks from hip-hop best-sellers such as TobyMac, GRITS, KJ-52 and career pioneers like John Reuben, LA Symphony, DJ Maj and Mars ILL. The album will also showcase up-and-comers Group 1 Crew, Soul P, Just Live, 116 Clique, Lyrycyst. As a bonus, there are three exclusive songs on Hip Hope 2008 including one from crunk rockers Family Force 5 with debut recordings from both Diverse City (TobyMac’s band), and GabeReal (of TobyMac’s band). “I can’t underscore the significance of the Hip Hope series in the CBA marketplace” says Joey Elwood, president of Gotee Records. “Not only are we trying to provide a platform for a very influential and important genre of music for today’s youth, but also convince the gatekeepers of this industry that a market does indeed exist for hip hop consumers that are Christians. Hip Hope is meant to serve as a catalyst to expose artists who would not have the opportunity to be on a commercial release, as well as aggregate the 'best’ in Christian hip hop so a clear look at the size of the buying audience can be viewed from year to year as the brand is developing.” In support of the Hip Hope series, Gotee Records has partnered with TVU Music Television to produce a one-hour Hip Hope special featuring John Reuben as guest VJ. TVU, owned by Spirit Communications, is a 24-hour music video television network that targets 12-24 year olds with a message of hope and encouragement. The network can be found on SkyAngel’s direct-to-home DSB satellite system and online at RADIOU.COM. and The Hip Hope TV special will air late August and into September. (from LB PR)

Daniel Kirkley Classical/Pop artist, Daniel Kirkley, just completed his first major Christian radio tour that took him to ten states throughout the southwest, midwest, and southeast. Kirkley traveled almost 6,000 miles by car while visiting twenty-three radio stations promoting his new song, “Heavenly,” the second single from Let Love Win, his debut CD on Centricity Records. The first single, “My New Dawn, reached #18 on the Christian Radio Weekly chart and is now being serviced to mainstream AC radio. "Over the past couple of weeks, I have had the privilege of traveling around and meeting the radio staff at a number of Christian stations across the country, says Kirkley. “It's always such a joy to fellowship with my fellow brothers and sisters. For me though, this trip had an additional blessing...I was able to witness how these men and women partner & invest so personally into the lives of their community! Seeing their faithfulness with the ministry God has given them was a wonderful thing." “Heavenly,” has already received three early adds at KXOJ (Tulsa, OK), WCVK (Bowling Green, KY), and WGRC (Williamsport, PA) before the radio promo trip and more adds are expected soon. (from Bozeman Media)

Australia’s Hillsong United scored its first #1 album when it released All of the Above in May. It is again #1 this week on the Nielsen Christian SoundScan charts as the top Praise & Worship album in America. All of the Above also returned to the Billboard Christian/Gospel Top Ten, landing in the #8 spot. The CD remains one of the top downloads on iTunes. Nearing the 50,000 unit mark after nine weeks, All of the Above ( released on May 22 in the United States and sold 10,505 units in the first week, putting it not only at the top of the Billboard Christian/Gospel Albums chart, but also #1 on the Nielsen Christian SoundScan chart, the first time Hillsong United has topped that chart. The sales success comes as the band is finishing up a world tour with one remaining North American stop in Tacoma, Washington, before heading to Mexico, Brazil, Argentina and Paraguay. During the North American leg of the tour alone, Hillsong United will have played to more than 150,000. As enthusiasm for the Aussie rockers grows within the U.S., Integrity Music is readying the release of an exclusive Bonus DVD Edition of the All of the Above, scheduled to hit stores on November 6. This special Bonus DVD Edition includes the original 14 song CD plus a stunning DVD filmed all over the world that includes concert footage, video blogs from the band, a stirring message from United youth pastor Phil Dooley and a trailer for United’s “I Heart Revolution.” Three live music videos for the songs "Solution," "Hosanna" and "Saviour King” brings fans right into the stadiums to witness the band’s amazing live concert experience. With All of the Above, Hillsong United hopes to inspire young people to do more than sing about their relationship with God. They hope their music will compel students to live out their faith in their communities through acts of justice and compassion. That message also underlines “The I Heart Revolution” ( recently launched by Hillsong United. (from Spinhouse PR)

*Wednesday, July 25th, 2007* ~ UPDATE

MxPx MxPx released their eighth studio album Secret Weapon last week via indie Tooth & Nail Records and streamed it in its entirety for fans on their MySpace page (, logging over 300,000 plays in three days. Secret Weapon also debuted at #76 on the Billboard Top 200 Album Chart this week. Alternative Press (August 2007) hailed the album with a four-and-a-half (out of five) star review--“MxPx have found their center…and have produced the most cohesive CD of their career”--while Guitar World (September 2007) called it “a glorious return to form.” Currently in the midst of a cross-country promo tour, MxPx will jump on the Vans Warped Tour next week for shows in the following cities: Chicago, Minneapolis, Milwaukee, Cincinnati, Cleveland and Camden. Next up, MxPx will perform a slew of festival appearances in the U.S. and Asia throughout August and September. Expect the group to announce more fall dates soon. "We're thrilled to have such an amazing fanbase that continues to support us. We can't wait to get back on the road and play these new songs for our fans," notes vocalist/bassist Mike Herrera. Meanwhile, MxPx will appear live tonight on the nationally syndicated radio show “Loveline with Stryker and Dr. Drew Pinsky.” Check local times in your area via: MxPx has sold well over 2.4 million records worldwide in their 15 year career and has amassed a series of alternative radio and video favorites, including: “Punk Rawk Show,” “Chick Magnet,” “Move To Bremerton,” “I’m Okay, You’re Okay” and “Responsibility” over seven studio albums, an array of EPs, plus a live disc and a DVD. (from MSO PR)

SCC As an artist that has cultivated his passionate artistry into listeners’ hearts for two decades, Steven Curtis Chapman thoughtfully prepares to release his sixteenth studio album and first new project in more than three years on October 23. This musically modern, poignant, personal studio release from the five-time GRAMMY Award recipient and record-holding Dove Award winner is aptly titled, This Moment. Throughout This Moment, Chapman captures the vital importance of embracing the "miracle of the moment,” which is the title of the rightly thematic first single and opening track that went for adds at AC radio on July 20. Co-produced by Steven Curtis Chapman and Matt Bronleewe (TobyMac, Chris Tomlin, Leeland, Michael W. Smith, Jars of Clay), This Moment was tracked in Los Angeles with a solid studio band whose combined credits include Sting, Paul McCartney, and Sheryl Crow. Sharing about the thematic foundation for This Moment, Chapman expresses, “I want to remind people that God is more concerned with our day-to-day than we might think. He is not just in the valley or on the mountaintop. He’s on the straight open road, too. I hope we can begin to really experience what He’s doing in this moment.” Living in the here and now is exactly what Chapman has experienced since his last record, All Things New, which earned his most recent GRAMMY Award. He seamlessly applies his chosen theme across various sonic settings and three distinct areas: family, global mindedness, and worship. On the touching ballad "Cinderella," Steven gets caught up in the beautiful moment of a father dancing with his daughter from childhood into adulthood. So personal and so universal, it was the first song written for This Moment. For "One Heartbeat," he gives his wife and moms everywhere a sweet reminder of their day-in/day-out magnificence. “After our first trip to China, my wife and I knew our lives were changing—our eyes and hearts were opening to how big God really is, and we have wanted to experience more of that,” Steven says; the Chapmans spent month long stretches in 2006 and 2007 working at Chinese orphanages. “We’ve really wondered whether or not we should just go to China and stay there. But I don’t think so. I believe God is saying, ‘I want you to go, get your heart broken, your eyes opened, and then take this story back to the church in America and around the world.’” In support of the October 23rd release, Chapman will be hitting the road for his 50+ city “Live in This Moment” tour kicking off September 20th in Grand Rapids, MI closing the year on November 16th in Nashville, TN. The tour will feature rockers Sanctus Real and singer/songwriter Bethany Dillon. Special guest band members include Chapman’s sons Will Franklin (Drums) and Caleb (Guitar), who make a special appearance on This Moment and recently earned their keep and band roles with their dad during the recent Winter Jam tour. Tour dates at: (from The M Collective)

33Miles One of the most successful and best-selling new Christian artists in 2007, INO Records’ 33Miles, crossed the U.S. on a jam-packed promotional tour filled with television appearances, radio station visits, concerts, festivals and more. Now in follow-up to their smash top-10 debut single “What Could Be Better” 33Miles has released “There Is A God” to radio on July 20. Reflecting on “There Is A God” lead singer Jason Barton says, “In a world full of unbelief and confusion, this song offers an anthem for Christians to sing aloud the undeniable evidence that we did not just appear from nowhere, that we are wonderfully made by the Creator of the universe and that He calls us ‘friend.’” Since their self-titled album released on April 10, 33Miles has logged over 33,000 miles touring the country in a whirl-wind of press, taping the video countdown show “Hot List” with The Gospel Music Channel, appearing on LeSea Broadcasting’s “The Daily Harvest Show” in June and on Father’s Day performing during the “Hour Of Power” broadcast at The Crystal Cathedral. Earlier this month, 33Miles performed at both of Christian music's largest annual listener appreciation concerts: KLTY/Dallas' "Celebrate Freedom" with more than 100,000 fans in attendance and KXOJ/Tulsa's "Rockets Over Rhema" festival. According to KXOJ's Bob Thorton, "20,000+ came out to see 33Miles!” 33Miles most recent radio concert appearances include, WCVO/The River in Columbus, OH and The Fish in Nashville, Sacramento and Cleveland. Upcoming appearances will be KSBJ “Summer Of Love” concert series in Houston, TX, K-LOVE regional market concerts and WCIC in Peoria, IL. Fall tour planning is underway for 33Miles, and details will be announced soon. Until then, stay up to date at or (from The M Collective)

*Wednesday, July 25th, 2007*

Family Force 5 Gotee crunk rockers Family Force 5 and sister label Mono-vs-Stereo’s hardcore metal band The Showdown are currently both out on major mainstream tours, taking their faith message to crowds at Vans Warped Tour and Ozzfest respectively. Family Force 5 recently won the Warped Tour Energizer Encore Contest for the city of Atlanta. As a result, the band’s set was extended by 10 minutes during their Atlanta Warped Tour Performance. They currently lead in the voting polls for Minneapolis, Indianapolis, and Cincinnati for their Hurley Stage performance. Information can be found at: “Sharing your faith in any situation, in and outside Warped Tour, is a blessing.” said frontman Solomon Olds. Family force 5 catapulted onto the music scene in 2006 with Business Up Front, Party In The Back and since then have performed on CBS TV’s The Late Late Show With Craig Ferguson, performed twice on DIRECTV’s CD USA, and seen music video play on They’ve also racked up two #1 rock radio hits “Replace Me” and “Love Addict” at Christian radio and toured on 2006’s Journeys Backyard BBQ Tour and with TobyMac. Led by front man and guitarist Solomon Olds (aka Soul Glow Activator), Family Force 5 includes Solomon’s two brothers Jacob Olds (aka Crouton) on drums/vocal, and his twin Joshua Olds (aka Fatty) on bass/vocals. The force of five is rounded out by Nathan Currin (aka Nadaddy) on keyboard and Derek Mount (aka Chap Stique) on guitar. The Showdown’s sophomore effort Temptation Come My Way, which released March 20th, became the Mono-vs-Stereo’s biggest-selling debut ever when it snatched the #191 spot on Billboard Magazine’s Top 200 Album chart, the #6 spot on the Heatseeker’s chart, and a #15 spot on the Christian Album chart. At radio, their single “Death Finds Us Breathing” landed in the Top 10 on the Christian Rock chart. “Temptation Come My Way” has also found a #2 spot on the New & Active for Rock radio. They’ve toured extensively with the likes of Days Of The New, Showbread, and label mates Chasing Victory. The Showdown is David Bunton (vocals), Josh Childers (guitar/vocals), Travis Bailey (guitar), Eric Koruschak (bass), and Andrew Hall (drums). (from LB PR)

Brandon Heath Singer/songwriter Brandon Heath is scheduled to appear on the nationally-syndicated morning show The Joni Show on Friday, July 27. Heath will perform four songs from his debut album Don’t Get Comfortable including the No. 1 radio hit, “I’m Not Who I Was. ” He also will talk with host Joni Lamb about the personal stories behind his popular new music which continues to receive an outpouring of support by Christian radio listeners and fans on the road. The Joni Show airs nationally on the Daystar television network. Check local listings at for specific air times. (from Provident Label Group)

TFK Thousand Foot Krutch's brand new single "What Do We Know" is available now at iTunes, plus other digital music stores. The song will be one of thirteen new tracks from the band to appear on their September 18th release, The Flame In All Of Us. You can order your copy of the new album, autographed, and get a Thousand Foot Krutch Fan Pack. There are two different offers to choose from. First, you can pre-order a copy and it will arrive autographed by Thousand Foot Krutch. Second, you can pre-order the Special Edition CD/DVD combo album that will arrive autographed by Thousand Foot Krutch and get a "fan pack" that includes a sticker, poster, keychain and button. To pre-order the regular edition, click here. To pre-order the CD/DVD combo, click here! (from Thousand Foot Krutch;

The Crabb Family One of the most renowned groups in Gospel music, Daywind Records’ artist, the Crabb Family, will let go to pursue their individual ministries on August 1, 2007. They marked their farewell as the Crabb Family with Crabb Family Explosion, a three-night event held in Cleveland, TN, last weekend. “It was a great celebration in the ministry of the Crabb Family,” said Jason of the Crabb Family Explosion. “It was bittersweet, exciting for what is to come, and sad for what we’re leaving behind.” With their final studio project, Letting Go, scheduled to release nationwide, September 11, 2007, siblings Jason, Kelly, Adam, Aaron, and Terah will say farewell to 15 years of touring, recording and ministering together. Produced by siblings, Jason, Adam and Aaron, along with producer Tre’ Corley, Letting Go highlights each member’s individual styles of music. The Crabb Family shares writing credits on ten of the 12 songs on the recording. “This is by far my favorite Crabb Family album because it involved the band and the group,” exclaimed Jason. “We wrote it, we played it, and it is a true representation of the Crabb Family today!” Sticking to their roots in Southern Gospel music with “Child Of The King,” which will be released to Southern Gospel radio in late summer, there is no doubt that the Crabb Family will truly be missed. The title track on the recording, “Letting Go,” features Jason’s captivating vocals and is a true witness to how these siblings feel about following God’s will in their lives. The Crabb Family band astonishes you with their incredible talent on “Holy Ghost Stomp,” a seven-minute track featuring the best of each band member. This album is sure to please any Crabb Family fan and frustrate new fans at their departure. John Styll, President of the Gospel Music Association attended the Crabb Family Explosion over the weekend and stated, “We were blown away by the Crabb Family’s first appearance at the GMA Dove Awards in 2003. Since then, they have been pushing genre boundaries and exposing Southern Gospel to new audiences. While we’re sad to see this season as a group come to an end, God clearly has plans for them as individuals and we wish them all the best.” (from Daywind Records)

pureNRG Fervent Records new ‘tween’ group, pureNRG, made their debut appearance at KLTY Celebrate Freedom 2007 in Dallas, Texas, the largest free outdoor concert in America. The crowd was treated to pureNRG’s high-energy stage performance with jaw-dropping gymnastic moves and dance routines. The group performed selections from their critically-acclaimed self-titled debut CD on Fervent Records that released May 1st. pureNRG was such a hit with the audience at the concert that they voted the group as the third top act at the event, right behind tobyMac and Casting Crowns. This is an impressive achievement, as there were 35 established CCM acts on the star-studded roster. (from Bozeman Media)

*Tuesday, July 24th, 2007*

Tree63 South Africa’s Tree63 returns to the music scene Sept. 25 with its fifth studio album, Sunday!. The project expands Tree63’s signature sound, while urging listeners to live in the hope offered by Christ’s resurrection. Produced by Joe Baldridge (Family Force 5, dc talk), the record additionally features Tree63’s original drummer Darryl Swart. The combined energy and innovation of Baldridge alongside Swart helped turn out 11 songs that rival Tree63’s previous sound. Tree63 frontman John Ellis explains, “We really feel like this album is on a different level sonically compared with our previous attempts. Joe gave us permission to re-explore our rock ’n’ roll side, to be more real. It’s fun again.” With the crucifixion on Good Friday operating as a metaphor for the modern world’s state of despair and hopelessness, Ellis titled Sunday! to remind listeners that their hope lies in the good news of Christ’s resurrection. The album also exhibits more freedom in its songwriting with the intention of capturing a broader audience. Additionally, Sunday! takes a stand on various social and spiritual obligations. Songs like “The Revolution,” and “Becoming” are intended to alert listeners to the new ways of thinking currently sweeping the church. “Christians need to be socially conscious because Jesus was,” says Ellis. “It’s one thing to go to church and follow basic rules and regulations, but that’s virtually missing the point. We need to change the way we thing about the poor, starving, desperate, lonely and sick. Those are the ones Jesus came for, and He urges us to continue His compassion.” The record’s debut single, “Sunday!,” is currently vying for adds at Christian Adult Contemporary radio. In its debut week, the single broke the Top 30 on Radio & Records’ Christian AC National Airplay chart. This week “Sunday!” is among Christian AC’s most added songs, according to R&R. For additional information on Tree63, visit (from Savvy Media)

Verbs Verbs, the artist formerly known as Knowdaverbs, is bringing his own global village Hip-Hop style to the music scene with the September 18th release of The Groundwork Theory, a first new album since 2003’s highly-acclaimed Unlocked. The album will release on 1280 Music Inc. with distribution via Infinity Distribution. Being described as an album with pounding beats, raw lyricism and vision, The Groundwork Theory will feature 12 songs from Verbs, the solo powerhouse Michael Boyer. Producer credits go to Ric Robbins (GRITS, Out of Eden), Crisis (GRITS), and Tony Stone (LaCrae) . “Verbs is authentic. From his flow to his heart, it’s undeniable,” says TobyMac. “He understands his gift and knows just why he has it.” Signed to Gotee Records in 1998, Verbs released three albums with the label including 1998’s The Syllabus, 2000’s Action Figure, and 2003’s Unlocked. Verbs received two Dove Award nods in 2000 for both “Hip-Hop/Rap/Dance Song Of The Year” and “Hip-Hop/Rap/Dance Album Of The Year.” In 2003, the demand for Verbs music was so high that two of his songs from Unlocked hit #1 on the rhythmic charts before the album was released. Verbs has made the trip to South Africa where he acted as an ambassador for high school assembly programs. He also had the opportunity to perform on countless stages around the globe and participate in various missions, showing that this message of hope in Christ transcends languages and cultures. He is the former host of TVU/Sky Angel Network’s Planet Hip-Hop and has been featured on BET’s “Teen Summit” and ever popular “Rap City” program. He also launched his own outreach “The Train Station: Hip-Hop Learn shops” in 2005. The workshops are designed to teach youth ages 12-20 the foundational basics of Hip-Hop culture in one of the four elements; DJ/MC/Graf/B-Boyin’ all under the tutelage of Verbs and his team. The program goes even deeper to encourage participants to utilize their God given talents and further speaks on life and its purpose. Fans can anticipate a contest where one lucky winner will be flown to Orlando on October 31st for a lunch, concert, and hang time with Verbs and fellow rapper Pettidee. The one winning ticket will be found inside of The Groundwork Theory purchased CD. (from LB PR)

Sara Groves The latest release from Sara Groves has arrived a bit early. Of course, we're not referring to her November 6th release of her new album Tell Me What You Know, we're referring instead to her newborn - Ruby Cate Groves! Ruby entered the world on July 13, 2007. Congrats to the Groves family from all of us at! For a photo of little Ruby, click here. (from; Sara Groves)

Group 1 Crew Fervent Records' latest breakout act, Group 1 Crew, recently teamed up with multi-faceted visual artist, Ricardo Navarro in producing a cutting-edge "deeper look" at the group. Navarro has designed for, and worked with, some of the biggest names in entertainment, including Prince and Boyz II Men, as well as Leeland Sharp, veteran event promoter of several music and film industry A-listers. He is based in L.A., where he also does ongoing design work for his home church, Oasis Christian Center. "Designing for Group 1 Crew is more like designing for my family than a client," says Navarro. "Manwell [Group 1 Crew MC] and I have been best friends since high school and growing up we would constantly dream about our futures and how we could make our mark on this world, and with God's help, we're still trying to do that." Click here to view Navarro's work for Group 1 Crew. (from Word Records)

Israel and New Breed In conjunction with his September CD release, A Deeper Level, Grammy Award-winning artist Israel Houghton releases his first book project with Whitaker House. In preparation to record their fourth live release, Israel and his New Breed team went on a forty-day fast to seek the heart of God and ultimately produce an anointed project that would take listeners to a “deeper level” in their relationship with God. The result was not just another hopeful best-selling album, but a deeper revelation into what it means to truly live a lifestyle of worship. In A Deeper Level, Houghton encourages readers to let go of their routine lifestyles in order to experience a new reality in Christ. He urges members of the body to passionately pursue the heart of God by addressing the things that are dear to Him, such as feeding the poor and bringing about social change. In addition to Houghton’s personal insights, members of the New Breed team include their thoughts on topics such as pulling down idols, being ever aware of God’s presence, and embracing new mind-sets. The book also includes color images of band members and lyrics from the new CD. "When you come to live in the comforting, encouraging presence of God on a daily basis, it builds your confidence and faith in who He has made you to be. It is just so obvious to me that we haven’t even scratched the surface of what is available for us within the constant presence of God," Israel Houghton. A Deeper Level is the heart of Israel Houghton and New Breed. Each chapter is presented with a practical, down-to-earth, candid conversational style Israel Houghton has become affectionately known for. Throughout A Deeper Level Israel Houghton proves that worship is not just music. It is a lifestyle. (from Whitaker House)

*Saturday, July 21st, 2007*

MercyMe Following five bestselling projects, nine consecutive No. 1 Christian singles and four back-to-back mainstream radio hits, the multi platinum and Grammy-nominated band MercyMe returns with their next batch of hook-filled and emotionally grabbing songs on All That Is Within Me, due November 20th. Produced by Brown Bannister and recorded at Cider Mountain studio and ranch in Idaho (with strings recorded at London’s famed Abbey Road Studio), the band offers an album of songs “straight from scripture” says lead singer/songwriter Bart Millard. The record features worshipful moments like “God With Us,” “You Reign,” and “Sanctified” alongside very personal songs like “Finally Home.” “Finally Home” captures Millard’s thoughts about what he’ll tell his earthly father (who died from cancer several years ago) about his life and how he’ll greet his heavenly Father. Full of energetic moments, this record nonetheless touches the heart of the church in a very real emotional and personal way. (from The M Collective)

The Afters The Afters are slated to release their highly-anticipated sophomore project on December 26 with Never Going Back to Ok. The former Starbucks baristas turned GMA new artists of the year are recording again with producer Dan Muckala (TobyMac, MercyMe, Nick Lachey). With their debut project, The Afters received top attention from their fans and media outlets. The Afters’ music appeared as a theme song for a MTV reality show along with being heard on mtvU, ABC Family, and E! News as well as on HOT AC and VH-1 radio along with outlets such as Billboard, BOP and Popstar. They also received a MTVU woody award and their song beautiful love was the most downloaded song of CCM in 2006. (from The M Collective)

Natalie Grant Curb recording artist and GMA’s reigning Female Vocalist of the Year, Natalie Grant, helped announce the formation of the Nashville “Rescue & Restore Victims of Human Trafficking” Coalition, during a press conference held this week by the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services’ (HHS) Administration for Children and Families (ACF). The local group will join a national “Rescue & Restore” network of 18 coalitions intended to provide outreach and training to those most likely to encounter victims of human trafficking. Speaking at the press conference, Grant chronicled her personal involvement with the human trafficking issue and discussed the importance of raising awareness of the problem within the local community. Other speakers included Craig S. Morford, U.S. Attorney; Amber Beckham, coordinator, Network of Emergency Trafficking Services, World Relief; Martha Newton, Director, Office of Refugee Resettlement, U.S. Department of Health and Human Services; and Ambassador Mark Lagon, Director of the Office to Monitor and Combat Trafficking in Persons, U.S. Department of State. Since traveling to India three years ago to observe firsthand the horrific sexual exploitation of children, Grant has been committed to helping combat human trafficking around the world. She created the Home Foundation, which raises money and awareness for various human trafficking relief efforts. For further information, visit or The “Rescue & Restore Victims of Human Trafficking” campaign aims to educate Americans about the problem of human trafficking and how they can “Look Beneath the Surface” to help victims in their own community. The 24-hour National Human Trafficking Resource Center, 888-3737-888, provides instant referrals for victims’ services through social service organizations in the caller’s city. Visit the “Rescue & Restore” Web site at:, for more information. (from Turning Point PR)

Sara Groves Sara Groves’ latest project, Tell Me What You Know, due out November 6 is produced by Brown Bannister (who also produced her critically-acclaimed CD Add to the Beauty). Groves is hoping that when listening to this record, people will be moved by the joy of getting to be involved in God's kingdom and will think critically about their relationship to their neighbors and to the world. In addition to many songs Groves penned herself, she also co-wrote several, including one with Charlie Peacock called “In the Girl” and a closing song with Gordon Kennedy called “You Are Wonderful.” (from The M Collective)

Britt Nicole Sparrow Records debut artist, Britt Nicole is currently one of the top two selling Christian albums on iTunes this week. With a consistent top ranking on the iTunes charts for her premiere CD release Say It, Britt is one of a handful of artists in any genre chosen for the new “Next Big Thing” iTunes promotion and one of only three Christian music artists included. For a limited time, iTunes will offer Britt’s album at a special discount rate of $5.99 starting July 23 and running through August 7. Coinciding with the iTunes promotion, Britt’s debut single “You” will also be available for free download beginning July 24 via In addition to her overwhelming fan reception with Say It, “You,” Britt’s first radio single also continues to climb multiple radio charts this week. The single landed at #8 on the AC chart this week as reported by Radio & Records with 997 spins and 41 out of 54 stations on board. In addition, “You” also took the #7 slot this week at R&R CHR with 900 spins and 24 out of 28 stations on and the #10 spot at R&R AC Indicator chart with 533 spins and 23 out of 32 stations on. Recent adds include WFFH/Nashville, TN (and Salem Music Network); His Radio/Greenville, SC; WAKW/Cincinnati, OH; WMHK/Columbia, SC; KTIS/Minneapolis, MN; KLTY/Dallas, TX; K-LOVE Network; KXOJ/Tulsa, OK; WJIE/Louisville, KY; WFHM/Cleveland, OH and WCVO/Columbus, OH. “You” continues to climb the charts and is heard on a total of 87 Radio and Records reporting radio stations nationwide. In support of her debut single and CD release, Britt recently completed a multi-city, nationwide radio tour and co-hosted the "Family Friendly Morning Show with Doug and Kim” this week. Heard on Salem's "Today's Christian Music" network and locally at 94.1 FM The Fish, Britt joined Doug in-studio for a special morning show appearance that was broadcast to over 100 affiliates nationwide. Following in the footsteps of her consistent radio success and listener response, Britt is also currently featured on the cover of this month’s issue of Focus on the Family’s BRIO magazine, which focuses on teaching, entertaining and challenging teen girls toward a healthy self-concept and closer relationship with Jesus Christ - exactly what Britt’s message is all about. Britt is currently touring the country in support her May 2007 release Say It. She will be performing at numerous festivals and youth camps around the nation this summer. For more information about Britt Nicole, please visit and (from L.A.B Media)

Wavorly Wavorly’s latest single, “Madmen,” holds the No. 1 position this week on both the R&R and CRW Rock charts. The song is off their debut album, Conquering the Fear of Flight, which released on June 12, 2007. The band has a busy schedule this summer, participating in the “Revolution Calling” tour with Red and Grits, as well as the “Rock, Paper, Scissors” tour with High Flight Society and Our Heart’s Hero. See their MySpace page for more info and upcoming tour dates. (from Provident Label Group)

Phil Wickham Phil Wickham is releasing his sophomore project, Cannons, on October 2. With Wickham’s loyal and dedicated following, this project, produced by Pete Kipley, is poised to propel him to the forefront of Christian music. The combination of up-tempo pop, powerful worship and poignant lyrics are promising to take the church and fans alike to the next step up from his wildly-acclaimed debut self-titled project. Phil kicks off the release of the record with a 25+ city tour with David Crowder. (from The M Collective)

Connersvine Earlier this year, INO added acoustic, pop-rock duo Connersvine to its roster. Indianapolis Colt’s {2007 Super-bowl Champs} punter Hunter Smith and singer/songwriter Chris Wilson make up this dynamic duo. Both come from a strong musical background and both lead worship at the Every Nation Church in Indianapolis. Their self-titled debut project will release October 23. Based firmly in the church, this acoustic pop rock release’s first single “Live For You” will be impacting Christian AC and Inspo radio on August 31. (from The M Collective)

Fee INO’s newest signing, Fee, is no newcomer to the music scene but rather is an established modern worship group from Atlanta who contributed to Passion ‘07, Catalyst and other recent worship gatherings. Fee’s debut INO project, “We Shine,” will release September 25, featuring 13 tracks of cutting-edge rock worship—many of which are already gaining momentum in church worship worldwide. Produced by Steve Fee and Jason Hoard. Fee’s debut AC/Inspo radio single, “Glorious One” will be going for adds on August 3. (from The M Collective)

*Friday, July 20th, 2007*

Skillet With no sign of slowing, the Grammy-nominated band Skillet’s latest, Comatose, has doubled sales of their 2004 project, Collide, having now scanned over 200k units in less than half the time. After 41 weeks on the chart, Comatose has spent the majority of that time in the Top 10, selling an average of 4900 units each week. In follow up to packed out club shows on their own as well as with Flyleaf in the spring, and performances before massive summer festival crowds, Skillet will open for mainstream rockers Breaking Benjamin and Three Days Grace for over 20 dates in September/October. And in follow up to their seven-week reign at No.1 on Christian Rock with their single “Rebirthing,” Skillet’s second Christian single, “The Last Night,” also nabbed the top spot at Rock and CHR (CRW/R&R). With incredible staying-power, the song made two returns to No. 1 on CHR after initially nabbing the top spot. Therefore, it’s been a waiting game to release the band’s next singles, but both “The Older I Get” and “Comatose,” which will be launched to CHR and ROCK formats respectively this August. (from The M Collective)

downhere Award-winning rock group, downhere, will release a new album of 17 previously recorded demo songs that have never been offered on a CD before. The songs appear on the new project titled, Thunder After Lightning and will be available online at, at iTunes, and at the band’s concerts. The site will give fans access to more of downhere’s music, as the songs were demos for their album, Wide Eyed & Mystified that was released in 2006. “We have a ton of fun in our little home studios writing, dreaming and recording ‘demos’,” says downhere. “These demos are to songs, what an artist’s pencil sketch is to the final painting. In the process of writing for Wide Eyed and Mystified we submitted more demos than we could ever use for one album. While we value the quality of a full blown recording, we think that our little demos have a special value alone. As you listen, enjoy the rumblings after what we consider to be our best record to date.” Because of the internet becoming more of an active and accessible tool for music, these demos are now becoming available through downhere’s record label. “We were thrilled when Centricity approached us about doing this innovative marketing approach with our music,” continues downhere. “That’s one reason we like being on this label because it’s so supportive of artists and their fans. We want all of our music available to those people who like our sound, so this is a very exciting new venture for us.” Two new singles are going to Christian radio from downhere’s current album, Wide Eyed & Mystified. “Forgive Yourself” was released to CHR radio and “My Real Jesus” to AC radio in late June. A line from “My Real Jesus” was also used for the intro of Lee Strobel’s upcoming book, “The Case For The Real Jesus,” that comes out next month. downhere will appear with Strobel on CCN TV (Church Communication Network) on September 30th. downhere is currently touring in Sweden but their fans will be excited to learn that a second leg of the Wide Eyed & Mystified Tour, that was so successful this past spring, will kick-off in September 2007. downhere has invited their labelmate, Jason Gray, back as the opening act and tour dates will be announced soon. downhere will also appear at Creation West on July 27th and at the Franklin Graham Festival in Tacoma, Washington on November 4th. (from Bozeman Media)

Shane and Shane Best-selling Inpop Records duo Shane & Shane and BEC Records’ artist/producer/composer Bebo Norman announce the dates for the “Pages Tour 2007” that features special guest and Sparrow Records artist Shawn McDonald. The tour launches Aug. 21, seven days before the release of Shane & Shane’s first studio album in nearly three years, Pages, and travels to over 45 cities, including such major markets as Miami, Minneapolis/St. Paul, San Diego, Phoenix, St. Louis and more before wrapping up Nov. 17 in Atlanta, GA. (For all the latest tour dates, go to “With the release of the new record we feel like it’s a fresh start, and we couldn’t be more ready to hit the road and share where our hearts have been these past few years,” says Barnard. “I feel like we’re in a better place than we’ve ever been,” adds Everett, “and we’re especially excited to be spending time on the road with Bebo and Shawn.” “The Shanes and I have talked for years about touring together and I couldn’t be more excited that it’s finally worked out,” says Bebo Norman. “Shawn McDonald and I had the chance to tour together a few years ago, so I have no doubt that the Pages Tour will be an amazing pairing of music and relationships. Selfishly, this is a tour that I’ve looked forward to for months now.” Shane & Shane will be playing fan favorites and new songs from Pages, which they co-produced and recorded at their successful Spaceway Studios in Dallas, TX. The album was named for a reference to the journal pages on which Barnard wrote much of the album and features the radio single currently climbing the charts, “We Love You Jesus.” (from Hoganson Media)

Stephanie Smith Stephanie Smith, Gotee Records’ up-and-coming female pop-rocker, is already turning heads with an early introduction to her forthcoming debut album, slated for a February 2008 street date. At radio, the first single “Superstar” is gaining momentum with growing support weekly. Currently the song is #3 New And Active at CHR radio. Stations on board include WNAZ-Nashville, TN, WORQ-Green Bay, WI, and KADI Springfield, MO among others. “Superstar” is also now available online at the iTunes store. Fans can download the song for $.99. "This is such an exciting time in my life; I don't want to take that for granted or neglect to give the Lord praise for it, “asserts Smith. “Already, in my short 23 years of life, He has led me into opportunities beyond what I had dreamt for myself. I know it’s just the beginning, but I am so grateful for the chance to share what the Lord has laid on my heart. It’s my hope that my music, and the story the Lord is authoring in my life is something refreshing that people can derive hope for themselves." The song “Superstar” was penned by Smith along with Jamie Moore (CeCe Winans, TobyMac) and Aaron Rice (Britt Nicole, Avalon). Smith is currently in the studio working towards the completion of the yet-to-be-titled album. She is set to perform at the Gospel Music Association’s ‘GMA Music In The Rockies’ in Estes Park, CO on August 2nd. Smith, who has a passion for reaching the youth culture, is also actively involved with the Pure Freedom conferences and the Secret Keeper Girl Tours, both on the speaking and performing front. "Her vocals will wow you. Her lyrics will challenge you. Her beauty will capture you. But it is the authentic beauty in her soul that will keep you mesmerized by Stephanie Smith, “ says Pure Freedom founder Dannah Gresh. “That's the kind of beauty we want little girls to pursue, so we're delighted to have Stephanie Smith on our fall 2007 Secret Keeper Girl Tour." Pure Freedom, founded by top-selling youth author Dannah Gresh (And The Bride Wore White/Moody), provides resources with radically-unique approaches to focus on specific issues that teen girls and guys face in the area of purity and holiness. (from LB PR)

Excitement levels are high as LA-based energetic rock band Transistor Radio prepares for the August 28th release of its debut album A Legacy Between, also the first release from Up At Nite Records, the new rock imprint of Syntax Records, created by the pacesetters behind JoshuaFest and Cornerstone California. The quintet’s alt-rock groove is backed up by boldly honest lyrics—unafraid to reveal candid fears on the deeply expressive “California in December,” or bravely convey the chaos of dependency in “Addiction.” Their sound is message-oriented without skimping on sonic excellence, as illustrated in the melodic intensity of “The Getaway.” The first single "Ra-Random" goes to Christian Rock Radio July 30. "This record touches base on the human issues that everybody relates to," says Up At Night Records founder Aaron Diello. "I mean everyone. You cannot listen to A Legacy Between and not relate. You find yourself singing the song for yourself, and crying out to God because you know you're not alone. This record does an amazing job of pointing the listener in the right direction . . . to a God that is infinite in love and grace." This direct approach is no surprise coming from a band willing to invite fans to send them prayer requests and discussion questions. Meeting regularly on Tuesdays to cover those needs in prayer, Transistor Radio is sincere about its mission focus. “We don’t want to be just a band about music," shares drummer Jordan Heid. “We feel God calling us to take it a step further, and become engaged in people’s lives. That’s what God calls us all to do in the Bible, period. To be engaged with one other.” Transistor Radio not only bring their chunky guitars, contagious hooks, and potent lyrics to A Legacy Between, but a driving desire to open connections between a loving God and those in need of hope and encouragement. (from Recah PR)

*Wednesday, July 18th, 2007* ~ UPDATE

Bebo Norman Here's the official word on Bebo's new label home...
Seattle-based BEC Recordings has announced the signing of best-selling, Dove Award-winning artist/producer/composer, Bebo Norman. The first project under the multi-album agreement, Christmas…From The Realms Of Glory is set for an October 2 release date. Norman is scheduled to release his next studio project in spring 2008. "We are thrilled to partner with a multi-talented artist and songwriter like Bebo Norman,” said Tyson Paoletti, General Manager of BEC Recordings. “I’ve been a fan of his music for a long time and am excited to walk with him in this next phase of an already stellar career." Norman is regarded as one of Christian music’s most respected artists, having recorded six records over his thirteen-year career. His recordings have yielded a bevy of accolades including two #1 radio singles, seven Top 5 radio singles, a Dove Award, more than ten Dove Award nominations, and widespread media coverage. Additionally, Norman has toured extensively, recently headlining the 43-city “Dreaming True” Tour. “I can’t think of a better label than BEC to join with me for my future projects,” said Norman. “In a time when marketing and selling records is a challenge, they continually have success with their artists, and I’m glad to be part of such a creative, forward-thinking group of people.” Marketing for Christmas…From The Realms Of Glory will include an extensive viral marketing campaign along with significant internet, retail, radio and media exposure. Promotion for the project has already begun, as Norman visited with retailers last week at the International Christian Retail Show in Atlanta, Ga. “BEC has an amazing reputation in our industry and their track record matches it,” said Mitch White, Norman’s manager and vice president of artist development for Blanton Harrell Cooke & Corzine. “We are thrilled to be partnering with them.” Norman is currently in the studio wrapping the production for Christmas…From The Realms Of Glory, and is set to co-headline the 50-city “Pages” Tour with Shane and Shane that begins August 21. For more information, visit (from The WMG)

Family Force 5 have been announced the winners of the Warped Tour Energizer Encore Contest for the city of Atlanta. As a result, the crunk rockers’ set will be extended by 10 minutes during their Atlanta Warped Tour performance. (from Gotee Records)

Number One Gun The new Number One Gun a;bum, their third release (second on T&N), The North Pole Project will hit shelves November 20th 2007 on Tooth and Nail Records. The guys will be touring around that time so check for updates about it on their MySpace. In the meantime, visit tp hear a demo of their brand new song "Wake Me Up." (from Number One Gun; Thanks to P. Hawkins;

Copeland Copeland bassist James Likeness announced online today that he will be leaving the band... "There really isn't an easy way to go about saying this," began Likeness, "so I'm just going to jump into it. After 6 years, it appears that the time has come for me to leave Copeland. I want everyone to know that I have cherished my time in the band immensely, and the people who enjoyed the music were the biggest source of that enjoyment. For now, I am focusing all of my time on the other major artistic love in my life: design. As many of you know I have a degree in graphic design and I am making that my new career. If you would like to keep up with where that will take me you can visit my website at Thank you so much for giving me the opportunity to perform for you for so many years. I love you guys so much, and will miss you all dearly." The band posted a response to James' announcement as well, "We sincerely wish James the best, he's an extremely talented individual and will excel for sure in this new direction. Regarding COPELAND we are moving fwd with full confidence and are very excited about some amazing things coming up in the near future. We look forward to seeing all of your lovely faces on the Rentals tour, tickets are for sale now so please pick some up as this will be the last tour of the year for us. After this upcoming tour we will begin work on a very exciting project that we cant wait to tell you guys about." (from Copeland;
*Wednesday, July 18th, 2007*

Grey Holiday San Antonio, Tex.-based, pop/rock band, Grey Holiday, will release its debut album, The Glorious Revolution, on September 25, 2007. Through the band’s kinetic style, Grey Holiday drives home its message with a keen sense of urgency. The band members’ passion for life, creativity (both musically and through video) and their firm priority to relationship and community, set them apart. The Glorious Revolution was recorded in Nashville and produced by Jason Ingram (Bebo Norman, Rush of Fools). According to Grey Holiday’s Matt Minor (lead vocals, guitarist, keys, primary songwriter), “When we first started making this record, we never knew we’d be this emotional about the end result. This collection of songs offers an honest cross-section of where we are spiritually and how we approach this world; these songs are our heart. God has blessed us beyond belief. We’re honored that so many people believe in our music and are working so hard to let it be heard. The anticipation is overwhelming. We can’t wait for people to hear this album!” “Grey Holiday is in a constant state of creativity. So much so that it was difficult to decide what content we wanted to place on the album; there’s just so much great material,” says Jordyn Conner, A&R Director, Provident Label Group. “The band is always bringing new songs, videos and ideas to the table. They’re funny, smart and incredibly talented.” The Glorious Revolution will deliver six audio tracks, an extended band interview and will be loaded with extra content, including three music videos created by the band, a songwriting journal, early song demos, video shorts and much more that will introduce the band and bring the “Grey Holiday Experience” to new fans. The Glorious Revolution tracks are as follows: “Glorious”, “Let Go”, “You Belong To Me”, “Where You Want Me”, “Revolution”, “Low”. (song list subject to change). In keeping with Grey Holiday's constant creative state and realizing today's world of fast-paced music consumption, Grey Holiday will be the first Essential / Provident artist to deliver, “New Music, More Often.” Recent research indicates that music-buyers want new music on a more regular basis. Fans will have the opportunity to experience Grey Holiday’s up-to-the-moment creativity with a second project, also loaded with extra audio and video content, within ten months following the release of The Glorious Revolution. Both projects will showcase the audio and video ingenuity this band offers, delivered “hot off the press.” (from Provident Label Group)

*Monday, July 16th, 2007*

Disciple INO Record’s rock powerhouse band Disciple is unveiling news on their fall tour and announcing a re-release of their sophomore studio album Scars Remain: Special Edition on August 28 with four additional acoustic tracks, two music videos and a free ring tone. Disciple will present the “Scars Remain Tour” this fall debuting in mid September. The tour headlined by the band will feature Fireflight, Dizmas and newcomers Wavorly. The special edition project will feature “Love Hate (On and On),” “My Hell,” “Things Left Unsaid” and previous No. 1 hit “After the World,” in the acoustic additions along with two recently finished music videos. The exclusive video content will feature videos for “Scars Remain” and “After the World.” “Scars Remain” was filmed under the direction of Ben Knetchel (Hawk Nelson), and portrays the band discovering lost and forgotten memories from their past in the unearthing of an abandoned home. “After the World” was directed by Steven L. Weaver of Revolution Pictures (Skillet, Carrie Underwood). In addition to the fall tour and special edition CD, Disciple is also in a place they’ve never been before, celebrating multi-format radio success with their single “After the World.” The single spent two weeks at No. 1 on the Christian R&R/CRW CHR charts after going top five on the Rock charts. In addition to CHR and Rock support, even AC stations are coming on board, including stations in Atlanta, Columbus, Los Angeles and more. (from The M Collective)

“He Will Rejoice,” the new radio single from Glory Revealed, featuring Trevor Morgan, will be impacting AC and Inspo radio formats on July 20, 2007. With lyrics taken directly from Zephaniah 3:17, the song was written by Third Day’s Mac Powell, who also serves as producer for the multi-artist, worship project. The songs of Glory Revealed are making a significant impact nationwide, as the first single, “By His Wounds”, recently set a record on the R&R INSPO Radio Chart after maintaining the No. 1 position for eleven consecutive weeks. “He Will Rejoice” is sure to connect with audiences in the same way. Glory Revealed: The Word of God in Worship, is a result of the collaboration between evangelist David Nasser and Third Day’s Mac Powell. Wanting to provide listeners with truths taken directly from Scripture, Nasser teamed with Powell and other artists to build one of 2007’s most unique albums. Contributors to the project include Steven Curtis Chapman, Michael W. Smith, Brian Littrell, Trevor Morgan, Hyper Static Union’s Shawn Lewis, David Crowder, Shane & Shane, Candi Pearson-Shelton, Josh Bates, Starfield’s Tim Neufeld and Casting Crowns’ Mark Hall. Following the successful release of the worship album, Glory Revealed: The Word of God in Worship – David Nasser releases his book, Glory Revealed: How the Invisible God Makes Himself Known, nationally this week. Nasser’s new book, Glory Revealed, is about learning to see and hear God in our everyday lives. God is not silent; we just have to learn how to listen. He is not absent; we just have to know where to look. Glory Revealed is the third book by Nasser; his first two self-published titles, A Call to Die (2000) and A Call to Grace (2005) have sold more than 150,000 copies combined. David Nasser, a popular speaker and author, is founder of D. Nasser Outreach and speaks to more than 500,000 people annually. Glory Revealed, the book is in stores now. To download a free sample chapter, visit For additional information on Glory Revealed, please visit (from Provident Label Group)

Third Day Here's the official press release on the Brad Avery story from Saturday... "Brad Avery, of GRAMMY-winning and multi-Platinum-certified rock band Third Day, is in China this week to adopt the newest member of his family, daughter Canaan. The event marks the end of a long process for the Avery family, who have been preparing for this adoption for the past two years. After spending countless hours traveling the distance between the United States and Nanchang, China, Brad Avery, along with his wife, Mindi, and three daughters, Chloe, Charis, and Chai, officially welcomed Canaan Avery into their family on July 9. “The first 24 hours we had her were quite emotional in many different ways. However, it has been nothing short of a miracle to see her thrive and literally come to life these last 4 days,” Mindi Avery marvels. “She was handed to us with a blank look on her face, bruises on her body, a runny nose and rattling cough.... but who knew what a bunch of kisses, lots of hugs, a few toys, three hyper sisters running around and a trip to the Super Wal-Mart would do?” “I know that each day in our loving arms will be a day that God uses to heal her and let her know that she is adored and cherished by her Creator,” Brad writes in the Third Day blog. The family will be heading home to Georgia this week. In addition to the excitement of Canaan’s adoption, Brad Avery is in the midst of a busy summer with Third Day, as the band gears up for the release of its highly anticipated, Chronology Volume Two (2001-2006) on Aug. 7. Fans across the country will also have an opportunity to experience Third Day live as they are playing several dates and festivals throughout the summer and into the fall. Updated tour information is available at (from Provident Label Group)

Avalon Sparrow recording artist Avalon met FOX television network personality Sean Hannity after performing the national anthem and “For Freedom” at his 2007 Freedom Concert in Atlanta on Tuesday, July 10, 2007. The annual event, which additionally featured country artists Montgomery Gentry, Charlie Daniels Band, Lee Greenwood and comedian Larry the Cable Guy, raises money for The Freedom Alliance Scholarship Fund, helping to support students who have had a parent killed or permanently disabled in the line of duty. The vocal group's latest record, a cover album of classic CCM songs titled Another Time, Another Place: Timeless Christian Classics, releases September 18 on Sparrow Records. (from Savvy Media;

Over Ashes Christian rock band Over Ashes is excited to announce the July 17 release of its debut album Begin Again produced by Justin Glasco (Mat Kearney bassist/ Jeremy Camp pianist) and Justin York (former TAIT/Stephen Curtis Chapman guitarist). Lead vocalist and guitarist Justin David is the former singer and bassist for Cross Culture (Selectric Records) whose debut album Proof Positive sold over 20,000 copies in one year. After Cross Culture announced they were on hiatus in October 2006, David formed Over Ashes with longtime friend Denver Shindle (drums/vocals) and Gardy Garcia (bassist/vocals). The band’s name, Over Ashes, is taken from Isaiah 61:3: “To all who mourn in Israel, he will give a crown of beauty for ashes, a joyous blessing instead of mourning, festive praise instead of despair.” David says when he started Over Ashes with Shindle, he had given music back to the Lord. “All we want to do is write songs that bless the church,” he says. Shindle adds: “If you are passionate about something, it will be expressed in what you do. We always want to be consistent in expressing our passion for our Savior with our music. It should never be forced, but a natural outpouring of the heart and mind.” Over Ashes makes its beliefs honest and transparent in its music. “Where I Want To Be” is a prime example, Justin explains, “It’s a song about redemption and desperation. I think so many of us out there have come to the point in our lives where we have hit bottom and have been living a life that is so self serving. This is just a prayer and an anthem about striving to be more like God.” The title track, “Hangin’ On,” is about perseverance in the spiritual journey amidst life’s ups and downs, and one of the most musically diverse songs on the album, “All I Need,” takes a break from rock 'n roll as an adult contemporary acoustic worship song. The members of Over Ashes draw on personal experiences to set their purpose as a group. “We strive to be an example to others individually and as a band,” says David. “We are driven by our personal faith experiences, and that comes out in everything we have to offer in our music.” Over Ashes has partnered with the non-profit organization, “Music For Troops” for the release of Begin Again. For every pre-order received at, the band will send double the order to the troops, as well as a free Over Ashes t-shirt to the purchaser. (from Recah PR)

*Saturday, July 14th, 2007*

Mainstay Modern rock group Mainstay will unveil their sophomore album Become Who You Are on BEC Recordings this September 25th, with major tour plans slated as they join Jeremy Camp on a 35-city nationwide acoustic “An Intimate Evening With Jeremy Camp” this fall. Become Who You Are includes 12 songs, all of which were penned by Mainstay, and feature additional songwriting with label mate Jeremy Camp, as well as Marc Byrd ("God of Wonders"). Production credits on the album go to up-and-coming producer Luke Fredrickson. “Become Who You Are is an honest recording of everything from worship songs to love ballads to high energy rock n’ roll,” says front man Justin Anderson. “It is a dynamic record that encapsulates every emotion we’ve experienced these past two years, culminating in the bold statement that we believe in the love and faithfulness of Jesus now more than ever.” The first radio single “Believe” co-written by the band and Jeremy Camp, goes for adds at CHR radio July 20th with a second single “Where My Heart Belongs” following at the AC format in early August. Mainstay found success at radio with their 2006 debut album Well Meaning Fiction with the singles “Take Away” (Top 15 CHR) and “These Pages” (Top 20 Rock). Mainstay has seen a busy year between writing and recording this new album, while also staying busy on the tour front. They’ve played major festivals this summer including Creation East, and Spirit West Coast. The band has also toured with the likes of Sanctus Real, The Afters, John Reuben and Falling Up as well as being part of the “See Spot Rock 2006” tour featuring Pillar. Fronted by Justin Anderson, the Minneapolis-based quartet is rounded out by Ryan DeYounge on drums, Dan Ostebo on bass, and Scott Campbell on guitar. Mainstay, originally a punk band practicing out of a garage, refined their sound throughout five years time. The band went on to record an EP on their own, which eventually amassed a grassroots following and record label interest. (from LB PR)

Third Day Brad Avery, of GRAMMY-winning and multi-Platinum-certified Christian rock band Third Day, is in China this week to adopt the newest member of his family, daughter Canaan. The event marks the end of a long process for the Avery family, who have been preparing for this adoption for the past two years. “The first 24 hours we had her were quite emotional in many different ways. However, it has been nothing short of a miracle to see her thrive and literally come to life these last 4 days,” Mindi Avery writes in the Third Day blog. Chronology Volume Two (2001-2006), Third Day’s 12th album,releases Aug. 7. (from Provident Label Group)

EMI CMG Sparrow Records will release I’ll Fly Away: Country Hymns and Songs of Faith on July 17. The collection of iconic hymns features Dolly Parton, Vince Gill, Marty Stuart and Nickle Creek’s Sara Watkins, with an acoustic-tinged soundtrack from award-winning musicians. Producer Ed Cash began the process by culling through the most revered songs of the genre. Though new worship songs are continually written, the songs chosen for “I’ll Fly Away” have the same cultural relevance as they did decades, and even centuries ago. “Growing up in North Carolina, I was raised on God and country music, so when EMI approached me about a Country Hymns record – it was a no-brainer,” says Cash. “I have fallen in love with the stories behind these old hymns. It’s amazing how the heart of these songs still speak to people 100 years later.” In addition to the featured vocalists, Cash brought in Grammy-winning engineer Gary Paczosa and gathered a dream-team of musicians. Bryan Sutton, Byron House, Rob Ickes, Stuart Duncan, and Scott Vestal illuminate some tracks with bluegrass arrangements, while Marty Stuart’s Fabulous Superlatives and other musical stalwarts bring country flavors. Vince Gill and Sara Watkins (of Nickel Creek) render a haunting duet on “It Is Well,” a song written in the mid 1800s and considered to be one of the best-known hymns of the English language. The song is a moving illustration of hope -- as the author penned the lyrics after losing all of his children and his wife in two separate tragedies, but kept his faith. The ethereal-voiced Watkins returns to sing one of her personal favorites, “He Leadeth Me,” adding her own acclaimed fiddle touch and Luke Bulla on guitar. Dolly Parton, reunited with musicians from her Grammy-winning bluegrass albums, performs her self-penned “River of Happiness” with sweet brightness. Two gospel numbers made most famous by the Staple Singers are included. Marty Stuart and his Fabulous Superlatives bring a back-porch spirit to “Get Right Church and Let’s Go Home,” while producer Ed Cash contributes his vocal to “Uncloudy Day,” previously covered by many country artists, and the title track to a Staple Singers hit album. Elsewhere on the record, Cash tapped one of his favorite vocalists, Kourtney Heying for three songs. Though relatively unknown, Heying’s voice is the perfect vehicle for the revered title track, (which she cut live in one-take) as well as on the Trinitarian hymn “Holy, Holy, Holy,” and on centuries old “Crown Him With Many Crowns.” (from EMI CMG)

MxPx After headlining the Tooth & Nail Tour earlier this summer, MxPx is set to hit the road again next week for a leg of special free in-store performances and signings around the country. The trek launches July 17--the day the group release their new CD Secret Weapon on Tooth & Nail Records--with a performance at Vintage Vinyl in Fords, NJ. These dates will be followed by a week of shows on the Vans Warped Tour this summer. Ernie Ball is proud to announce that the band--who are longtime endorsees--will perform on the Ernie Ball Stage at the Vans Warped Tour in the following cities: Chicago, Minneapolis, Milwaukee, Cincinnati, Cleveland and Camden. Next up, MxPx will perform a slew of festival appearances in the U.S. and Asia throughout August and September. Expect the group to announce more fall dates soon. Fans can get a sneak preview of the melodic and powerful lead single “Secret Weapon” as well as the CD’s other 15 songs on the MxPx MySpace page, where the band has posted streaming versions of the new songs: The video for “Secret Weapon” can also be previewed here. Secret Weapon — which Guitar World called “a glorious return to form” - marks the eighth studio album for MxPx and is full of the highly-charged, infectious anthems that have made the punk/pop trio scene favorites and boasts a smattering of adventurous, classic pop-inspired winners that take group into new territory. Secret Weapon is in stores on Tuesday. (from MSO PR)

*Friday, July 13th, 2007*

Michael W. Smith Michael W. Smith sets sail on his first-ever fan cruise, on July 14. The eight day cruise will depart Seattle, Wa. this Saturday taking Smith, his family and more than 900 fans to four different Alaskan ports, and Victoria, Canada, BC, before it returns to Seattle. Special guest artists attending are Leeland, Michael Olson and comedian, Bob Nelson. The itinerary will be filled with fun including nightly concerts, and even “Smitty-oke,” where guests on the ship get to sing - accompanied by their favorite piano player, Michael W. Smith. Smith, enthusiastically notes, “This is going to be a fun week. My entire family is attending. All my kids, our parents, in-laws and grandmother! It’s going to be non-stop, but fun. I’m really looking forward to it.” A full itinerary is available on under the "Tour" tab. Smith’s next release, It’s A Wonderful Christmas, is due out on October 16. More information on this collection is forthcoming. (from Provident Label Group)

Red Dove Award-winning Red has landed in the Billboard Top 200 Album Sales Chart with its debut, End of Silence, currently No. 194, with total sales of 112,647. Additionally, End of Silence is the No. 91 album on the iTunes Top 100 Album Chart, and is among SoundScan’s “Greatest Gainers” for the week ending July 8, 2007, among artists such as The Fray and Beyonce. End of Silence released June 6, 2006. Red’s passionate, intense live show and accessibility to its fans continue to be a major factor in the band’s growth. With an achievement few artists ever attain, Red guitarist, Anthony Armstrong, shares, “I couldn’t believe it when I heard the news. We want to thank everyone for their hard work – it’s all really paying off. We’re so glad to have the opportunity to connect with our fans…that is ultimately what makes any of this possible.” “Red is an example of hard work and an amazing team effort creating an artist development success story. We’re impressed by the band’s work ethic and are proud to continue to support their music and vision,” comments Terry Hemmings, President and CEO, Provident Music Group. On Monday night, July 9, 2007, in Atlanta, Red wrapped its tour with Breaking Benjamin, bringing its intense show to the sold-out house at Tabernacle. Red will be a part of the “Revolution Calling” Tour from July 16-25 and will be playing multiple Christian festivals before going back on tour with Three Days Grace, Breaking Benjamin and Seether in October and November of this year. Visit for all upcoming tour dates. (from Provident Label Group)

Pillar Michael Wittig (aka Kalel) from the band Pillar and Joey Avalos (Pillar's 2nd guitar player, Justfide, Sky Harbor) recently started JMA Consulting. Using their years of experience in the music industry, the duo are now consulting artists in all areas of production, business, and marketing. Wittig says, "I have bands approach me after every show asking questions such as 'how do we get signed?', 'how do we get on tour?', 'how do we get our name out there?', etc. A lot of these bands are asking the wrong questions and they don't even realize it. Most bands don't have access to the top industry managers and agents - that is where we come in. I have been blessed to live my dream for the last 10 years. I want to use my experience to help other musicians follow their dreams." JMA consulting involves assessing an artist's musical and business makeup, recognizing weakness, and then using their knowledge and contacts to help the artist reach their personal goals. It's time to take your career seriously! JMA Consulting works with artists one-on-one in all areas of production, music business, and creative marketing. The team can accommodate artists from all stages in their careers, from artists just starting out to signed/touring artists. Michael "Kalel" Wittig currently plays bass for the rock band Pillar and has been in the business over 12 years. Pillar has sold over 700,000 records, headlined numerous national tours, performed internationally, won 3 Dove Awards, garnered 6 R&R #1 hits, charted on Active Rock radio, and has had coverage on MTV, Fuse, and in many national magazines. Pillar started in Hays, KS (Midwestern Kansas) and through hard work and determination was full-time before being signed. January 2008 will mark Pillar's 10 year anniversary. Wittig has learned through experience what it takes to stand the test of time. With his advice, you will be well ahead of the game and on your way to a successful career. Now all you'll have to worry about is the music. That's where JMA Production comes into play. Call 480-540-4747 for more information and to set an appointment. Also visit us on or (from Michael Wittig;

Michael Sweet On August 19, 2007, Come Together, an event to celebrate the life of Brad Delp will be held at The Bank of America Pavilion in Boston, MA. Michael Sweet, lead singer of the multi-platinum band Stryper, has been chosen as one of the few musicians who will perform with Boston that night. Brad Delp was the voice of Boston since 1969 and died in his home on March 9, 2007. "Brad Delp will always be revered as one of the greatest vocalists in rock-n-roll history. I am humbled to share the stage with Tom Shultz and the members of Boston in a tribute to such an incredible singer," says Michael Sweet, who recently released a new solo project titled Him. The line up for Come Together, according to promoter Live Nation, is: Boston, RTZ, Orion The Hunter, Godsmack, Beatlejuice, Farrenheit, Ernie & The Automatics with special guests Michael Sweet, Mickey Thomas, Sammy Hagar and more! It has been confirmed that Sweet will perform at least 2 to 3 songs with Boston as a lead vocalist that night. No other details are available at this time, but as additional information is confirmed it will be made available at Tickets can be purchased through The direct link. (from Nashville Publicity)

Audio A Audio Adrenaline has begun selling a custom commerative plaque for a limited time that you can have personally engraved. The special plaque costs $325 with $100 of the proceeds going towards The Hands and Feet Project that supports orphans in Haiti. To order, click here for the PDF order form! Also, be sure to check out the band's final project, a CD/DVD combo of their final performance from this past April in Hawaii. Live From Hawaii: The Farewell Concert drops August 28th. (from Audio Adrenaline;

*Thursday, July 12th, 2007*

MxPx MxPx is streaming their new album Secret Weapon in its entirety on their MySpace page before you can buy it next Tuesday! Secret Weapon is the band’s eighth studio effort and finds them returning to the legendary Tooth & Nail Records for the first time in eleven years. The album hits stores on July 17. Also, the world premiere of MxPx's brand new video for "Secret Weapon" is also taking place now on their MySpace page! (from Fanscape; Tooth & Nail)

New Tooth & Nail Records act Ruth will be the opening band for this year's Switchfoot/Relient K co-headline tour. The tour will begin on Oct. 16 and run till Nov. 18. It will pick up again on Nov. 27 and run until Dec. 2. More details to come... (from Nightvision Management;

Mark Schultz Platinum selling, award-winning Word Records recording artist, Mark Schultz, completed the 3,500 mile “Across America” benefit bicycle ride for which he set out on May 7 with his back tire sitting in the cool waves of the Pacific Ocean at Newport Beach, CA. With his front tire in the Atlantic Ocean at Wallis Sands State Beach in Portsmouth (Rye), NH on Friday, July 6, Schultz can look back on a successful journey that brought in more than $250,000 to benefit orphans and widows through the Family Christian Stores James Fund. The ride also generated a documentary and new music to be featured in the Broken & Beautiful Expanded Edition CD/DVD releasing Sept. 25. After traveling 84 miles his first day, Schultz’s longest ride came near the end of the adventure, riding 200 miles between Canandaigua and Rotterdam, NY June 30, and ultimately completing the journey six days early. “Wow! I didn’t know I could do this,” exclaims Schultz after reaching the Atlantic and realizing a goal accomplished. “To ride across the country on a bike is something, but the real accomplishment here is what happens to lives as children and widows receive the benefit of the monies raised. I can’t thank enough the people that have supported me throughout this journey, from my crew on the road, to the people at the James Fund, the sponsors, all the encouraging souls I have met along the way and especially my wife and the orphans who gave me the courage to do this. I could not have done this without them.” Donations to help orphans and widows are still being taken. See for more information on how to participate. In addition to riding his bike, Schultz also stopped along the way to perform concerts featuring music from his acclaimed, best-selling album, Broken & Beautiful (Word Records). At one of these concerts held June 26 in Hudson, OH, Schultz recorded a live version of his No 1 hit single, “I Am,” and the song, “Walking Her Home,” which has an alternate ending. These new recordings will be included in the Broken & Beautiful Expanded Edition CD/DVD to be available September 25 at retailers everywhere. The recording will also feature the song “Come Thou Fount Of Every Blessing” from the WOW Hymns 2007 release. The new expanded edition will further feature a “Mark Schultz Across America” documentary of this never-before-done artist bike trek, as well as Schultz’s “Everything To Me” concept video, behind-the-scenes footage, clips of Mark talking about his songs and the song-writing process, bloopers and more. Among the many highlights of the Across America bike tour, many to be featured in the documentary, Schultz was able to make a special guest appearance June 8 at the Klicks for Kids photo exhibit. The exhibit featured the artwork of 67 Kansas children currently waiting to be adopted and was hosted by the agency from where Mark was adopted as a child, The Kansas Children’s Service League. As a Kansas native, Mark was also encouraged by the spirit of fellow Kansans as they worked to clean up from the wake of an F5 Tornado that became one of the worst natural disasters to strike Kansas. On May 31, he toured through Greensburg, KS, where much of the devastation had occurred, and decided to donate 100% of the proceeds from his concert in Dodge City, KS that evening to relief efforts in the \Greensburg area. While the proceeds of that concert went to the local community, the people at Schultz’s concert June 29 at the Wesleyan Church of Hamburg, NY raised over $20,000 for orphans and widows. Later that week (July 1), Schultz had the opportunity to ride with three former orphans from Poland and their adoptive mom while traveling from Rotterdam to Troy, NY. Inspired by the cause of Mark’s ride, the family also raised money per mile for the James Fund as they rode with Schultz. On June 10, Mark was featured live on CNN Sunday Morning, which was one of the many opportunities he had to talk with both local and national media about the purpose, hopes and goals behind his cross-country journey. For a behind the scenes look at the CNN interview, as well as an up close and personal look at the Across America journey, go to, where Schultz posted daily video updates. Schultz also completed daily 60-second updates from the road through Westar Media Group that were heard by listeners of over 100 stations across the country. Schultz was also encouraged by numerous supporters and well-wishers as he biked. Tracking his progress on the map online at, fans along the route would hold up encouraging signs, offer him food and water, ask for autographs and even join him for a few miles on their own bikes. In addition to the over $250,000 raised through the bicycle trip across America, Schultz and the Family Christian Stores James Fund are partnering together to raise more support for widows and orphans through an online auction. Items currently up for bid include a Tim McGraw guitar, Brett Farve jersey, Kenny Chesney autographed photo and more items from various celebrities. The proceeds from the auction will go directly to support hands on work with orphans in the US and abroad, adoption assistance for families bringing orphans home to a forever family, and for quality of life improvement for widows who are in distress. To make a bid on an item visit (from Hoganson Media)

RSJ EMI'S Rebecca St. James is "sailing" through this week –literally - on an Alaskan Cruise performance for Focus On The Family. As Rebecca's spotting whales among the sparkling Alaskan waters, television viewers will this week have the opportunity of spotting Rebecca as a major centerpiece of The Gospel Music Channel’s “Celebrate Freedom Special” –taped at KLTY Radio’s massive annual two day outdoor concert event which draws thousands to the Southfork Ranch staging site near Dallas. The special will air tomorrow night—Thursday July 12th—8:00 P.M. Eastern with an 11:00 P.M. (EDT) encore. Check your local listings and The Gospel Music Channel at Other artists with Rebecca on the telecast include Casting Crowns, tobyMac, Nichole Nordeman, Aaron Shust, Natalie Grant, Thousand Foot Krutch, and Superchic(k). Once back on dry land, Rebecca will zoom to Dallas early next week to share her morning Starbuck’s on air with Jon & Sherry Rivers for their Tuesday (17th) broadcast of K-LOVE Radio’s nationally heard “K-LOVE Morning Show,” airing 5:00 A.M.-10:00 A.M. and streaming live worldwide on internet. With her sharing air time with the Rivers will be friend and fellow artist Todd Agnew to talk about their current creative duet partnership on, “Our Great God,”—connecting nationally both as a radio single and as a feature track on his new album from Ardent/INO. Last week both artists teamed on air to host two hours of Salem Radio Network’s “Family Friendly Doug & Kim In The Morning” –pitch hitting from the air team's homebase at 94FM The Fish studios in Nashville to the delight of listeners as fun and friendly guest co-hosts with anchor air personality Kim Bindel. Noted Rebecca in talking about "Our Great God" on air to Salem listeners: “I think I can speak for both Todd and myself in saying we have a goal of reaching people with God’s hope both in our individual ministries and in this duet. Both of our hearts are for people to really encounter God through this song and really understand who and how great He is. If we could one day see people singing this song in churches all over the world it would be awesome! Even now hearing it on radio—and knowing it may be drawing people into an encounter with God—into real worship –or just to stop and think about Him in their busy day--that’s our hope.” Upcoming on RSJ's immediate media agenda are major television opportunities with both GOD-TV, and Inspirational Network, as well as an hour long concert special with Rebecca St. James as the artistic focus of the Gospel Music Channel’s “Front Row Live.” In August Rebecca departs for a major concert series in Europe. (from Morning Star PR)

Chris Taylor BEC Recordings welcomes their newest artist Chris Taylor to the label! To familiarize yourself with Taylor's music, head over to his myspace page, take a listen, and leave a comment to tell him what you think! Also make sure you subscribe to Chris' myspace blog to find out everything that is going on with the recording process and where you might be able to catch Chris playing. In other BEC signing news, keep an eye out for another exciting signing of one of your favorite folk/pop artists! We at JFH can't quite say who yet, but for a hint, visit our Release Dates page and check out the Fall releases! (from BEC Recordings;

Big Idea Officials from Atlanta-based Herschend Family Entertainment (HFE) and Nashville-based Big Idea, Inc. announced a new five-year agreement between the two companies that provides for future development of additional entertainment featuring the popular VeggieTales characters at all HFE properties. “The family-oriented values and virtues shared by both HFE and Big Idea make it possible for us to combine our creative efforts to produce even more wholesome entertainment with a positive message for our guests at each of our parks,” said Joel Manby, HFE Chief Executive Officer. “The HFE properties are the ideal place for our VeggieTales family to further our company’s commitment to enhancing the spiritual and moral fabric of our society through creative media,” said Terry Pefanis, Big Idea, Inc. Chief Operating Officer. “We look forward to spreading our message of ‘Sunday morning values, Saturday morning fun’ with the millions of folks who visit their various parks.” The VeggieTales brand has an established presence at three HFE properties. At the Pigeon Forge-based Dollywood family adventure park, VeggieTales LIVE is one of the featured shows during the park’s summer-long KidsFest celebration. In addition, the park’s 2005 Country Fair expansion included the addition of the VeggieTales Sideshow Spin kids’ coaster. VeggieTales characters Bob the Tomato and Larry the Cucumber will make a series of special appearances at Stone Mountain Park in Atlanta and Celebration City in Branson, Mo. (from Hoganson Media)

GMA An important service that the GMA provides to the gospel/Christian music industry is representation in Washington D.C. on legislative matters. Many of these issues potentially have tremendous impact on the music community and the GMA supports initiatives that benefit its entire membership. To that end, the GMA Board of Directors recently authorized the establishment of the Government Relations Committee, which had its first meeting on June 25. The purpose of this new "standing" committee is to help formulate GMA's position on various issues and to advise the President/CEO when the GMA is asked to lobby members of Congress or to endorse legislative or regulatory initiatives. The members of the committee were chosen because they represent various constituencies among the music community and GMA membership, providing diverse viewpoints and perspective. Some of the legislative issues discussed at the inaugural meeting were the "Fair Use" bill, the “PERFORM” Act, Section 115 reform, anti-piracy enforcement, terrestrial radio performance right, and Webcasting royalty rates. Members of the committee who were present at the meeting were: Jon Hull, Vice President of Operations, KSBJ; Eddie DeGarmo, President, EMI CMG Publishing, John W. Styll, GMA President/CEO; Dale Mathews, President, Brentwood-Benson Music Publishing. (Back row, L-R): John Mullins, Director, Writer/Publisher Relations, SESAC; Dan Keen, VP, Membership Nashville, ASCAP; Mark Stuart, A&R, Flicker Records; Jody Williams, VP, Writer/Publisher Relations Nashville, BMI. (from GMA)

*Tuesday, July 10th, 2007*

Anberlin Anberlin’s third album Cities has now surpassed sales of 100,000 after debuting in early March on the Billboard Top 200 chart at #19, marking the second highest debut for a Tooth & Nail artist. Anberlin’s first single “Godspeed”--which the New York Times hailed as “a blast, zippy and melodramatic in equal measure”--has spawned a video that was lensed by Chris Sims (Bleeding Through, As I Lay Dying) and heads for TV adds this week. Check out the video for “Godspeed” here. After wrapping a successful sold-out headlining tour with Bayside and Meg and Dia supporting, Anberlin are currently a headlining act (rotating on the main stage and Smartpunk stages) on the Vans Warped Tour--their first-ever run on the festival juggernaut--this summer through the end of July. Following their Vans Warped Tour run, the group will perform a handful of festival shows culminating with an appearance at the Bumbershoot Festival in Seattle on September 2. (from MSO PR)

LA Symphony Celebrated hip-hop group LA Symphony, in partnership with long-time friends Syntax Records (Koch Entertainment), are unleashing a must-have album of unreleased and exclusive songs, demos and rarities, from the last decade of the band’s thriving career. The 22-track release, entitled Unleashed (in stores August 14), includes tracks from all eight original emcees: Pigeon John, Joey the Jerk, J Beits, Sharlok Poems, BTwice, Flynn Adam, CookBook, and UNO Mas. It features guest appearances by Posdnus from De La Soul and AWOL One, and production by Madlib, Flynn Adam, Cookbook, Will.I.Am of Black Eyed Peas, and Pigeon John, as well as shout outs from the legendary Method Man and Chaka Kahn. The group has done over 100 shows a year since its inception in 1997, and has been a mainstay on college radio, MTV2, and TVU. Its music has been featured in the 2006 movie, The Second Chance (directed by Steve Taylor), on MTV’s Cribs and Pimp My Ride, and on the Tony Hawk Playstation and NBA Live Xbox games. (from Recah PR)

High Flight Society High Flight Society, in cooperation with Rocketown Records' RKT Music, is offering free admission to one High Flight Society tour date over the next year with the July 07 proof of purchase of their self titled album through Apple's iTunes music store. By accessing a direct link on the band's myspace page ( or website (, fans are connected directly to iTunes to purchase the album. After the transaction, fans simply print the receipt and bring it to any High Flight Society tour stop before June 30, 2008 (one year) for free admission. "The music consumer experience is changing and we have to offer listeners every opportunity to try new music at the most effective price point and value" says Don Donahue, president of RKT Music. "As with many bands, High Flight Society must be experienced live to complete the picture. In this case, the band is offering the album and concert for one low price - and when songs become familiar through listening to the album the concert is much stronger and builds longer term fan loyalty. We see this as a win/win for the music fan, and that's who this campaign is designed for." “Our goal is, and always has been, to please the fans of High Flight Society”, explains Steve Blair, High Flight Society manager. “The band is looking for innovative ways to connect with its audience and build on it, and we’re excited about this new opportunity in partnership with their label.” Both High Flight Society and RKT Music believe in providing the fans with the utmost value for their entertainment dollar. By combining the music purchase with the concert experience, High Flight Society is committed to giving fans every reason to try new music, and are confident they will love their powerful debut album. For more information and updated tour dates, visit and (from Rocketown Records)

Michael W. Smith Known and respected as afamily man, Michael W. Smith recently gave his oldest daughter Whitney away in marriage to Jack Mooring. The couple met when Smith and Leeland Mooring, Jack’s younger brother, began writing for Smith’s Stand record. The wedding took place at Michael's farm in Franklin, Tenn., and was a touching, joyful family event. Smith’s song, “How To Say Goodbye,” has been used at many weddings this year. The song was inspired by Whitney and written with long-time friend Amy Grant. “It captured my feelings of letting my little girl go off to college for the first time. It was the first time we’d been apart for an extended period of time and, because our family is very close, having her all the way across the country was pretty tough to get used to,” shares Smith. For a link to the music video to “How To Say Goodbye,” please visit the JFH Music Videos page. For a photo of Michael and Whitney on her wedding day, click here! (from Provident Label Group)

Waking Ashland has announced that they are calling it quits. Vocalist Jonathan Jones writes, "I'll get straight to the point, we have decided to not continue on with Waking Ashland. We've been touring for 3 years nonstop and, to state the obvious, that's a long time. Over the course of the band, some irreconcilable differences developed. By the end, I had gotten to a point with Waking Ashland where going forward just did not make sense any more. With that said, we'd like to thank everyone that has ever supported this band in any way. All of you that have come to our shows, or let us sleep on your floors, or bought our CD's, bought our shirts or supported us in anyway; Thank You! Without you we would have been nothing. We hope we were able to make music that some of you guys could enjoy and we hope you will continue to enjoy. You can still get our albums in stores or from Tooth and Nail and Immortal Records." While Waking Ashland has come to an end, the members of the band have not stopped making music. "We will all be pursuing different things and we will all continue to make music for you to hear," continues Jones. "I'm currently in the studio in Los Angeles working on a solo EP with Michael Rosas (Smile, Satisfaction, Sherwood). I'm excited to get some of these solo songs done to share with you guys. I'll be posting the EP on iTunes and on Snocap on Myspace. Immediately after that, I'll be doing a solo tour on the West coast; An Angle and It's Like Love will be supporting on some of the dates. Following that, I will unveil "The Honor Roll". I'm really excited about this project. We already have a bunch of songs in the works and can't wait for you guys to listen. Dan, Joe, and I plan are going into the studio on August 22nd to record the album. We're also working on a US tour for around October; Japan, I'll see you in November. Look for some demos on the MySpace periodically." For more on Waking Ashland's past, present, and spin-off projects, visit (from Waking Ashland;

Israel and New Breed Grammy, Dove and Stellar Award-winning Israel & New Breed will release their sixth Integrity Music release, A Deeper Level, on September 4, 2007. And, with artists like Jonny Lang, T-Bone, Darlene Zschech and Chris Tomlin lining up to be make special guest appearances on A Deeper Level, it looks like Israel & New Breed is set to deliver another ambitious, eclectic tour de force of an album. A Deeper Level was recorded during three nights of worship at the annual A Deeper Level Conference at Grace Church in Humble, Texas, and was produced by the award-winning team of Israel Houghton and Aaron Lindsey. The CD is packed with energetic praise and worship songs but also shows a contemplative and prayerful side to Israel & New Breed reflecting the group’s desire that A Deeper Level moves listeners to deeper worship that leads to acts of compassion and justice. “Israel & New Breed has been fortunate to be blessed with many amazing opportunities in the past couple of years, traveling the world and meeting people of all different cultures and circumstances. Those experiences have changed us. They have given us, not only new perspectives on our own faith, but a desire for boldness in our music and perhaps a bigger platform to challenge people of God to put their faith into action. I hope that A Deeper Level projects this vision,” said Houghton. “Israel and New Breed have consistently pushed the envelope spiritually and musically. It's so refreshing to see an artist of Israel's caliber being willing to risk it all and press into a deeper level of worship. This is not just a collection of great songs, created to tickle the listener's ears. This project was birthed out of Israel's personal quest over the past year to experience a fresh, new move of God in his life. The music reflects this journey and I believe it is his best project yet,” said Don Moen, president of Integrity Music Group. A special part of A Deeper Level is the A-list Christian and gospel artists who make guest appearances on the CD. The 2006-7 Dove Award Artist of the Year Chris Tomlin co-wrote and provides a vocal on “I Know Who I Am.” Grammy Award-winning Jonny Lang displays his world-renown guitar skills and smooth vocals on the acoustic “You Are Not Forgotten” while West Coast rap veteran T-Bone guests on “With Long Life.” International Worship Leader Darlene Zschech provides a emotional introduction for “Deeper” and also sings on that song. With two singles being delivered to radio in July, the opportunity to hear music from A Deeper Level won’t have to wait until the September 4th CD release date. “If Not For Your Grace” impacts gospel radio while “I Will Search” will be serviced to CHR and Inspirational radio formats. In addition to radio, Integrity plans far-reaching marketing support for A Deeper Level, making sure that visibility remains high for Israel & New Breed for the next several months on television, radio, online and in print. Israel & New Breed will also tour the new record extensively with a 30-plus city fall “A Deeper Level Tour,” scheduled to kick off on the CD street-date. Before that, the group will be a part of the annual Hillsong Conference in Sydney, Australia in July and will visit Africa in June. Of course, Israel Houghton will continue serving his role as worship leader for Lakewood Church in Houston, under the pastoral leadership of Joel Osteen. (from Spinhouse PR)

Casting Crowns Christian music’s top-selling act Casting Crowns breaks another record this week with 78 out-of-the-box radio adds of its new single “East To West” off the forthcoming album The Altar and The Door releasing Aug. 28. The multi-Platinum, GRAMMY-winning band surpassed the previous record of 64 first-week adds across the Christian AC, CHR and INSP formats. In “East To West” lead singer and songwriter Mark Hall tackles the topic of forgiveness. “We have a hard time with the concept of forgiveness,” he says. “We cut ourselves and it heals, but the scar remains. Sometimes we think God treats sin like we would if we were God, and that he handles forgiveness like we would. We know he forgives, but we can’t accept that God chooses to forget and relinquishes his right to avenge.” “Casting Crowns has done it again,” says Joe Buchanan, Network Music Director for New Life Media in Morris, Ill. “Wrapping a powerful message of truth within a song easy to fall in love with! Addressing an area of struggle for so many, ‘East to West’ is sure to impact lives from the very first listen.” Johnny Stone, program director at WAWZ in Zarephath, NJ agrees, “Casting Crowns keeps it real and wins big with another smash hit in ‘East To West.’” Casting Crowns is also currently the No.1 Christian artist on MySpace with the single “East to West” accumulating over 27,000 plays on the page in just over three days. As the single continues to gain momentum, this is only the beginning for the busy road ahead for Casting Crowns, which includes extensive media coverage and a major fall tour. This month’s HomeLife magazine features lead singer Mark Hall and his wife Melanie on the cover, sharing their experience with Casting Crowns as well as Hall’s position as student pastor at Eagle’s Landing First Baptist Church in Atlanta. Fans across the country will have the opportunity to see the band live on its headlining “The Altar and The Door” Fall Tour presented by Aquasis with special guest Leeland, and introducing John Waller. (from Provident Label Group)

Brandon Heath Acclaimed singer-songwriter Brandon Heath hits another milestone in an exploding career as his second single, “I’m Not Who I Was,” is the No. 1 song in the country last week on R&R’s AC Monitored chart. Off Heath’s debut album Don’t Get Comfortable (Sept. 2006), the hit song marks the first time in four years that a new artist at Provident Label Group has topped the AC chart. The phenomenal success of “I’m Not Who I Was” is due in large part to the uniquely personal way the song connects with audiences. Radio stations across the country are recognizing the special quality inherent in the single, hosting call-in shows allowing listeners inspired by the lyrics to voice their own stories. Travis Culver, music director for KTSY in Boise, ID, shares, “Since we started playing Brandon’s song ‘I’m Not Who I Was,’ we have received several calls from listeners telling us how this is the soundtrack of their life, and how Jesus has completely transformed them from who they were.” Aside from radio, the hit song continues to make an impact online, where Heath’s MySpace page has registered more than 200,000 plays of “I’m Not Who I Was.” The track was recently featured on both Rush of Fools and Aaron Shust’s MySpace pages, and generated significant traffic with almost 5,000 one-week plays on Rush of Fools’ page, with another 2,000 plays on Shust’s page. “Brandon Heath’s album has got to be one of my all time favorites!” says Shust. “I can listen to any track at any time, anywhere and it always feels perfect. I had the privilege to play with him on Bebo Norman’s Dreaming True tour and Brandon is the genuine article: a great musician with a great heart.” (from Provident Label Group)

Fervent Record’s dynamic tween pop group, pureNRG, will release their self-titled DVD on July 24. The DVD is jam-packed with 30 minutes of videos and personal coverage, including personal testimonies, of each group member, Jordan (14), Caroline (12), and Carolyne (11). pureNRG’s strong vocals, jaw-dropping gymnastics and professional dancing are showcased on two music videos, “Footloose” and “What If,” which are also songs featured on their self-titled, May 1 CD debut. A Nashville dance studio segment further documents pureNRG’s choreography rehearsal for “What If” followed by video during a dance break. Fans will additionally get a more personal look as the camera follows them home to see how each member spends their free time. “Most kids our age don’t get to do what we do,” says Jordan. “We feel really blessed and are thrilled with the response our music is getting. But more importantly, we want to be good role models for the youth of this country and if we can make a difference in someone’s life, then we are grateful that our music ministry is having an impact.” Since the release of pureNRG’s acclaimed debut CD, the project is rapidly climbing on SoundScan charts and this week is positioned in the Top 10 at CBA retail and Top 40 for combined CBA and general market sales. pureNRG is also winning fans at radio, as the group’s song “Footloose” is currently gaining spins on Radio Disney, which spotlights the most up and coming tween artists. The group also recently performed at a Summer “Brown Bag” event sponsored by Tulsa’s Christian radio station, KXOJ. The new-artist concert drew the second largest crowd in KXOJ’s history of Brown Bag events, according to the station. (from Bozeman Media)

*Tuesday, July 3rd, 2007*

Third Day Fans of multi-platinum, GRAMMY and Dove Award-winning rock band Third Day in the United Kingdom got to see the veteran group up close and personal in early May, and at the same time help ministries and social causes in other parts of the world. From the famed Royal Albert Hall in London to a nightclub in Wales, from a huge church in Ireland to a legendary rock club in Scotland, Third Day brought not only new music from its latest studio album Wherever You Are, but also classic hits from its decade-long career to thousands of excited fans in the UK. Drawing over 3,000 attendees, the show in London truly resonated with the audience, prompting one parent to comment, “We had a fantastic time as a family at [the concert] on Monday... Third Day especially was awesome. Thanks for getting them to play – a rare treat! It was fabulous to see my kids really into it.” At the same time, the crowds at three of the tour’s stops - Cardiff, Belfast and Glasgow - dug deep into their pockets to help two charities dear to both the band and the short tour’s promoters: Ignite India Churches, which helps a ministry in India called Gateway with church building construction in rural villages; and Friendly Faces Foundation, which aids in getting child slaves forced to work in the fishing industry in Ghana released. “Of all the tours when I travel with Third Day, concerts in my home country are some of the most special,” said Nigel James, Third Day’s longtime road pastor. “In each place the crowd really got behind our desire to help projects in Ghana and India. We’ve already got a school compound in India called ‘Come Together’ and now we might well build a ‘Third Day’ sponsored church in a small village! “We raised over £9,500 (about $18,000) to be split evenly between the two,” James continued. “In Glasgow, even the bar staff at the venue threw their tips into the offering buckets!” Trevor King of TKE concert promotions added: “It was fantastic to have Third Day back in the UK, and especially to give some profile to the work we are supporting in Ghana rescuing child slaves. Gary Smith from Ignite, and I, look forward to promoting bigger and better concerts with Third Day in the coming years.” Over the past decade, Third Day has amassed 24 No.1 radio singles and sold almost six million albums, with RIAA certifications including one Platinum record, one Platinum DVD, and six Gold records. The band has garnered 24 career Dove Awards, three GRAMMY Awards (from seven previous nominations), two consecutive American Music Award nods, multiple ASCAP honors, and has developed an historic partnership with Chevrolet. Third Day has maintained a touring record second-to-none by playing for audiences reaching into the millions. In addition to these many accolades, the band is most proud of its humanitarian efforts that include raising nearly $200,000 for the victims of hurricanes Katrina and Rita and encouraging over 15,000 fans to sponsor children across the globe through the work of World Vision. While readying for the release of it’s highly anticipated Chronology Volume Two (2001-2006) on Aug. 7, Third Day will continue its ambitious road schedule that includes spot dates and festivals throughout the summer and fall. For updated tour markets and venues, please visit, (from Provident Label Group)

Newsboys Inpop recording artist newsboys tops the Radio & Records Christian CHR chart this week with “Something Beautiful” from its fall 2007 studio release, GO. The single’s success marks newsboys’ 23rd career No. 1. “Something Beautiful” is newsboys’ third hit song from its current album GO, which has maintained its position as one of the country’s biggest-selling albums in 2007. “GO is an album full of hits that has been connecting with consumers at both radio and in the live arena. This latest No.1 song from newsboys again signifies that newsboys are as relevant now as they were when they had their first No. 1 hit 17 years ago,” says Inpop President Dale Bray. “In every way, 2007 has been our best year,” comments newsboys frontman Peter Furler. “And it just keeps getting better. We are very thankful!” “I first met Peter Furler at AtlantaFest in 1989 and have watched newsboys’ career grow over time,” says Chris Hauser of Hauser Promotions. “The one thing that has blown me away about their latest project is how passionate radio programmers are about GO. I can’t think of another record I’ve worked in the last five years that has had this level of interest. I’m thrilled to be a small part of this latest success for them.” With five gold albums, sales exceeding six million units, more than 20 No.1 radio hits, and a mantle of Dove Awards as well as Grammy nominations, newsboys has achieved phenomenal success in its near two decades together. Known for its amazing live performances and groundbreaking tours, the band continues to sellout festivals and concerts worldwide, satisfying diehard fans and winning new ones in the process. Most recently, newsboys released its fourteenth record, GO, to critical and commercial success. Produced by Peter Furler and Tedd T, the project debuted at No. 51 on the Billboard Top 200 chart. For more information and upcoming tour dates, visit (from Savvy Media)

Chris Tomlin Passion Conferences and sixstepsrecords will present a limited-run, 12-city extension of the How Great Is Our God Tour this fall with award-winning worship songwriter Chris Tomlin and noted author/speaker Louie Giglio. Pre-sale front section tickets are now available exclusively via The original 32-city tour held in January through March of this year included numerous sellouts and great reviews and fueled a public desire for more events. The fall leg of the How Great Is Our God Tour opens October 6 in Nashville, Tennessee, and is currently scheduled to conclude November 15. Last December, Tomlin said, “‘How Great Is Our God’ is not just a title of a song, or a name for a tour. Instead the simple phrase ‘sing with me and all will see’ is the heartbeat of the tour—every night, a room filled with people seeing and singing of the greatness of God.” In March, PARADE called Chris Tomlin the most popular artist in religious music because “he wrote or co-wrote three of the 10 most popular songs sung in churches each week, including ‘How Great Is Our God’—which puts his reach beyond that of most rock stars.” In April, Tomlin won the Gospel Music Association’s Artist and Male Vocalist of the Year awards for the second consecutive year in addition to three other honors. However, his songs such as “Made to Worship” and “Famous One” make it clear that Tomlin’s songs put the spotlight and glory upon God. Louie Giglio, whose spoken words will complement Tomlin’s music each night on the How Great Is Our God Tour, is the founder of the Passion worship movement. Learn more at (from Sparrow Records)

toby tobyMac’s video for “Boomin’” from his new hit album Portable Sounds premieres TODAY, July 3rd at Yahoo Music. While Portable Sounds, also featuring new favorites “Made to Love,” “I’m For You,” and “Lose My Soul” (with Mandisa and Kirk Franklin) remains a Top 5 hit, tobyMac is storming the charts from another angle as well with the June 26 release of dc Talk’s Greatest Hits. (from Sparrow Records)

BarlowGirl BarlowGirl's hit song "I Need You To Love Me" was recently certified for 50,000 spins according to the Broadcast Data System (May 2007 certifications). The popular track from BarlowGirl's sophomore album Another Journal Entry, was certified alongside many other songs on mainstream radio including the Dixie Chicks, Josh Turner, Maroon 5, Daughtry, Brad Paisley and many more. Congratulations BarlowGirl! (from Word Records)

Michael W. Smith Michael W. Smith is in the studio wrapping up his 20th album, a collection of original Christmas songs, set to drop in October. He recorded the album in London's famed Abbey Road Studios in May with a 67 piece symphony. Arranged by David Hamilton, Michael composed music he calls, "epic, symphonic and cinematic." He originally intended to record a classic Christmas album, with holiday standards, but when he got into studio, he was struck with a rush of inspiration, and wrote several pieces of original music - even more than could fit in this collection. The album will feature 3 choirs - one being The Choristers of Reigate St Mary's, directed by John Tobin, a London based boy’s choir featuring 16 members in ages ranging from 8-12 years. More details are forthcoming. (from Provident Label Group)

Emery Emery, Ruth, and Surrogate hit the road for an 18-city nationwide tour run, which began in South Bend, IN this past Sunday, July 1st. “Getting to do an acoustic tour is such a cool opportunity,” says Emery lead singer Toby Morrell. “It allows our fans to see us in an entirely different way than our normal crazy show. We have done a few acoustic shows and it becomes a really intimate event where the crowd becomes a part of the show by asking questions and singing along with us. It's really neat to hear from our fans and also to be able to see who they are.” Ruth frontman Dustin Ruth adds, “We're so excited to get to know the Emery guys after hearing from so many of our close friends that their ‘southern hospitality’ really comes through…especially in the sweet tea category. We are also looking forward to the re-arranged versions of our songs in the set.” Emery just completed recording their third album with producer Ryan Boesch (Foo Fighters, Cure, Norma Jean), which is due out this fall. Playing acoustic is not common territory for a band with such ferocity as Emery, but the great song writing and musicianship shines through without distorted guitars and pounding drums. Dustin Ruth, one part singer, one part songwriter, showcases a post-90’s radio/pop rock sound with the just released debut Secondhand Dreaming (June 26th). The album hails the famed producer/mixer team of Aaron Sprinkle and Jr McNeely (Jeremy Camp, Falling up, Anberllin, The Send, The Almost) at the helm. Recently off a tour with label mates Falling Up, Ruth will play over 200 shows in 2007. The band has already played dates this year with Fireflight, Seventh Day Slumber, Leeland, Run Kid Run, Lost Ocean, and The Send. Surrogate, a new edition to the Tooth & Nail roster, will be making their first public appearance on this tour. Touting influences from Red House Painters, to Genesis, to Pinback, the band’s self-produced CD comes out on 08/28. (from LB PR)

Brandon Heath Singer-songwriter Brandon Heath recently finished up a month-long stay at YoungLife’s Lost Canyon camp in Arizona. Despite a busy summer on the road and heat at radio with two top five singles including the current No. 3 song “I’m Not Who I Was,” Heath dedicated June to serving more than 1,200 teenagers, performing and leading worship. The role allowed Heath to act as “big brother,” spending his days mentoring students and building a community with teens in the faith-based atmosphere that YoungLife camps emphasize. Heath regularly devotes time to YoungLife because of the role the camp played in his own life. “YoungLife builds resort-style properties to bring in kids who may or probably don't believe in God. So it's a different approach, and it's what brought me to Jesus almost 15 years ago. I've been volunteering at camps for almost that long myself. I'm not sure that I'll ever stop honestly. This place keeps me sane, and these kids keep me young,” comments Heath in his latest newsletter to his fans. An added experience for Heath was his younger brother Alex also attending the camp. “This trip is really the first time that we have ever gone and done something as brothers. I wonder what's taken me so long to do this? I get so busy with life and my career that I spend less and less time with my family and friends back home. Alex has already said, ‘This is the best week of my whole life.’ Which is exactly what Young Life promises about a week at camp,” Heath shares. During Heath’s time in Arizona, his latest single “I’m Not Who I Was” continues to gain at radio. Heath’s second single off his debut album, Don’t Get Comfortable, currently holds the No. 3 position on the R&R Christian AC Monitored. The song, one of Heath’s most personal, has made a significant impact on listeners across the country, with radio stations hosting call-in shows based on the theme of “I’m Not Who I Was.” Brandon Heath has been a respected writer in the Nashville music community for years, collaborating with well-known artists like Bebo Norman, Matt Wertz and Dave Barnes, to name a few. The Nashville native first began writing at age 13 and credits the town’s legendary hotspot for songwriters, the Bluebird Café, as the place he first experienced music that moved him. Heath’s debut album Don’t Get Comfortable has already yielded two top five radio hits along with a Dove nomination for worship song of the year. (from Provident Label Group)

Christafari In support of their latest album, To the Foundation, Gospel Reggae pioneers Christafari have announced a world tour that will take the groundbreaking group to nearly a dozen countries this summer, including stops at major European festivals such as Greenbelt, Creation Fest UK, Frizon Festival and Flevo Festival. Through the years, Christafari has been crafting one of the most impressive catalogues in Christian music, with 10 full-length releases and cumulative album sales of nearly 500,000 units to date. The award-winning group's previous three studio albums have all reached the Top 10 on Billboard's Top Reggae Albums Chart. The group has performed in 35 countries and toured with such artists as Wayne Wonder, dcTalk and World Heavyweight Boxing Champion Evander Holyfield. Christafari has been featured on the Reggae Sunsplash Tour and the Bob Marley Day Tour, as well as high profile appearances at the 1996 Olympic Games (Atlanta), 2002 Winter Olympics (Salt Lake City), President Clinton’s Inaugural Ball in Washington DC (with Jewel), St. Kitts Music Festival, Spirit West Coast, Cornerstone Festival, Greenbelt Festival, Flevo Festival, Frizon Festival, Reggae on the River and more. For the latest information on Christafari, please visit the newly redesigned official website at (from Nashville Publicity)

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